Actor Lee Jun-ki to Appear on Special Chinese TV Show

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Actor Lee Jun-ki has been invited to a Chinese TV show specially arranged jointly by Shanghai Dragon TV and Shanghai Media Group to celebrate the Chinese New Year. He is the only Korean star among some 300 Asian stars invited, evidence of his growing popularity in China. On the show to be aired on the Chinese New Year's day, Lee will introduce Korean food and announce his New Year resolutions. Upon hearing the news, many of his Chinese fans have excitedly made predictions about the food he will introduce, which has ranged from ginseng to kimchi, and suggestions about segments of the show in which they want him to appear. Some of his fans want him to dance or sing a song, while most of them want to see his Taekwondo skills, which he learned as a young boy. But the production team of the show said that they need to further discuss the matter with Lee because he is rather introverted.

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300 Japanese Fans Greet Gong Yoo at Airport

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Actor Gong Yoo was ardently greeted by Japanese fans when he arrived in Japan Sunday to promote the Japanese film "Like a Dragon," in which he appeared.
An official from his agency, Sidus HQ, said that his promotion tour was kept a secret out of safety concerns, but that 300 Japanese fans crowded the airport to see the Korean heartthrob.
On Monday, Gong attended the film's premiere in Tokyo that gathered reporters from 200 media outlets and 700 audience members.
Director Takashi Miike said that Gong's acting heightened the presence of his role in the film, and that he's already a good actor but has "unlimited potential" to become the best. He said he wants to work with Gong again.
Gong said he was honored to participate in such a great film and that he learned a lot from the project. He said it was a great experience as he realized that teamwork was possible despite language and environmental barriers.
"Like a Dragon" takes place on a sleepless night on Shinjuku street. Top Japanese actors Kazuki Kitamura and Goro Kishitani appear in the film, and Gong plays the role of a mysterious sniper.
Director Takashi Miike is also well known to Korean viewers through the films "Chakushin ari" and "Three, Monster."

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Millitary service in year 2008

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Goodemg denies towards shinhwa member eric's military service date.Goodemg representative reponse through the phone with Newsen "Until now, the military service plannin is still unsure/unfix. Becuase eric currently is studying in DongGuk University, if he would to join the service it will be after he graduate."Addition, "Although eric had given up his US citizen in year 2003 and was being picked to join the military serive, but being as a student at the same time, his early half year of 2007 will only be focus on his acting activities."Management company"Towards a student who have not graduated, his service date will be delay."

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Being as an artist & an actor, Eric express that he will only join the military service in year 2008.
Eric's firm Top class entertainment Mr Choi express on the phone with mydaily through on the phone "Eric will be joining the service in year 2008". "After finishing his scedule of year 2007, will join the service nest year".

Mr choi said, "Although eric ID appears in the military service web that he will be joining on december 3rd, but til now we have not receive any notice", "Schedules on shinhwa 9jib which will be releasing on september, dramas and movie schedules had already been fixes, currently he still havent graduate in his studies, his military joining date will be delay. Although his age had come to the extend, in year 2008 is a must for him to join the service."

Eric had given up his US citizen in 2003, and from 2004 he was a student of DongGuk University til now. And on Feb 2nd 2007, he will start his new MBC drama "What will be, will be" shooting.

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TVXQ Joins Tokyo Disney Concert

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The five-man band TVXQ has given a performance at the Tokyo Disney Sea in Japan, along with popular Japanese band TRF.

Japan’s Sankkei Sports Daily said Tuesday that the two top bands from Korea and Japan participated in a live concert held at the Disney on Monday.

According to the paper, the concert was organized to celebrate the release of the album “Club Disney 2007,” in which the two groups sang a song. In the concert, they performed “All of Your Life” with famous Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

TRF’s DJ KOO said, “At night, the Disney Sea was like a big disco club. I was very happy to see everyone there enjoying themselves.”

The event continued through Tuesday.

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What Next as Stars Emerge Blinking From the Military?

Hopes run high in show business as some top stars return to the limelight this year after two years in forced retirement due to their military service. Fans of So Ji-sup, Song Seung-hun, Jang Hyeok and Ji Seong look forward to seeing them back on TV. But given the fickle nature of the entertainment world, it remains to be seen whether they will be able to reclaim their old status. What advice can experts give them? The Chosun Ilbo asked 10 renowned TV producers and writers to offer their opinions.

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Clockwise from left: So Ji-sup, Song Seung-hun, Ji Seong and Jang Hyeok

◆ So Ji-sup
So Ji-sup rose to stardom with his sincere portrayal of reserved, gloomy characters in dramas like “What Happened in Bali” and “Sorry, I Love You.” Now he needs to challenge himself to lighter, funnier characters to expand his potential as an actor. He needs to show the public a different, easier side of him. Even if he decides to appear in a melodrama, he shouldn’t take a too serious role. The cynical character in a romantic comedy would be a good idea. Or he might try his luck in a film, ignoring the clamor from TV producers. If he does, he might be well advised to start in a low-budget independent movie rather than a blockbuster. If at all possible, however, he should try to preserve his very special aura.

So will be discharged in April.

◆ Song Seung-hun
Song’s prettiness has rather worked against him in choosing parts. He needs to look closely at the road fellow actor Jang Dong-gun has taken in his efforts to gain recognition for his acting rather than his looks. Song should choose a strong, tough role for his comeback that can erase his gentlemanly image in melodramas like “Autumn Fairy Tale.” He will have to put everything he has into whatever role he is going to play to make the public forget the draft-dodging scandal. Why not play an evil or cold-blooded character? Whatever part he decides to play, he should project a tough, masculine image. This is all the more important if he wants to see adulation in Japan to continue. But he should try to impress Korean fans first.

Song was discharged in November.

◆ Jang Hyeok
Jang Hyeok is considered a spirited and potentially versatile actor. But before he had a chance to prove his potential, he disappeared into the military after a draft-dodging scandal. Now, he should move on from the young energetic parts to show a more serious, mature side, extending his appeal to older audiences. It may suit him to play a gentle character in a heart-warming human drama. Or he could try to revive the image he projected as a taciturn rebellious teenager in the drama “School” in 1999.

Jang was discharged in November.

◆ Ji Seong
Ji Seong has set himself up as such a paragon of virtue that he urgently needs a charismatic evil part that is hard to forget. He could take Sean Penn as a model. Just before joining the army, he tried to do just that with “Blood Tears”, where he played a bad man who had been damaged by life and left a strong impression despite the fact that he appeared in only a few scenes. A similarly impressive character will do nicely for a comeback.

Ji will be discharged in June.

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Rain Gives Concert in Malaysia

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Singer Rain treated Malaysia with a passionate performance at a concert in the country’s capital of Kuala Lumpur on Saturday.

The local press said that Rain gave a "spectacular performance" with the aid of high-tech visual effects and fireworks. “Whenever 'baby face' Rain gave his famous beaming smile, some 10,000 fans at the concert went wild,” it reported. “The Korean singer’s dynamic, energetic dancing also sent them wild with excitement.”

The press said that the highlight came when artificial rain soaked the singer and revealed the silhouette of his body.

The Malaysia concert was hosted by HotLink and sponsored by Korean Air.

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It's Lonely at the Top: BoA Turns 20

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BoA again tops Japan’s weekly Oricon music chart with her latest album “Made in Twenty” released on Jan. 17. Since debuting in 2002 with the album “Listen to My Heart,” BoA has headed the music chart six times, a record many Japanese singers can only dream of. Such is BoA’s popularity in the island country that her story will find its way into a high school English textbook in April. In an e-mail interview with the singer, who dislikes face-to-face interviews, the Chosun Ilbo spoke to her about her career.

“Will I release an album titled “Made in Thirty” when I turn 30? I hope I’ll be able to breathe deep, different emotions into ballads by then,” the singer said. “Many people are surprised to learn how old I am. Maybe that’s because I started early as a singer. They ask, ‘You're 20 already?’”

While BoA has never thought of deliberately dropping her teenage girl image, “I just want people to see me mature naturally.” Her latest album features a variety of music genres from electronica and dance to ballads and to R&B. “Being a trend setter is important, of course. But I put value on choosing songs that fit me because that’s the best way to appeal to fans and make listeners comfortable.”

The most difficult job is to overcome her loneliness.

“I’m really lonely in Japan. The best way to overcome loneliness is to visit my online fan communities. I want to know how my fans are doing as much as they want to know my situation. Whenever I feel lonely, I log onto the fan sites. Sometimes I desperately want to post messages for my fans. But I’m not allowed to post notes on these sites.”

“If there is one fan who likes me unconditionally, that’s what encourages a singer. I practice, practice and practice so as not to let my fans down.”

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Her hobby is watching Korean soaps. “I find out what Korean dramas are popular on the Internet. Japanese video shops have all the Korean drama tapes. Recently, I was absorbed by ‘Lovers.’”

BoA captivates fans with powerful performance on the stage. She has a tour of Japan scheduled in March and April. “I’ve had frequent leg pains since I tore a pelvic ligament at a Fukuoka concert in 2005, so I haven’t been able to dance properly for about six months.”

“I feel invigorated when I am on stage. It’s difficult to sing and dance at the same time, of course. So I practice singing while running on the treadmill as a way to boost my breathing capacity.”

The closest colleague is YoungWoong JaeJoong or Hero, a member of the all-boy group TVXQ (pronounced Tong Bang Shin Gi). BoA called him “Sense JaeJoong.” “He looks unsociable and quiet. But he is a really funny guy with a great sense of humor.”

What does preparing for her acting debut mean for her? “Singing is mainly a lonely work. But acting involves many people. It would be good to be part of something where many people do their part for one goal.”

The superstar has some tips for colleagues who want to make it abroad. “Learn the language of the country, that’s basic. And don’t be late for appointments.”

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To everyone out there who are fans of our TVfXQ's Hero JaeJoong, you are welcome to post your birthday shoutout to him here! Please do so! Thank youu..

Eric and Yoon Eun Hye are selected to lead the MBC drama “Que Sera, Sera (케 세라, 세라)”

Eric (28) and Yoon Eun Hye (23) are selected to lead the weekend drama “Que Sera, Sera (케 세라, 세라)” scheduled to be aired by MBC in March, following the final episode of “White Giant Tower”. Eric’s agency confirms that Eric accepts the offer while YEH’s agency states that she is currently considering accepting the offer.

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In Latin language, “Que Sera, Sera” means “Whatever it will be, will be”. This drama portrays a unique love story of contemporary men and women. The PD is Kim Yoon Chul (김윤철) whose previous work was “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”, and the script writer is Do Hyun Jung (도현정) who wrote for “Lagoon (늪)” of Drama Theater. Eric’s latest drama was “Invincible Parachute Agent”, and YEH’s was “That Man in the Vineyard”.

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TVfXQ Hero, no.1 on search chart on 25th, 26th

Hero Jaejoong on the 25th & 26th had became no.1 on the search chart, what was happening?
"Ah~~ it's birthday!!"
DongBangShinKi Hero JaeJoong, with the help of the fan's energy of love he had become the no.1 on the search chart for 2 days.

On 25th and 26th, Hero and became the online search chart no.1 artist, including "KimJaeJoong" and so on information too was merge into the top 10, had caused many people's wonder.

On the 26th morning, "KimJaeJoong" phrase was wandering on the first and 2nd place.

Towards it, management company SM express; "I think this is the fan's special memorial event for KimJaeJoong who was born in january 26th.". "Lately fans will prepare such event to celebrate their favourite idol's birthday."

In addition, on the day of JaeJoong's birthday, due to TVfXQ's schedule problem they are currently in Japan.

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TVXQ!, 2006's no. 1 in album sales

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Last January 25, The Korean Music Industry Association released the "2006 Album Sales Chart". TVXQ! ranked 1st place with 349,317 units sold for their 3rd album "'O'-Jung.Ban Hap". The group rose to the top spot in only 3 months after their album's release in September 2006. The group was followed by SG Wanna Be with 316,927 units sold for their 3rd album "The 3rd Masterpiece". In 3rd place was Shinhwa who sold 215,641 units for their 8th album "State of the Art". Lee Soo Young, the only female singer included in the top ten, ranked 4th for her 7th album "Grace", which sold 212,191 units. In 5th place was Fly to the Sky with 128,383 units sold for "Transition".

Source: KBS World Radio
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LeeMinWoo, Kangta, Junjin & etc, Japan Pirated Victimes

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BaeYongJun, LeeByeongHun, ChiJiWoo, MunKeunYeong, RyuSiWon take actions to the court towards the japan food. Japan had pirated Korean Artist's portrait's right, with no recognization, products was on sale piratedly.

LeeMinWoo, JunJin, Kangta, JeongJunHo, SongSeungHoon, SG Wannabe participated IVI charity concert in OSAKA Japan on the 23rd afternoon 7pm. They saw their own potrairt/pictures was being printed on 200 different goods and it was on sale.

From Pictures, KeyChain to Image packing items, these sales item was being release from SJ entertainment who is the main sponsor of the charity concert. SJ entertainment & the korean entertainment production in japan cooperate and put these pirated item to sale.

Representative of SJ entertainment express that Lee Min Woo & JunJIn management company in japan openworld entertainment said "Concert tics was not selling out much, to be able to cover the loss is to sell the items."

openworld entertainment representative JangSeokWoo express" On the contract there was not stated about selling the item. By lookin at the quantity of items which was on sale, i think they had prepared for it a month ago. Towards the benefits problem, the biggest problem is selling those item without being permit. To be able to stop these matter, we will take legal actions towards it."

[obmited unrelated news]

Addition,SJ entertainment had meet the openworld entertainment representative on the 25th 6pm. Futhur up detailing diccussion will be follow up.

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Brian Joo Flies Solo

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

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Korean-American singer Brian Joo is known as one-half of the popular R&B duo Fly to the Sky. But with the release of his first solo album, ``The Brian,” last month, Joo shows what he can do on his own.
``I just want to get my name out there. I'm always known as Fly to the Sky's Brian, but I want them to know me simply as Brian,” Joo told The Korea Times in an interview backstage at SBS Kongge Hall in Mok-dong, Seoul, on Sunday.

Wearing pinstriped brown pants, a crisp white shirt and a vest, Joo was relaxing backstage after performing on the TV music show ``SBS Popular Song.’’ He received the show’s Mutizen Song award for his single ``Kajima.’’

Joo, a native of Absecon, N.J., in the United States, said he wanted to try a different pop sound on his solo album to distinguish himself from Fly to the Sky's signature R&B sound. He originally planned to do all the songs in English but wasn’t able to because of lack of time. The album contains one song in English, ``All I Know.’’

Joo’s solo venture doesn’t mean a divorce from Fly to the Sky and fellow member Hwan Hee. The duo plans to release a seventh album in May. Joo added that he is not following any trend of boy group members going solo.

Once Joo starts talking, you get the feeling that he's not your typical K-pop star. Sure, the 26-year-old singer has the look, the voice and the moves, but he's also down-to-earth and humble.

Joo, a Christian, said that religion plays a big part in how he deals with the stress and the pressure of entertainment. ``If I didn't have my religion, I would break down. This is not an easy career for young people,” he said.

He was a 16-year-old high school student in New Jersey when a friend signed him up for an audition. The audition landed him a deal with top Korean agency S.M. Entertainment. In 1999 he made his debut as part of Fly to the Sky in Korea.

``When I was a kid growing up, my goal was to be the Asian Michael Jackson. That never happened, but this is just one step for me,” Joo said.

`` When I was growing up, I never thought I’d go to another country and become a singer. I’m happy with what I'm doing right now. Hopefully in the future, whether it's the U.S. or Asian market, I'm going to try and do it.’’

For the many kids who dream of becoming entertainers, Joo has some words of advice: ``I have some friends who are top singers who call me up at 2 o’clock or 4 o’clock in the morning, weeping and saying how hard it is. It's a lot of pressure. If you can't handle it, then don't do it,’’ he said. ``You have to discipline yourself and realize this field is not going to be nice to you. You’ve got to be strong because people will try to break you …’’

Joo also wants to pursue acting in the future. ``Acting is one thing I want to do. But it’s not happening right now. Hopefully, one day they'll have a part in a movie or drama where they’ll say: ‘Oh, Brian is that character’... Or maybe even in Hollywood,” he said.

K-pop stars like Rain and Se7en prepare to break into the U.S. market this year, but Joo is waiting for the right opportunity.

Right now he’s trying to become closer to his fans in the U.S. and other countries by opening an account on the popular social networking site My Space. He tries to check his account (http://www.myspace.com/thebrian110) at least once a week to respond to the messages left by his fans.

Source: The Korea Times
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‘All About TVXQ’ Becomes Best-Selling DVD

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TVXQ has seen its DVD “All About TVXQ” become the best-selling DVD in 2006 with sales of 47,186 copies.

Since the five-man group previously recorded the most sales for its records and concert tickets as well as won the most awards at year-end music award shows, the new achievement only helps prove that it is the most popular group in Korea.

The results have particular significance because the music DVD left behind numerous film DVDs to top the chart. And its sales are likely to increase since foreign license sales have not been included yet.

“All About DVD” drew attention from the time shooting began because it was produced with 24-frame film typically used for shooting movies.

Meanwhile, SBSi and SM Entertainment, the co-producer of the TVXQ DVD, will release “All About TVXQ 2” (working title) containing performance video clips of the group, a showcase video, a drama the group appeared in, video clips of its activities in Japan, and previously unreleased video clips of its activities.

credits: KBS Global
yeah! they are releasing All About TVXQ 2!

Money All Used Up; Singapore Fans See Rain Off In Tears Last Night

Rain hid in his room and watch DVD yesterday

Korean pop idol Rain loves seafood, doesn't talk much, but often ask after the staff working with him.

We asked the Singapore concert organiser, Xu Shan Jun, about the things that Rain likes, she said, "Rain loves seafood like octopus, squids, sotong. He also loves pandan cake."

After his concert last Sunday, Xu Shan Jun said Rain asked her to buy him a cake. He then went with his crew for dinner at a Korean restaurant, followed by a one-hour celebration at St James Powerhouse. It was 2am when he reached his hotel, so he aborted the idea of going for a swim and went back to rest in his room instead.

Rain is here in Singapore for the first time since his debut as a singer. Other than going to Jewel box at Mt Faber for his press conference and cable car ride, rehearsing at the Indoor Stadium, going to the celebration party at St James and having meals at the Korean restaurant, he almost did not go anywhere else for sightseeing. Xu Shan Jun said, "This is because it's really troublesome for him to go out. He has to have 10 bodyguards accompanying him; It's very tough for him to go out on walking on his own. That's why he was in his room most the yesterday, probably watching DVD."

Talking about her impression of Rain, Xu said," I feel he's a very hardworking artiste. He doesn't talk much, and doesn't put on superstar airs. Every time he rehearses, he says 'Thank You' and 'Goodbye' to the crew members. Although his arm was injured, he did the full works during the concert and didn't make any special requests."

Korean artistes are particular about their privacy. The media wanted to interview his manager to understand his schedule, but his manager rejected the interview.

Teary fans bid goodbye to Rain

On the fans' side, local fanclub moderator Lu Fang Mei said, "His performance was fantastic in Singapore, and he was very happy. Perhaps Rain saw how passionate his fans are. Taiwan fans said that the atmosphere at the Singapore concert was better than the Hong Kong concert. From Rain's performance, you could tell he was very happy. For examply, he threw his bouquet and towels to fans off the stage. He also interacted with smiles and looks. The only drawback was that the concert was too short!"

Lu Fang Mei said, Rain even shook hands with his fans before leaving the venue in his car.

After the concert, Rain fans were busy trying to get the concert merchandise. Lu said "I spent S$150 on a t-shirt, two calendars and a keychain accessory. I heard some fans spent more than S$200, and all the merchandise were sold out."

Fans were waiting at the airport at 7pm yesterday, getting ready to see their idol off. Lu said she didn't prepare any special parting gifts, "Because we have given whatever present we can give, and spent whatever money we can spare. So all we could do was see him off in tears."

23 Jan 07, Lianhe Zaobao
Credit: Kevral@Rainsingapore + kpopkingdom.com
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Shinhwa Dongwan, set for his solo debut!

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Kim Dongwan, who is presently acting in the drama "The Person I Love", will be the 4th Shinhwa member to have his solo debut. Good Entertainment announced that Dongwan will be releasing a single this May.

In 2003, Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo released his first album entitled "Untouchable". He was then followed by Shi Hye Sung who came out with his 1st album in 2005. Last year, Junjin started his solo career by releasing a single album.

The concept and detailed contents of the single album have not been decided. The label has so far commented that Dongwan will be preparing for the single album around April, after the drama "The Person I Love".

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Trax Member to Have Vocal Cord Surgery

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Typhoon (born Jay Kim), the lead vocals of rock band The Trax, will undergo surgery on his vocal cords.
An official at SM Entertainment Agency, which represents the band, said, “Typhoon will receive surgery in the beginning of February to treat an intracordal cyst.” He added, “Following the doctor’s orders, Typhoon will need about 4 months to recover and rest. After his break he will make his comeback with new songs.”

Source: KBS world Radio
Credit: kpopkingdom.com

Lee Young-ae Appears on Famous Japanese Show

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Actress Lee Young-ae has appeared on a major Fuji TV program on Monday. The top Korean star was invited to SMAP x SMAP Bistro, a segment of SMAP x SMAP hosted by Japan’s famous five-man band SMAP, who cook two dishes for invited guests. The popular program has aired for over 10 years.

Lee talked about how she became an actress and came to appear in the hit drama “Daeganggeum (Jewel in the Palace).” When asked to name her favorite food, she answered, “There is no food I don’t like, but today I feel like eating Japanese food that matches my image.”

“It was a struggle with time, weather and lines, and the most difficult part was that I had to learn cooking and acupuncture,” Lee said frankly about the difficulties she had when shooting the drama. “Since we had to shoot on such a tight schedule, at night I would often have dreams about being on set.”

She talked with Tsuyoshi Kusanagi in Korean. Takuya Kimura flattered her by saying that she has beautiful eyes that no Japanese have. Shingo Katori dressed as Ganggeum, the leading character Lee played, and sang and read some lines from the drama. Goro Inagaki asked her about films she appeared in.

SMAP x SMAP is so popular in Japan that stars feel honored just to be invited to the program. World-famous stars such as Madonna, David Beckham and Jackie Chan always appear on it every time they visit the island country. Even former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi and current prime minister Shinzo Abe have also made appearances. Korean stars who have been invited include BoA, Jang Dong-gun, Choi Ji-woo, Ahn Jung-hwan, and Kwon Sang-woo.

“Daeganggeum” is being aired on NHK and is recording the second highest viewing rate among Korean dramas since “Winter Sonata.”

credit: KBS Global

Soul Star, leaves YG and transfers to Sidus HQ

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Soul Star left YG Entertainment and transferred to Sidus HQ. Last year, Soul Star signed an exclusive contract with Sidus HQ and are now preparing for their comeback.

"Soul Star signed the contract last year and is in the midst of preparing their new album. At the fastest, the new album will be released in March. If not, the album might come out in April or May", a Sidus HQ authorized personnel conveyed.

"Soul Star moved out of YG Entertainment. We believe that the group will do well even though they have transferred to another label", YG Entertainment said.

Soul Star, considered as "Korea's Boyz ll Men", is composed of Lee Chang Geun, Lee Seung Woo and Lee Gyu Hoon. Soul Star member Lee Seung Woo is actually BIG MAMA Lee Jo Young's younger brother.

In 2005, Soul Star released their first album "Soul Star" and in April 2006, they released their single album entitled "Eraser".

Source: mydaily
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Korean Pop Singer U-Nee Commits Suicide

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South Korean actress and pop singer U-Nee was found dead from hanging in her home in Seo-gu Incheon, Sunday afternoon.

U-Nee’s grandmother found the body of the 26-year-old singer hanging from a door frame after she returned from a church service.

Police investigating the death have announced the case was an apparent suicide, though the singer left no note or will. U-Nee’s mother has testified that U-Nee had been suffering from depression.

U-Nee’s third album “Honey” is due for release on February 1. People have speculated U-Nee was suffering from the huge pressure associated with the release of the new album and was upset by online criticisms and attacks.

U-Nee came to the public’s attention under the name “Lee Hye-ryeon” with her 1996 debut in the KBS TV drama “Grown-ups Just Don’t Understand”. She appeared in the movie “Seventeen” in 1998, then in the TV dramas “Theme Game” and “Tears of the Dragon”.

Her debut album “Go” was released in 2003 and she gained even greater popularity with the 2005 release of her second album “Call Call Call.” Her sexy dance moves and revealing fashions made her the favorite of teenagers across Asia.

Source: DailyDumpling.com, CriEnglish.com.
Credits: nycboy @ asianfanastics.com & newsen(pics)

Omg...the last news i read was "U;Nee back after 20 months." and now she commited suicide...Poor girl..She must be suffering from depression..Rest in peace U;nee


Park YooHwan (Yoochun's Bro) joined SM

This SM's new group consists of 2 Chinese-Japanese members.

Both of them are brothers, and the other member is Park Yoohwan (Yoochun's brother).

So they are : Park Yoohwan \ Han Cheor-yun \ Han Cheor-hoon

For both the brothers, the younger one look likes Yunho a lot while the elder brother is more bubbly.

The brothers will always write in their Cyworld about stories among the mjembers, but it's always the younger brother that go on Cyworld. Their can't speak Chinese that well, but the elder brother is slightly better.

Yoohwan is currently a SM trainee and this group will probably debut this year.

credits: Baidu + yanthylin@CassiopeiaUSA + jzune@KpopKingdom


Moon Geun-young's Bid to Grow Up Hits World Headlines

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The Korean actress Moon Geun-young, dubbed the “nation’s little sister,” is seeing her fame extend beyond her native country. Wire agency Reuters recently published an article on Moon titled “South Korea’s Little Sister Wants to Grow Up,” which was picked up by newspapers in the U.S., U.K, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Taiwan. This proves her potential to rise to world stardom.
Reuters reports that Moon, with her sweet and innocent image, is “the country’s most sought-after celebrity for advertisers.” But Korea seems unwilling to allow her to change and grow up. Shaking off the image is proving anything but easy. The movie “Love Me Not,” the first she shot after turning 20 and where she plays a grown woman, performed poorly at the box office. And there is the risk that she could lose everything she has in her quest for a more mature identity. As part of her efforts, she appeared in a racy commercial for a mobile company, where she projected a sexier image.

"Because I am a girl now, it is only fair for people to see me as a girl. But as time goes by, I believe I will become a real woman who understands sorrow, love and pain," Moon told Reuters. “But the interest in me is sometimes too much. Expectations are high and I loathe to let people down."

The news agency took due interest in her college life, quoting her as saying, “I am having so much fun in college. If I want to express different images and emotions on screen, I have to learn lessons from real life. It is only when my personal life takes shape that my career as an actress can take shape.”

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Junjin ends his 1st single album promotions

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Junjin decided to finish his single album "Love Does Not Come" activities to prepare for his special edition album, which will be on sale in February. It was also deemed necessary for Junjin to rest because of health issues. The singer was hospitalized for acute pneumonia in December 2006.

The special edition album, which includes the duet song "Forever" with Taiwanese singer Linda, will be simultaneously sold in Korea and Taiwan this February. Junjin will also promote the album at the end of February in Taiwan.

"I appreciate the support people gave for my first single album. I will be gone for a while but I will be back. Please look forward to the special edition album", Junjin expressed.

Source: Innolife + Digital YTN + Joynews24 + inews24 + kpopper

Uhm Jung Hwa , Park Yong Woo, Lee Dong Gun and Han Chae Young lead the movie “Do You Live with Your Lover Now?"

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Uhm Jung Hwa , Park Yong Woo, Lee Dong Gun and Han Chae Young (엄정화, 박용우, 이동건, 한채영) will costar in the movie “Do You Live with Your Lover Now? (지금 사랑하는 사람과 살고 있습니까?)” This movie portrays two couples swapping their partners one night.

UJH and PYW play a couple who had been dating for 5 years before they got married for 3 years. LDG and HCY play another couple who had been dating for 2 months before they got married for 3 years. They belong to the distinct new-generation couples. Each couple’s partner unexpectedly bumps in to each other during their trips in Seoul and Hong Kong and then develops relationships. The director is Jun Yoon Soo (전윤수) who directed the movie “Yesterday (예스터데이, 2002)”. He plans to make this film a comical and humorous one. The filming is scheduled in February.

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Bi Shanghai tour, 60% of tickets sold prior to China's approval

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Ticket sales to Bi's concert in Shanghai have recorded 60% sales rates even prior to the approval of the Chinese government.

According to a local newspaper, Bi's concert in Shanghai is set to April 14th and awaiting approval of the government, yet 60% of the tickets sold online have already been sold.

Personnel of the company in charge of Bi's China tour, BELLSON, commented that currently regular tickets being sold at 120 won and VIP seats sold at 1880 won are remaining and the VVIP seats are sold out.

Bi's Shanghai concert features seats ranging in price from 120 won to over 1880 won and will be held at the Shanghai Grand Stage if approved by the government.

Source: broasia.com
Credit: kpopkingdom.com

Rain set to create a storm in Singapore Indoor Stadium

South Korean R&B and pop star Rain arrives in Singapore on Thursday ahead of his highly anticipated concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on January 21.

The "Rain’s Coming" World Tour is the largest concert ever given by a Korean artists and is expected to be on par with Madonna’s latest, in terms of scale.

The production crew includes famous names in the business including Jamie King, who has choreographed for Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera; lighting specialist Roy Bennett; and visual director Dago Gonzalez.

It is not surprising then that tickets to the state-of-the-art concert are not cheap, ranging between $188 and $488 - though ticket sellers SISTIC say seats are still available despite the fact the concert is only three days away.

Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon), who is also known in Korea as Bi, has had a meteoric rise to fame since he first broke into the music scene five years ago with a self-titled debut album.

Dubbed "the Asian Usher" or "the Asian Justin Timberlake", 24-year-old Rain is known now as much for his dance moves as his singing talent and charisma as a performer.

He has acted in various Korean television dramas, the most successful being "Full House" which catapulted him to mega-star status particularly in South East Asia where the series has aired.

But his reach extends beyond the region, with the singing sensation taking the United States by storm with sold-out concerts last year in Madison Square Garden, New York City and Caesars Palace Hotel, Las Vegas.

Since his performance at the 2005 American MTV Video Music Awards, Rain has drawn a lot of media attention, leading to Time Magazine voting Rain as the second most influential artist of 2006.

He is also an ambassador for World Vision HIV/Aids and will be highlighting the plight of orphans and children affected by AIDS throughout his tour in the region.

"I agreed to take up this challenge as I heard about the HIV/AIDS reality that 8,000 children are orphaned by AIDS everyday and over 14 million children have lost parents to AIDS every year. Devastation caused by HIV epidemic in Africa during 1990’s could be revived here in Asia soon unless we intervene swiftly," he said.

Rain is also taking the opportunity to promote his debut movie "I'm a Cyborg but that's OK" during his tour which is expected to come to an end in May 2007.

Singapore is the fourth stop on the world tour after Korea (last October), USA and Hong Kong, and will be followed by concerts in Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. - CNA/yy

Source: Channelnewsasia.com
Credit: coffeebean @ Asianfanatic.net & kpopkingdom.com

Lack of a male lead for a drama leads to delays.

Popstar Lee Hyori has been looking for a man since the beginning of the year for the drama “Beautiful Days” in which she has a lead role. The filming for the drama is being delayed because a male lead has not been determined yet.

Hyori’s company Mnet Media is directly producing this drama and plans to broadcast the drama in Korean mid-February. One of the reasons that Mnet is being very careful in choosing their male lead is because they plan to market the drama to Japan, China, and the other Asian countries. They want an actor with powerful acting ability and wide acclaim as a star.

Until they find an actor, Lee Hyori is on a break from filming. Hyolee was able to film parts of a performance scene at the Big Four concert last year starring SG Wannabe and other singers but she needs to play opposite the male lead in order to be able to fulfill her role. Never lazy, Hyolee is using the time from this break to go back to her studio in Seoul to work on her singing and dancing, and also to practice her acting skills.

Due to the delays from drama-production, the release of Lee Hyori’s digital single (which was supposed to be yesterday, 1/17) has been postponed till February. The song is integrated into the drama and is to be promoted on music programs simultaneously with the broadcast of the drama. “Beautiful Days” was written by Lee Eunju (who also wrote”불새”[Firebird]) and is headed by CF director Cha EunTaek.

Source: http://news.hanafos.com
Translated by: silverflower@Asianfanatic.net
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Kim Yun-jin's Day Covered by US magazine People

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Popular US weekly magazine People has posted video clips of actress Kim Yun-jin on its website (http://www.people.com).

Under the “Celebrity Video Diary” section, the 20-minute video clips show a day in the life of Kim as she prepared to attend the 64th Golden Globe Awards. The clips went up Thursday and will show for one week.

They consist of four episodes--“Getting Ready to the Globes,” “The Limo Ride,” “Pre-Globes Jewelry Shopping” and “Inside the Swag Suites.”

The ABC TV drama “Lost” starring Kim was nominated for the best TV drama.

Kim’s maganer, Park Jeong-hyeok, said Friday, “I heard that People’s video diary gets around 10 million views a week. ‘Lost” failed to take a Golden Globe, but it was meaningful day for Kim in many ways.”

Gan Mi-yeon Returns with "Kiss"

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Having made her solo debut with the hit title song "Old Woman," Gan Mi-yeon, formerly of the female group Baby Vox, has returned to the stage with a song entitled "Kiss."

"Kiss" is a bouncy and rhythmical disco-style song. It also features an impromptu part in the middle, where Gan and comedian Noh Hong-chul banter with one another, making the song more enjoyable for listeners.

Gan plans to show off a more lovable girlish side by dressing up in short pants and gold suspenders for the follow-up song.

Gan will make her first TV appearance for the song "Kiss" on Saturday.


All 6 of BoA Albums Top Japan's Oricon Chart

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Singer BoA's fifth album in Japan "Made in Twenty" has topped the Oricon daily chart on its first day of release Wednesday.

The 21 year old has had all five of her Japanese albums and her 2005 Best of Soul album top the chart, setting an impressive record.

Made in Twenty comes a year after her fourth album Outgrow was released in February last year. In a survey conducted by Oricon news, it was chosen as the most anticipated album.

The album includes some of her popular singles such as Tomorrow of Seven Colors, Brand New Beat, Winter Love, Key of Heart and other bonus tracks for a total 15 songs.

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Daniel Henney's new movie "My Father (마이 파더)"

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The filming of Daniel Henney’s new movie “My Father (마이 파더)” starts. This movie portrays that an adoptee looks for his real parents and then meets his father who is a condemned criminal.

DH plays the role James (제임스) who is an adoptee volunteering in the U.S. armed forces in Korea. He states, “I would use my personal experience of living in USA to naturally present the emotion of an adoptee growing up in an unacquainted place.”

Actor Kim Young Chul (김영철) plays the role of James' father. The director is Hwang Dong Hyuk (황동혁) whose debut was the movie “Miracle Mile (미라클 마일)” of 2004.

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Models Pick Ryu as Korean Wave Star

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Actor Ryu Si-won has been selected as the Korean Wave star chosen by models.

He will receive the prize at the 2006 Korea Model Festival Award on Friday evening at the JW Marriott Hotel in downtown Seoul. The event is being hosted by the Korea Model Association.

Three thousand Korean male and female models chose the honorees, including Ryu, through votes.

The 'international exchange' award went to Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki, and Korean actor Lee Jun-ki received the special Korean Wave award. The meritorious Korean Wave honor went to producer Yoon Seok-ho of the hit drama series Winter Sonata.

Screen stars Jeong Joon-ho and Son Ye-jin were chosen as the best model-turned-actors for TV commercials, and Kim Seong-soo and Lee Seon-jin were recognized in the fashion model category. Actors Chun Jung-myung, Kim Ah-jung and singers Park Sang-min, Bada and Son Ho-young received the popularity prize.

The Friday award ceremony that will gather together all the top Korean models will also feature a special performance. Twenty five Korean models and Chinese and Japanese models will hold a fashion show together.

Foreign ambassadors and diplomats in Seoul will be invited to the event.

credits: KBS Global

TVXQ's concert ticket reservation, server crashed!!

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300,000 people accessed the ticket sale site "Interpark" on January 15 at 9 pm for ticket reservations of the "TVXQ! The 2nd ASIA TOUR CONCERT 'O'". Because of this, the site's server went down. "250,000 people accessed the site during the group's previous concert that made the server also go down. Although we have prepared thoroughly this time, the server was not able to support 300,000 people who rushed in the site", an Interpark personnel explained.

36,000 tickets for TVXQ!'s concert from February 23 to 25 at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Dome have already been sold out.

TVXQ! is presently in Japan for the promotions of their new single "Step By Step", which will be released on January 24.

Credits: KBS World Radio + kpopper
It's good to hear that many of the tickets are sold out already..When will they be coming to Kuala Lumpur again? Can't wait for that day to come...gahh...

Rain Falls During Concert in Hong Kong

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By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter
Rain fell in Hong Kong on Saturday _ the K-pop superstar dropped into a hole on stage during the ``Rain’s Coming” concert.

Rain held two concerts in Hong Kong over the weekend to kick off the Asian leg of his 2007 world concert tour. Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily reported that Rain fell into a 1.8-meter deep hole on stage while he was talking to the audience during the concert.

The audience was shocked at Rain’s sudden disappearance, which was followed by the dimming of the lights.

Rain appeared after a minute and apologized to fans. He appeared unhurt.

Despite the incident, fans seemed enthusiastic about seeing Rain. Thousands of female fans greeted Rain when he appeared on stage. Energetic singing and dancing, special effects and pyrotechnic displays marked the concert.

Hong Kong news reports said the Jan. 12 concert was sold out but the Jan. 13 concert was not full. Several Hong Kong celebrities, such as actress Karen Mok, were spotted at the concert.

There are high expectations for Rain’s tour, which is expected to make 100 billion won (roughly $108 million) from ticket sales.

Organizers have hired renowned stage director Jaime King, known for Madonna’s recent ``Confessions Tour,’’ lighting specialist Roy Bennett and visual director Dago Gonzalez.

Rain will perform in Singapore on Jan. 21; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Jan. 27; Hanoi, Vietnam, on March 10 and 11; and Shanghai on April 14. There are also plans for concerts in Taipei, Taiwan; Los Angeles; New York; and Toronto.

Last December Rain performed to sold out crowds in the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the United States. He is expected to release his first English-language album in the U.S. this year.

Source: korea times
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Pop Star Prepped for Better Year

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"I gave it my best last year, but a lot of unfortunate stuff happened. Hopefully this year will be better. Instead of looking for simple popularity, this year I'm hoping people will see I'm improving my singing, dancing and acting skills."
Thanks to a plagiarism scandal that flared around the title track from her album "Get Ya," Lee Hyo-lee (28) called last year the worst of her career. Now, after weathering the storm, Lee has emerged even stronger, with a new agency, a W2.2 billion contract and a role as "Anystar" in a commercial for Samsung Anycall mobile phones. Lee is anticipating the reaction to a digital single album of three songs due Jan 17 and an upcoming hour-long music drama. Keeping the stress at bay is a matter of will-power. "I try to keep calm by thinking of it as a warm-up for the full album later this year" she said.

Asked how she felt winning the country's highest-ever entertainment contract, she seemed surprised to hear that it really was the highest. "I think I was pretty naive to stay with my former agency for eight years without a contract. But now I've got an agency that I think can really help me. I’m happy with the notion that my value is being recognized."

She admitted that the plagiarism flap still stings. "That album was the result of a lot of hard work and sleepless nights, so it hurt when all that happened," she said. "When that song first came to me, I did think the rhythm might be similar to Britney Spears' song, but I never expected it would create such a serious fuss. I guess I didn't realize how much attention I would draw." "In the end, I came through that experience with more than what I lost," she added. "The most valuable thing I got from it was realizing how much I love singing on stage."

Lee Hyo-lee found herself unexpectedly in the media spotlight last October after coming to the aid of a drunk who had fallen in the street. A witness tipped off the Chosun Ilbo bout her Good Samaritan performance.

"I passed out on the street once myself, and it wasn't very nice. If you pass out in the summer you get attacked by mosquitoes, and in the winter you can freeze to death. So if I see a drunk woman in the street I'll try to make sure she gets home. If it's a man, I'll wake him up. Usually people don't recognize me, but that time the guy's brother showed up to collect him. Maybe I meddle too much in other people's business."

In a recent survey by a women’s magazine, Lee ranked third among the country's top 10 most powerful women, following former Grand National Party head Park Geun-hye and Prime Minister Han Myeong-sook. "I'm very honored. I think people chose me because I look friendly," she said. "I don’t know if I deserve to be called the top female star, but I can accept it if they call me the female singer who receives the most attention." As for Lee's role models, she finds inspiration in Madonna's trend-setting style and self-assurance.

Lee's new album is a mix of ballads, dance and mid-tempo songs. At a concert late last month, she debuted her latest track in a sexy lingerie outfit with some hot feline-like dance moves.

"I don't want to be remembered as just some sexy star, of course. But for humans as well as animals, dancing in front of the opposite sex is one way to lure your target. In that context, I think I've succeeded as an entertainer. I still want to be sexier than anyone in the world."

Source: Digital chosunilbo
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The Making of Jun Jin's Music Video

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Full of sincerity and passion, singer Jun Jin teams up with an Asian pop star who's IMMENSELY popular in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Linda. They're together to portray a love story in a music video for The Name's new song, . Time to go meet the two ON-LOCATION!

Today's scene was being shot in the older neighborhood of Seoul, Samchung-dong . The cameras were gathered in front of a pretty, little flower shop. Linda's character is the pretty owner of this cute flower shop, and Jun Jin plays the man who is madly, blindly in love with her. The weather continually grew colder, and it was tough for Linda, who wasn't used to such temperatures. In between takes we could hear her yell, "It's freezing!"

Jun Jin and Linda couldn't communicate with each other fluently, but Jun Jin tried his best to speak to her in English... And when all else failed, the two resorted to the INTERNATIONAL language - body language! With the help of body language, the two managed to build a close camaraderie.

The Name and Jun Jin are good friends - it was actually their friendship that brought them to work together on this video. The next part that we got to watch was, Jun Jin riding a motorcycle with Linda on the back! They cruised off, but before we could wonder where they were going, Jun Jin was carried off in an ambulance!! What was going on??

Amidst the winter's cold, Jun Jin and Linda come to audiences with a heartaching love story that will warm them from the inside out. Not to mention we'll get to find out what the TWIST in the plot is! The soulful voice of The Name and a performance that'll bring tears to your eyes, watch for the music video of .

Source: arirang News
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Rain Gets Speeding Ticket in Hong Kong

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A car carrying Korea’s top pop star Rain was stopped by Hong Kong police last Thursday for violating the speed limit, according to reports.
Rain, who has become an Asian heartthrob, was in Hong Kong Jan. 12-14 for concerts. It was part of the 25-year-old’s World tour titled ``Rain’s Coming.’’ The tour started in Korea last December.

Rain’s car was chased by a horde of paparazzi, who have closely followed the star since his arrival Wednesday, reports said. In an attempt to escape the pursuers, Rain’s car sped to 100 km/h exceeding the speed limit of 80 km/h.

As police stopped Rain’s car, the following cars of the paparazzi and fans also halted, creating a major traffic disorder. The police charged the driver about 450 Hong Kong dollars, or 54,000 won ($58).

Despite the incident, Rain’s Hong Kong concerts thrilled fans with extravagant stage effects and the clean-cut singer’s flashy dance moves, reports said.

Source: korea times
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Shinhwa poses for a new transport card

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The photographs of Shinhwa will appear on transport cards. This card is a USB key and used to pay public transport fees.

What differentiates this from other transport cards is that users do not need to run to subway stations or bus stops to reload them. They can quietly do it with the use of the Internet. One should connect it to a computer and go to a special Internet site. This new card can be used to travel around Seoul.

According to Good Entertainment, Shinhwa's label, the manufacturer of the transport card decided to put the photographs of the 5 members on the new product because Shinhwa is one of the most famous male group in the country.

Source: KBS World Radio + kpopper

Kang Dae-sung or Kang Bo-ra??!!

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Everyone makes mistakes. But how would you react if one put another person's name on your identity card?

In Korea, one gets a national identity card at the age of 17. Kang Dae-sung, one of the members of the hip hop group BIG BANG, who turned 17 last April, went at the end of December to the town hall to get his card.

After which, he went to drink with the other members of the group. Very content and proud, Kang showed his card to everyone. Right then, someone realized that the photograph on the card was indeed Kang but the the name was not his. It was his older sister's name, Kang Bo-ra!

Source: KBS World Radio + kpopper

Kim Tae Woo will leave soon for the army

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Kim Tae Woo should have his military service soon. The former member of the famous group g.o.d. was summoned last year for the army but pushed back his military service because he could not abandon "Altar Boyz" and 1st album promotions.

But now that everything is finished, he said that he does not have reasons to push back his compulsory military service. He did not specify when he will leave for his service but one of his close relations indicated that he will go by spring.

Until the end of the 90s, many actors and singers escaped from the military service. Some even renounced their Korean nationality in order for them not to go. But now, they all fulfill their service because they know that if they do not do it, they will be highly criticized by the public.

Source: KBS World Radio + kpopper


SS501 Concert a Success in Japan

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The Korean idol group SS501 successfully wrapped up its second concert in Japan.

The group's concerts at the Tokyo International Forum on January 13 and 14 were total sell-outs, heralding the arrival of another star pop group from Korea. With a repertoire totally different from the one featured at a concert held in Seoul late last year, the Japanese performances showcased each member's unique characteristics and talent.

The lead vocalist, Kim Hyun-joong, sang a soulful version of the group's hit single “Never Again” and Kim Hyung-joon performed Usher's “Yeah.” Another member, Kim Kyu-jong, sang “Story,” originally by a Japanese female duo.

Park Jung-min followed with his own rendition of Mika Nakashima’s “Find the Way.” Finally, Hur Young-saeng sang Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” in a duet with Korean child actor Park Ji-bin.

SS501 said that they were more relaxed than during their last concert in Osaka held last September and grateful to their Japanese fans for making the concerts such great successes.

Rain Kicks Off World Tour in Hong Kong

Pop music sensation Rain, better known as Bi in Korea, has started the Asian leg of his world tour in Hong Kong.
Some 12-thousand fans showed up to see the chest-baring heartthrob sing and dance on stage with his trademark high-energy moves.
The 24-year-old singer has sold millions of albums since his debut in 2002.
Time magazine has even voted him one of the 100 most influential people in the world.
In Asia, he will perform in 17 cities in eleven countries including Singapore, China and Japan.
His promoters say several of his concerts sold out months in advance.

JAN 14, 2007

Source: Arirang News
Credit: Kpopkingdom.com


Bada Named Most Stylish Star Of 2006

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Singer Bada has been recognized as "Best Dresser" by the "Korean Model Festival Award". The festival conducts a poll targeting 3000 domestic models and Bada who shows her cool and feminine fashion was chosen as the most stylish star of 2006.

The award slated to hold on January 19, aims to strengthen the concept of models and give an opportunity for 3 nations - Korea, Japan & China to share their diverse views on the industry. From the venue, a total of 45 candidates from the 3 countries will compete for best models.

Credits: ArirangTV.com + Kpopper.com + noV@Kpop Kingdom

Netizens choose, "Who is 2007's most awaited group?"

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5-member group BIG BANG was chosen as 2007's most awaited new group.

Online music site "Jukeon" executed a poll from January 4 to 10 that asked Netizens which new group they are most looking forward to in 2007. Out of 3,214 members who participated, 1,286 (40%) voted for BIG BANG. The group rose to 1st place.

Before making their official debut, BIG BANG already gathered a lot of interest because of their documentary. The group has released 3 singles and 1 album.

In 2nd place was Super Junior with 978 (30.4%) votes and 3rd place was SS501. Next was Battle with 217 votes. In 4th place was the 4-member group Xing with 115 votes.

Source: starnews
Credits: kpopper.com


TVXQ to Release Single Album in Korea after Japan

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The eighth single album released in Japan by the five-man band TVXQ will go on sale in Korea from Friday.

“Miss You/O-Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis” ranked second on the Oricon’s daily single chart on its first day of release on Nov. 8 of last year. On Nov. 14, it ranked third on the Oricon’s weekly single chart.

Packaged in two versions--a CD and a CD bundled with a DVD--the album contains the dance song “Miss You,” which describes the feelings of pining after a former lover, and the Japanese version of “O-Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis,” which was the title song of its third hit album. The DVD contains the music video for “Miss You.”

The band will release its ninth single “Step by Step” in Japan on Jan. 24.

credits: KBS Global

BIG BANG, "Se7en & Song Baek Kyung's Acting Was Funny"

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Group BIG BANG confessed to be fans of "Palace S".

BIG BANG conveyed this on the morning of January 11 in an interview with Newsen. They were asked on what was their reaction with Se7en's acting in the MBC drama "Palace S". They revealed that the members of YG Family watched the show at the office.

"He was funny. Seeing him on TV as an actor was strange but I enjoyed how the script was written", said BIG BANG, showing their satisfaction for the drama.

Aside from Se7en, Song Baekkyung also appeared in the first episode of "Palace S".

BIG BANG also shared that Baekkyung sent a text message saying that he was also in the 2nd episode and that they be sure to see him there because it is going to be funny. The group also enjoyed watching "Palace" and said that with "Palace S", they will watch it together by all means.

Meanwhile, BIG BANG still has not made their comeback stage for their album's title track "Dirty Cash" because of G-Dragon's bronchitis and influenza. However, the group has been practicing hard for their comeback stage.

BIG BANG will have their first comeback performance at MBC "Show! Music Core" on January 13.

Credits: Newsen.com + Kpopper.com + noV@Kpop Kingdom

Shinhwa "Winter Story 07" to be release!

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Shinhwa awaited "Winter Story".

In year 2006, followed by M(LeeMinWoo) & Hyesung, Junjin also had started his solo activities. Each shinhwa member's charm gotten much attraction.
In year 2007 January 6th concert, Shinhwa had estimation of 1million 2thousand of audience and they sang "Suns in our heart" and other 5 songs, the crowed was at a top fever position (Feb11th 10pm - Sky Perfect Tv! Mnet(ch.792)OA will be broadcasting!)

Toward of their winter story 2005. They had stop releasing the continuation series but now they are releasing back a new winter story!
In year 2007 January, under an urgent notice they will be releasing a new Winter Story 2007.
This is their first production in year 2007, and they are releasing under the name of SHINHWA, Stay Tune for it!
More detail information had not been settle/decided, and will be announce soon.
What songs they will be releasing? Hope everybody will stay tune on it!

Slibe.com - Free Image Picture Photo Hosting Service
JunJin Repackage single had decided to release!

Being attracted after his solo debut, Junjin's repackage single album had finally decided to release.
In this repackage version of Love wont come - Repackage, had decided to include his duet song with taiwan artist Linda "Forever". Because his activities in Taiwan will be starting soon, his activities of this releasing album too will be tying up with it.
The information on the repackage album will be announce soon.

Slibe.com - Free Image Picture Photo Hosting Service
LeeMinWoo's single, releasing on February.
Ending of year 2006 there were news that LeeMinWoo will be releasing his new single in year 2007. Supposingly had decided to release it on January 20th but it had delayed to February.
LeeMinWoo had compose and written the lyrics for his 2 new song, with the addition there will be 2 new remix version of his old album songs, and also including his live "Girlfriend Concert' music source of year 2006 January. But the official song title and graphic package concept has not been decided yet. But all these information will be release soon, hope everybody do stay tune with the lastest news in a period of time.


Including SHINHWA, Hyesung & Lyn's new song compilation CD

This is a CD album which caught all the shinhwa fan's attention. With the relation combination of music and drama, directed out a 'Music Drama' which is a new style for the Special Compilation CD: Music Drama Winter Story, Winter.
HyeSung & Lyn's duet 'Love...After(Track01)' is the hit song, MR.2 sang "White Winter (Track02)" in a new version which is suitable as a winter song, and this album also included Shinhwa, KimJungGook and other artist's hit song.

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Rain's Flying With Korean Air

By Kim Rahn
Staff Reporter

Hallyu star Rain has gained new wings _ those of Korean Air.

The top Korean pop star and the top Korean carrier have set up a joint promotion.

Korean Air and Star M Entertainment, the production company for Rain's world tour "Rain's Coming", signed a contract for the joint promotion Monday at the Hyatt Regency Incheon Hotel. Kim Young-ho, president of Korean Air's passenger division; Heather Cho, managing vice president of in-flight service and catering; Lee In-gwang, CEO of Star M; and Rain participated in the signing ceremony.

The world tour, which began with a concert in Las Vegas last month, will run through the end of May and include a total of 35 concerts in 17 cities in 12 countries. It is the largest overseas performance tour for a Korean singer, with 800,000 spectators expected.

The carrier will provide complimentary tickets to Rain and some 80 of his performance staff and transport his stage equipment for free to concert venues.

"Through the cooperation, we'll play the role of messenger of hallyu by supporting Korea's high-quality performance goods", Kim said.

"Rain topped the Korean entertainment market, and he is now advancing into the world. His performance will give a long-awaited rain to overseas fans. We'll present a new type of star marketing by combining Rain's star power and Korean Air's global network", he said.

During the signing ceremony, a model of a Korean Air plane wrapped with Rain's image and the tour slogan, "Rain's Coming", was displayed. The 295-seat A330-300 aircraft took its first flight on Wednesday to Hong Kong for Rain's concert there.

The carrier's overseas branches will take part in the promotion by distributing performance leaflets and selling concert tickets. Rain's concerts will also be included in Korean Air's in-flight entertainment programs. Korean Air's affiliate Hanjin Travel Service sells Rain's world tour package to Korean fans.

Kim of Korean Air said the marketing expenses cost around 1.8 billion won, including 300 million won for the wrapping of the plane.

Of the 12 countries where Rain's concerts are to be held, Korean Air services China the most. He will perform in four cities in China, the largest number in a single country.

Korean Air has tried to make China its second home market as part of its vision to become a leading global airline. It opened seven routes to China last year and singed a contract with China's Sinotrans Air Transportation Development to set up a joint cargo venture in China. It plans to open five more routes this year.

"Through Rain, we expect Korean Air to have a young and dynamic image and to expand our position as a leading carrier in China", Kim said.

"It will give momentum to Korean pop culture to advance into the world. I'll give a distinguished performance that will be understood and accepted all around the world, and I'll put all my effort and talent into it", Rain said.

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Paran to Sing Lyrics in Thai

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The five-man group Paran will become the first Korean singing group to record a song in Thai, to begin activities in Thailand. The group’s debut song “First Love” will be released in the Thai language late this month. The music video of the song has already been produced in the Thai language and aired throughout southeast Asia through music channels.

Earlier, the group attended the 2006 Virgin Hitz Asia Awards in Thailand last October to promote itself, and in November, released its first album in Korean, which soon grabbed the top spot of the country’s album charts.

“We have succeeded in gaining some recognition in Thailand, but it is not enough,” a member of Paran said. “We thought that it is important to sing in a local language to appeal to local people, so we decided to record a song in Thai.”

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"Once in a Summer" to be Released in Japan

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The Korean film “Once in a Summer” will be released in Japan on Jan. 27. The movie, which stars two top stars, Lee Byung-heon and Soo Ae--but fared badly at the Korean box office when it was released on Nov. 30--is expected to do well in Japan.

The two stars will also do their utmost for the movie’s success in the island country, as they did in Korea, touring local cities to promote the movie despite its poor performance at box office. They will fly to Japan on Jan. 16 and give interviews with various media outlets to promote the film. Lee visited the neighboring country last year for promotional purposes.

The movie is expected to do well in Japan, unlike in Korea, due to Lee’s tremendous popularity there. It was sold to Japan for US$4 million before its release in Korea.

Another reason for lofty expectations is the success of “Now and Forever, which performed poorly in Korea but was the only Korean movie to make the top five at the Japanese box office last year, as it starred Choi Ji-woo, who is enjoying great popularity in Japan for her role in the hit drama “Winter Sonata.”

The film’s producer, KM Culture, said that it will also be shown at more theaters than anticipated.

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Thai Instability Likely to Delay Rain's Tour

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Singer Rain's world tour in Thailand will likely be delayed due to unstable local conditions.

Rain's performance was set for February third and fourth at Bangkok's Impact Arena.

The world tour organizer StarM said Wednesday that safety is the first concern following a chain of organized bomb explosions earlier this month in Bangkok. It said it is discussing a postponement with the Thai organizing agency, possibly to June, but that it is yet undecided.

The New Years bombings in downtown Bangkok are thought to be either a military coup by supporters of former prime minister Thaksin Shinwatra to regain power or a move by incumbent coup forces who are disappointed at the transitional government's rule.

Thai Defense Minister Boonrawd Somtas has even warned of more terrorism.

StarM says that though the tickets are mostly sold, the safety of the singer, staff and audience must be considered, adding that ticket holders will be offered the chance to watch the delayed performance or get a refund.

On board a Korean Air plane that has a huge picture of himself printed on its fuselage, Rain left Seoul Wednesday for his Hong Kong tour this weekend.

credits: KBS Global