Shinhwa "Winter Story 07" to be release!

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Shinhwa awaited "Winter Story".

In year 2006, followed by M(LeeMinWoo) & Hyesung, Junjin also had started his solo activities. Each shinhwa member's charm gotten much attraction.
In year 2007 January 6th concert, Shinhwa had estimation of 1million 2thousand of audience and they sang "Suns in our heart" and other 5 songs, the crowed was at a top fever position (Feb11th 10pm - Sky Perfect Tv! Mnet(ch.792)OA will be broadcasting!)

Toward of their winter story 2005. They had stop releasing the continuation series but now they are releasing back a new winter story!
In year 2007 January, under an urgent notice they will be releasing a new Winter Story 2007.
This is their first production in year 2007, and they are releasing under the name of SHINHWA, Stay Tune for it!
More detail information had not been settle/decided, and will be announce soon.
What songs they will be releasing? Hope everybody will stay tune on it!

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JunJin Repackage single had decided to release!

Being attracted after his solo debut, Junjin's repackage single album had finally decided to release.
In this repackage version of Love wont come - Repackage, had decided to include his duet song with taiwan artist Linda "Forever". Because his activities in Taiwan will be starting soon, his activities of this releasing album too will be tying up with it.
The information on the repackage album will be announce soon.

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LeeMinWoo's single, releasing on February.
Ending of year 2006 there were news that LeeMinWoo will be releasing his new single in year 2007. Supposingly had decided to release it on January 20th but it had delayed to February.
LeeMinWoo had compose and written the lyrics for his 2 new song, with the addition there will be 2 new remix version of his old album songs, and also including his live "Girlfriend Concert' music source of year 2006 January. But the official song title and graphic package concept has not been decided yet. But all these information will be release soon, hope everybody do stay tune with the lastest news in a period of time.


Including SHINHWA, Hyesung & Lyn's new song compilation CD

This is a CD album which caught all the shinhwa fan's attention. With the relation combination of music and drama, directed out a 'Music Drama' which is a new style for the Special Compilation CD: Music Drama Winter Story, Winter.
HyeSung & Lyn's duet 'Love...After(Track01)' is the hit song, MR.2 sang "White Winter (Track02)" in a new version which is suitable as a winter song, and this album also included Shinhwa, KimJungGook and other artist's hit song.

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Eng Trans: amane@mySHINHWA
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