Solbi Comforts A Young Mother

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Solbi, one of the members of the pop group Typhoon, comforted a desperate young woman because her child suffers from a rare disease.

Recently, this young mother wrote a letter to one of the radio shows of KBS-2 and shared the story of her daughter, who is only 12 months old and also called Solbi, suffering from a terrible disease but hopes that she will recover and become a beautiful woman like the singer Solbi.

This letter was sent to Typhoon’s Solbi and she immediately went to the mother of the baby and gave her comfort

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Lee Hyo-lee Says Secret Weapon Is 'Sex Appeal'

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"I'll seduce Japanese fans with my sexy looks," promised Lee Hyo-lee, revealing her strategy for cracking the Japan market. Lee was speaking at a press conference on Monday at the Hotel Okura Tokyo in Japan ahead of the launch on Fuji TV CS of her soap "If in Love... Like Them."

"There are a lot of talented female singers in Japan, but I think my bright and healthy image is my trademark," she said. "I bring spontaneity and naturalness to my performances, instead of simply following a script. Wouldn't Japanese men like it if I appeal to them with sexiness? Sexiness is my weapon."

When asked why she didn't enter the foreign market earlier, Lee said, "A great opportunity arose when I moved to a new agency. Before, it seemed like a bad idea to toil for years as an unknown overseas. It'll be easier to enter the Japanese entertainment industry once my drama is broadcast in Japan."

Lee didn't seem to mind being compared to Koda Kumi, one of Japan's top pop divas. "Being compared with Koda doesn't feel too bad," she said confidently. "I watched one of her concerts on DVD and I saw some similarities in our styles. Comparing us is a win-win situation for both of us."

Also at the press conference was Lee's co-star Lee Dong-gun and director Cha Eun-taek, and Lee discussed the rapport she built with her leading man. "Lee Dong-gun never referred to me as his elder, he called me by my name," she said. "I don't know why, but it feels fine for me for a younger guy to call me by my name, and not 'nuna' (elder sister)."

As to the future of her acting career, Lee said she needs a little time off. "I got a lot of offers for movies and TV, but I'm so exhausted after working so much this year -- I'm planning to take a break to study."

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Look! CSJH's new image..

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Hey guys...This is CSJH's new image..I think i look really good in their new image..especially Sunday...She lost loads of weight...and looking so much better...They have nice hairstyles...Can't wait till they release their album...The picture is really big and clear! click to enlarge..
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Star Couple Eric – Park Si-Yeon Broke Up a Month Ago

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In the world of entertainment, another star couple has called it quits. This time it is Eric (real name: Moon Jung-Hyuk) and Park Si-Yeon.

Park Si-Yeon’s management company, Iyagi Entertainment, has officially announced on April 27th that the two stars have been separated for about a month. The management company stated that the two have been having problems due to personality differences, and other problems as well. Although the two stars have tried working things out, they both ultimately decided to remain as colleagues in the entertainment business.

Iyagi Entertainment also stated that Park Si-Won has been in Thailand since the 26th to recover from the breakup and come back refreshed. When she will return to Korea is still undecided. It seems that although Park Si-Yeon wanted a vacation right after the break up with Eric, but was unable to do so due to the Baeksang Arts Awards on the 25th.

Eric and Park Si-Yeon became a couple when Eric had boldly announced their love for one another in May of 2005 on his personal homepage.

Eric currently stars in an MBC TV weekend drama, ‘Que Sera Sera’, while Park Si-Yeon has been scouting offers after her drama appearance in ‘Spring in my Heart’.

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Kim Ah-joong Dazzles HK

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Hong Kong has recognized the fast rising star power of actress Kim Ah-joong, who has been receiving first class celebrity treatment there since arriving Saturday to promote her hit film '200 Pound Beauty.'

A huge crowd of fans greeted her at the airport upon her arrival.

An official at her management agency quoted local media as predicting Kim would surpass the fame of Jeon Ji-Hyeon, the heroine of 'Sassy Girl,' which topped box office records in Hong Kong.

200 Pound Beauty has held four previews in Hong Kong, and interest in the Korean actress is rising.

Kim has held numerous interviews with some 150 media outlets and met with Hong Kong film officials on possible roles in a Chinese film or a joint Korean-Chinese production.

200 Pound Beauty will open in some 20 Hong Kong theaters May 17.

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Kim Yun-jin Unveils Photo Album

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Actress Kim Yun-jin has introduced her photo album on an overseas Web site recently.

Kim, who has been busy filming the third season of the TV show "Lost" and appearing on various U.S. shows lately, arrived in Korea on May 3 and soon afterward began filming her new movie, "Seven Days."

The actress plans to stay in Korea for the time being. Her new movie is slated to open in the fall.

Meanwhile, the U.S. broadcaster ABC, which airs "Lost," plans to air the series through 2010.

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TVXQ's Radio Program Airs in Japan

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Radio program hosted by the Korean pop idol group TVXQ is becoming quite popular in Japan. From earlier this month TVXQ has been hosting a weekly program called "TVXQ Bigeastation" on the Japan FM Network channel. The program is currently being aired on six local FM stations, and one more station will start broadcasting the program starting next month.

The program mainly consists of anecdotes by TVXQ members and their music. It is also open to new production ideas and requests from listeners. Attesting to the soaring popularity of TVXQ, fans have asked the program to be aired in large cities like Tokyo and Osaka as well.

TVXQ will represent Korea at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2007 on May 26th at the Saitama Super Arena.

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Japanese Media Extol Kim Tae-hee's Looks and Wit

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Actress Kim Tae-hee has gained recognition in Japan not only for her pretty looks but also for her intelligence as well.

Japan's broadcaster TBS will introduce Kim in a special show that deals with the laws of various countries of the world. The show's episode featuring Kim will introduce Korea's laws on educating talented children.

TBS will introduce Kim as a popular celebrity who is also a graduate of Korea's top university.

The TBS' show will once again underscore the high status of Korean celebrities by covering Kim, who is popular not only in Korea but in Japan as well.

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Actor So a Secret Helper during Duty

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Heartthrob So Ji-sub, the star of the blockbuster Korean dramas "Sorry, I Love You" and "Something Happened in Bali," will give a helping hand to needy children.The actor has worked at the Mapo district ward office under alternative military service, which will end Friday.The office says that early last month, So expressed his wish to do something meaningful for the community by giving a 10 million won donation to Mapo's children assistance project. He had asked that his deed be kept a secret.So had avoided media exposure during his military service. In a farewell interview with a district newspaper, So thanked officials for helping him complete his duty.

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