Goong S (Prince Hours)

Cast: Se7en/Choi Dong Wook , Heo Yi Jae (Sunflower, 비열한 거리), Park Shin Hye (Heaven's Tree), Kang Doo (Hello Francesca), Myung se bin, Lee Gi young, Oh min hee, Yoon Ye Hee, Ha Jae Young, Cha Hyun Jung, Ye Soo Jung

No of episodes: 20, Airs every wednesday and thursday night Korean time 9:55pm, 1.10.2007-3.15.2007

Official Site: Group 8-
http://www.group8tv.com/ // MBC- http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/gungs/

The Queen (played by myung se bin) is in her early 30s but still unmarried. Because of this, in a condition where there cannot be a reduction in the number of successors to the throne, the present prince (the 1st successor) suddenly leaves the world and leaves a vacancy in the line of successors.

So they go out to find the secret prince and finally find Lee hoo (played by Se7en), who has been living outside the palace.

Lee hoo is the son of a prince and his mother who died early, had departed with his father and left the palace, hiding the fact that she was already pregnant. He does not know that he possesses royal blood and has lived, working as a delivery boy at a chinese restaurant.

Although usually, he has wang ja byung (prince disease), he had never dreamt of entering the palace and receiving royal lessons.

Lee hoo, the unbelievable no 1 successor to the throne and the perfect Lee Joon (played by kang doo) will bring tension to the drama as they fight over the position.

After Lee Hoo enters the palace, an important place will be the royal academy. It is a place for members of the royal family as well as descendents of wealthy families.

The drama will also be about the romance between the characters.

Characters profiles
(Credit Sandy @ purpletiger86 for translating)

Lee Hoo (Seven): His blood flows in a Royal family, but Lee Hoo doesn't know it. Not knowing that he's a prince, he works at a Chinese Restaurant as a delivery boy...delivering food in the palace. He looks at everything in a positive aspect and is an optimist by nature. Though he's in poverty (poor), he lives every day freely...but one day, something happens and it's the start of his life as a royal.

A More detailed character description for Lee Hoo (by cecilia)

A member of the royal family- with royal blood running through him.

But he himself does not know of this fact and works, delivering ja jang myun at a chinese restaurant in incheon. He is an affirmative and happy go lucky type of person. He is a delivery "jjang" of the chinese takeaway delivery world, and No matter how late he takes 7 minutes maximum for a delivery.
Even though he is not well educated, becuase he is so accommodating, he can get close, get on well easily with anyone. His problem is that he always confronts things with martial arts and kung fu.

In reality, he's not good at martial arts but because he can put out a good pose, there are ppl who get tricked thinking he is good. He's the type that starts off with words and fights with words. His comics are martial arts, movies also martial arts and although he doesnt read alot, the only books he reads are martial art novels. Suddenly ppl from the palace come looking for him.."I have royal blood running through me? What are you talking about?"

Hoo, who has been living as Kang Hoo has to change into Lee now now, and enter the palace and receive education....

Yang Soon-ee (Huh Lee-Jae): Everyone in the neighborhood knows Soon-Ae as an impracticable girl. She thinks preciously of her fraternal twin. But one day, she finds out that Lee Hoo is the boy that she grew up with as a child, and they start their life's together in the palace.

Lee Joon (Kang Doo): To become a prince, he recieved training as a mastery elite. He's a great candidate. Lee Hoo's appearance makes Lee Joon get farther away from becoming a prince. He's a perfectionist.

Shin Sae Ryung (Park Shin Hye): Honor and power, Sae-Ryung grew up in a wealthy family. She has never lost first place/spot at school (meaning she's very smart)...she has skills and the looks of becoming prince's wife. She always had the ambition of becoming a royal princess. However, the prince that she has always imagined of is completely different when she see's Lee Hoo's sudden appearance. A change comes to her way.

Supporting Roles
(credits to cecilia)

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credits: soompi.com

Se7en's April Concert, Sold Out 12,000+ Tickets In 5 Minutes

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The power of Se7en is overwhelming.

Advance ticket sale for Se7en's April 7 concert at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium was a hit. Last February 26, when the advance ticket sale was opened, a little more than 12,000 seats were sold out in just 5 minutes. In just 5 minutes, the ticket sales totaled to 700,000,000 won.

This concert will be his last stage in Korea for this year.

In order to prevent a server crash, which happened during BIG BANG's concert advance ticket sale last year, 4 sites were opened to accommodate transactions. Initially, the server was a little unstable but the ticket sale ended in 5 minutes without problems.

To be able to sell a little more than 12,000 tickets in just 5 minutes is really an exceptional case since the Korean music market is in a depression right now.

Se7en, who is currently starring in "Palace S", also enjoyed a lot of popularity abroad. Last year, his Osaka and Tokyo concerts earned 3,000,000,000 won and goodies sales recorded a profit of close to 2,000,000,000 won. If tickets bought by Se7en fans from the two YG Family concerts will be combined with the aforementioned figures, the total would amount to 6,000,000,000 won.

Between June to July, a new single will be released and a nationwide tour in Japan is planned. It is forecasted that Se7en will be earning even more this year, therefore, confirming his popularity in Japan.

"After his Japanese activities, Se7en will be going to America to release his 1st single album", said a YG Entertainment personnel.

Credits ~ Newsen.com + Kpopper.com + noV@Kpop Kingdom

Se7en Goes Back to Music

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

K-pop star Se7en's acting debut has been a disappointment to many fans, as shown by the lackluster ratings for his drama "Kung S" (Palace S).

Se7en will try to win back his fans with what he does best: singing and dancing. He will hold a solo concert "747 _ Se7en for 2007" on April 7 at Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in southern Seoul.

The concert will be a test of Se7en’s popularity, which may have been affected by the poor reviews of his acting and the low ratings of ``Kung S.” The drama made its debut in January with ratings of 15.3 percent but since then has averaged less than 10 percent.

Some have even compared Se7en to Lee Hyo-ri, a K-pop star who failed to make the transition to acting. Lee's acting debut in ``Three Leaf Clover” also had low ratings.

``Kung S” may have suffered from high expectations, especially since the original ``Kung” was such a big hit, boosting the careers of newcomers Yoon Eun-hye and Joo Ji-hoon. Viewers have criticized ``Kung S” for its storyline, which they say is too similar to the original drama, and poor acting by the leads.

Se7en is not letting the failure of the drama deter his plans to break in the United States market.

In a message posted on the YG Entertainment Web site on Feb. 15, the management company’s CEO, Yang Hyun-suk, said the April 7 concert will be Se7en’s last performance in Korea this year. After the concert, he said Se7en would go to the United States to start shooting his first music video.

Se7en has already recorded his first single, featuring rap star Fabulous, which will be released in the United States in the second half of the year. Rick Harrison, who has also worked with American stars such as Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Alicia Keys, produced it.

He also collaborated with Korean-American R&B singer Amerie on a single included in her upcoming album ``Because I Love It.”

Se7en is also planning to promote a new Japanese single and to hold a concert tour in Japan in June. He has already released a Japanese-language album and several singles.

Last November, Se7en released his album ``Se7olution.’’ However, his promotional activities for the album were cut short because of the schedule for his drama.

Tickets for Se7en’s concert are priced at 55,000 and 44,000. For more details, check out www.interpark.com (1544-1555) and www.ticketlink.co.kr (1588-7890)

Source : Korea Times
Credits: kpopkingdom

Arirang Star Focus - SS501

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Five unique looks, five different voices... five VERY charming guys who are known under ONE name, SS501! Only a year and a half has passed since their debut, but they've made it big with hit after hit after hit! Korea's newest superstars - SS501 is on today's STAR FOCUS! Since their debut, it's been hard to get a moment's rest because of their hectic schedule - but they can't complain! A testament to their fame is <4>, the second title track of their first full-length album. When it first came out, it ran on music charts as number one.

The latest song that they've been promoting these days is . Unlike previous music that's overly energetic, this one's a cute dance piece that focuses more on a natural, and relaxed, style of the group. (It's already receiving a great response! ) It took them five years to prepare for their debut, which happened in June 2005 with from their first single. (Even before their debut, SS501 caused quite a stir - ) Five good-looking guys who could dance, sing AND work the crowd! ... Not to mention a unique name.

When got an incredible response, the boys were ecstatic. SS501 was splashed across magazines and on TV! Their next big hit came in a couple months, . That was followed by the stronger beat of . It had begun, the era of SS501.

With such a fantastic start and a handful of hit singles, the boys were beginning to feel the pressures of releasing their first official full-length album. For about a year, fans saw less of SS501, as the members quietly began working on their upcoming album. And the determination paid off - they had another hit!

Sometimes, they're like the "older brother" type - considerate and understanding. Sometimes, they're like the "little kid" type - cute and mischievous. And at times, they're like the strong boyfriend type... This gets them fans of ALL ages!

With all that support and popularity amongst the general public, it's no WONDER, the marketers began to cast them in all SORTS of commercials! They've done school uniform advertisements, beverages, snacks - anything targeting the teen crowd. Like all the other multi-tainers of today, SS501's work doesn't end with concerts, recording, and commercials! Each member has pursued other jobs in the field, such as hosting a radio program, or TV show, or acting! Soon, we'll be seeing them in Japan, as well.

ON the stage, they exude charisma and sass - Off the stage, they're just a playful bunch who HAPPENED to become mega-stars in K-pop. From Korea, onto the rest of Asia, we wish only the best for the group SS501.

Source: Arirang TV
Credit: kpopkingdom.com

Thailand's Mesmerized by Super Junior

Super Junior. You'll be hearing from them and their screaming fans in just a second, the group has made their way to Thailand with their usual EMPHATIC greeting And it looks like even THAI fans have that down! Everyone followed the car that Super Junior was in. And at the location they arrived at, there were even MORE fans waiting! Super Junior was delighted, but they were also surprised to see such enthusiasm. The members got out one by one, and the crowd of Thai fans pushed in closer to see their favorite Korean singers. It's incredible to see how much love this group's getting! We joined them at an event with fans, where they were busy signing autographs and shaking hands. It was hectic, but everyone had huge smiles on their faces. Now, the MAJOR part of why Super Junior was visiting this country... They were on their way to accept an award for "Best Newcomers" at a musical awards ceremony in Thailand. (The members looked proud, didn't they? ) As soon as they arrived, they quickly joined the audience. Super Junior's name was called in turn and LeeTeuk went up to receive the award! Afterwards, Super Junior gave an energetic performance on the stage. Their faces were filled with pure happiness and joy. That was the Super Group, Super Junior, making powerful waves into Thailand! Showbiz Extra congratulates the group on their newly acquired award and we can't wait to see what they'll bring us next time!

Source: Arirang TV
Credit: kpopkingdom.com

BoA Wishing to Star in Korean Drama Series

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Singer BoA who recently performed for a special event of "Hanryu Expo In Asia" entitled "Made In BoA 2007" singing her several hit songs "Girls On Top", "My Name" and more. She revealed that she wished to play the role of Ha Ji-won, who starred in the drama "What Happened In Bali" if she had the chance to act for a Korean drama series. She also said she was crushed on Jo In-sung in the "Main Street", citing that he is the ideal man for her!

Credits ~ ArirangTV.com + Kpopper.com + noV@Kpop Kingdom

Baby VOX Member to Represent KBS World Channel

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Myung Sa-rang, a member of the five-woman group Baby VOX Re.V, has been chosen as a model for KBS World, the satellite channel for ethnic Koreans overseas. A KBS World commercial featuring the singer will be aired in some 100 nations around the world from mid March.

Myung was reportedly selected due to her "exotic" appearance as a child of a German father and a Korean mother.
The commercial will feature Myung kissing her lover and dancing sexily on a street in New York. Given that it will be her first onscreen kiss, attention is being drawn to who will play opposite her in the commercial.

Meanwhile, Baby VOX Re.V will leave Korea on Friday to hold showcases in Vietnam and Cambodia, the second leg of its showcase tour to 12 Asian nations.

credits: KBS Global


Will Rain stay with JYP???

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Rain’s contract with JYP is coming to an end in May and many are wondering if he’ll stay with his founder, Park Jin Young. Nothing has been confirmed or discussed, so we can only speculate what Rain will do, but here are his options.

First, he can stay with JYP, and continue to build his career from there, but there are limitations to this because JYP is a local company. Or he can sign with another management company or better yet, create his own management company. “Hallyu” stars creating their own management firms is becoming a trend in the motherland and top stars such as Bae Young Jun, Lee Byung Hyun, Lee Young-Eh and Eric from Shinhwa are already showing us how it’s done. What should Rain do to build his career as a world pop star?

Credits: popseoul + kpopkingdom


Korean Idol Group TVXQ Begins Asian Tour

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The hottest idol star group in Korea TVXQ has launched its second Asian tour.

TVXQ kicked off the tour with an electrifying 2-1/2 hour concert last Friday at the Olympic Park in Seoul.

The concert theme was “anti-war” and the show befittingly started off with blaring sirens. Throughout the concert, black-and-white images of war and terrorism around the globe were shown in the background. Then the TVXQ members, dressed up as "sci-fi warriors of peace," put on a spectacular segment entitled “Dangerous Mind” together with 50 flag-waving military-garbed dancers.

In another segment, members dropped down 17 meters from the air to rescue a woman drowning in the sea, which earned thunderous applause from the audience.

Individual members each had the chance to flaunt their vocal talents later on. Xiah Jun-su sang his own composition “My Page” and Micky Yoo-chun performed his own rendition of Brian McNight’s “One Last Cry.”

The concert repertoire included 24 songs, showcasing the group's hits such as “Hug” and “Rising Sun.” When it was time to sing a piece from their album “Triangle,” they were joined by female Chinese singer Jang Ri-in.

Reflecting their popularity in Asia, over 1,500 fans from Japan, China, Thailand, and five other Asian nations attended the concert. The final tally of the audience stood at 12,000.

After holding three concerts in Seoul, TVXQ will continue the Asian tour in the latter half of this year, visiting Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and three other cities.

But first they will go to Japan to release a single and its second album “Five in the Black” in March, and go on a nationwide tour of Japan in May.

credits: KBS Global


BoA to Sing in Korea for One Night Only

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The pop star BoA will give a single concert titled by “Made in BoA 2007” at the Jeju International Convention Center’s Tamna Hall on Saturday. The concert is in effect BoA’s first solo gig in Korea. Despite her five chart-topping albums, she has never performed solo in concert here since her debut aged 13 in 2000, mostly concentrating her energies on Japan, where she is a huge star. In that sense, the event marks a kind of comeback.

BoA will be the first woman singer on the stage of the Hallyu Expo in Asia, which highlights such Korean Wave (or Hallyu) stars such as Bae Yong-joon, Seven, Lee Jun-ki, Lee Dong-gun, Kim Rae-won and Ahn Jae-wook. The hosts say BoA will showcase some of her greatest hits.

Meanwhile, the Hallyu Expo Organizing Committee said Kang Ta will give a solo performance a day later, on Feb. 25.

Credits ~ Chosun Ilbo + Mydaily + Kpopper.com + noV@Kpop Kingdom


Rain guides his juniors Wonder Girls

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Rain becomes the mentor for his juniors, i.e. Wonder Girls. He advises and guides them as a senior~

Rain is currently shooting a CF. It is delayed due to Rain's injury in Hong Kong concerts. Before his next concert, Rain has some time to rest and finish the filming.

However, Rain also spent his time to give special training and guidances to Wonder Girls, the first girl group under JYPE. Wonder Girls first performance is fixed on Feb 10, thus Rain spends about 3-4 hours to share his stage experiences and techniques with them.

JYPE is proud of Rain's generous teaching, too.

Rain's debut movie 'I'm Cyborg but that's okay' is invited to participate in Berline Film Festival. Rain will attend the event as an actor on Feb 8 and returns to Seoul on Feb 13.

Wonder Girls went for recording on Feb 3 and their session is broadcasted on Feb 10 in MBC program .

Source: Mydaily
Credits : mandy@rainhk + sexy bi + kpopkingdom
Translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia
Here's the clip where they trained together with Bi/Rain..

[Jang Ri-in's "Y(Why...)" Documentary Version Music Video]

Last February 16, the Chinese R&B singer Jang Ri-in's music video in a documentary format about her debut process was released.

The documentary version of "Y(Why...)" showed Jang practicing her singing and dancing, learning Korean, shooting her album jacket and with Xiah Junsu on her debut performance.

Credits ~ Newsen.com + Kpopper.com + noV@Kpop Kingdom


Here's her documentary version of her Y(Why...) video..she dances very well i must say...enjoy!


Hunan TV representative: Song Hye-Kyo's beauty surpasses that of Zhang Ziyi and Cecilia Cheung

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Song Hye-Kyo received high praise during her 'Full House' promotions in China as "A lovely actress whose beauty surpasses that of Zhang Ziyi and Cecilia Cheung." According to a report on the 20th by her agency, Sidus HQ, this past 15~17 when 'Full House' was being broadcast on Hunan TV, the current station president Ruhuan Bin said, "Song Hye-Kyo is a lovely actress who's beauty surpasses that of Zhang Ziyi and Cecilia Cheung," adding, "It's such an honor for Hunan TV to be able to broadcast 'Full House' starring top star Song Hye-Kyo. She is, of course, a Korean wave star, but I believe she can surpass the Asian wave and become an international sensation."

On the 15th, along with her 'Full House' co-star, Bi (Jung Ji-Hoon), Song Hye-Kyo held a press conference with about 90 different media and about 200 reporters, and on the 16th, held a fan meeting at Hunan's 'Window of the World' (a cultural exhibition center/park containing miniature replica of various famous world landmarks) with about 2000 fans from all over the country. The fan meeting started with young Chinese children dressed in pink bear outfits singing the 'Three Bears' song, followed by fans singing their own rendition of 'Three Bears' in Korean, causing Song Hye-Kyo to be moved.

At this event, Bi had said, "It was such an honor for me to shoot a drama with Song Hye-Kyo", and in response, Song Hye-Kyo said, "For me, of course it was an honor to co-star wtih Jung Ji-Hoon-sshi. I'm even more happy and secure that we were able to do the promotion together. Jung Ji-Hoon-sshi is a splendid friend who has both outstanding talents and a warm heart."

According to one member of the Chinese press, "About 100 bodyguards were always nearby watching over Song Hye-Kyo. This was without precedent and wherever Song Hye-Kyo went, because of the color of the guards' uniform, there was a sea of dark green surrounding her."

Posted by: francesca @ http://asianfanatics.net/forum/
By: Star News Kim Tae-Eun reporter
Translated by: hyesa2 @ http://www.hyesa.com
From: http://www.tnplace.com/forums/
credits: http://www.tnplace.com/forums/

Kim Tae-hee Tries on New Sensual Image

Kim Tae-hee, who has cultivated a clean, innocent image, is all mystery and sensuality in a new commercial for the Amore Pacific cosmetics line Hera. The spot shows the actress looking seductive against a backdrop of an old castle, the gothic streets of Catalonia, and an exotic jazz bar in Barcelona. There were reportedly concerns whether Kim’s innocent girl image would clash with the brand’s sensual image. But Kim’s intelligent sensuality comes to the fore with a new big hairstyle and smoky eye make-up.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The commercial consists of three episodes, with the second and the third to be aired in April and September. Each episode has an independent story line, but all three also tell a continuing story.

- Copyrights ⓒ 2007 The Chosun Ilbo& Digital Chosun Ilbo All rights reserved –

credits: Tour2Korea

Brian suffers from a vocal cord disease

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Brian is a member of the duo Fly to the Sky, who ranked as one of the singers who sold the most albums in 2006. But Brian decided to release a solo album, not because he did not want to sing with Fany anymore but simply because he wanted to show another facet of his talent to his fans. His album was well received by the public.

Sadly, Brain has just learned that he has a disease of the vocal cords and that if it is left untreated, he will likely lose his voice. Brian will still continue to sing but on a lesser basis and in certain cases, he will just have to settle with lip syncing.

Credits: KBS World Radio + Kpopper.com + noV@Kpop Kingdom


Kim Yun-jin to Tour Europe to Promote “Lost”

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Actress Kim Yun-jin, who has risen to world stardom with her role in the US TV drama “Lost,” will visit Britain, France and Italy in June to promote the drama.This is the second time that the Korean actress has participated in the promotion of the drama since she visited Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia in 2004, when the drama's first season was aired in Asia.Kim’s manager, Park Jeong-hyeok, said that her Europe tour coincides with the broadcasting of the drama's season 3 in the region. “Because ‘Lost’ has gained unimaginable popularity in Europe, we are looking forward to her promotion tour,” he added.Season 3 of “Lost” began airing in the U.S. from early this month, and Kim is currently shooting it in Hawaii.

credits: KBS GLOBAL: http://english.kbs.co.kr/

Song Hye Gyo Stands by on Plane for 40 Minutes Due to Large Welcoming Crowd

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Actress Song Hye Gyo had a happening of waiting forty minutes on the plane due to the great number of Chinese fans that gathered to greet her.Song Hye Gyo visited China this past 15th as part of the promotion for the KBS Drama 'Full House.'The airport was crowded with 600 or so fans as well as the media, causing Song Hye Gyo to wait on the plane until things were settled.Song Hye Gyo did not hold back on expressing surprise and joy to the attention being given to her. She also held a press conference with approximately 200 media personnel from 90 different organizations.She commented on her visit to China, "I am always thankful for the great love of the fans given to me ever since 'Autumn Fairy Tale,' and even seeing the posters written in awkward Korean lets me feel the purity of the hearts of the fans."Song Hye Gyo also held a fan meeting on the 16th following the press conference with fans gathered from all throughout China.Meanwhile, Song Hye Gyo will return to Korea on the 17th for the 'Hwangjiny' movie which is scheduled to be released in the spring.

Credit: francesca @ http://asianfanatics.net/forum/, http://www.tnplace.com/
From: http://www.tnplace.com/forums/
Source: http://www.broasia.com/

Jeon Jin to Go to Taiwan for Promotion

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Singer Jeon Jin will visit Taiwan in early March to promote his first single “No Love for Me” released last November, as well as a special album released on Wednesday.

The special album contains five songs including “No Love for Me” and “Forever,” and is bundled with a DVD and a picture book.

“Forever” is an easy listening song sung as a duet with Taiwanese singer Linda. The song will be included in Linda’s third album scheduled to be released during the first half of the year. It will also be used for the Taiwanese drama “When a Sparrow Falls in Love with Phoenix” to be aired in early April.

Jeon said that he is very pleased that the song “Forever” was chosen for the drama. He also expressed his determination to give his utmost to the promotion.

credits: KBS GLOBAL




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BAZAAR Magazine Cover with Hyolee

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So here's the cover of Bazaar mag with Hyolee's sexy image on top of it..Many thanks to ShenYue for this! Click to enlarge.


Rain Expresses Love for Film in Berlin

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

BERLIN - Hallyu singing superstar Jung Ji-hoon, better known by his stage name Rain, felt much relief in coming to Germany for the Berlin Film Festival and for once not being at the center of screaming groupies’ attention. The 25-year-old star of Park Chan-wook’s competition entry “I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK” might have been listed by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, but he still remains unknown on European soil. Rain’s stop in Berlin is a detour from his 12-country tour “Rain is Coming.” He shared some of his thoughts in an interview Sunday.

Q: What was your reaction when director Park asked you to make a film with him?

A: Working with director Park would be the No. 1 choice for all actors in Korea. Based on his previous films, I had preconceived ideas about Park: I thought he’d be a bit dark, cold, or unapproachable, living in a somehow different world. When I read the script, I discovered that this project was a romantic comedy with a lighter tone than Park’s previous works. I found the story of “Cyborg” cute and romantic, something that I could enjoy acting in. When I met director Park, I realized he is a very friendly and gentle person, very different from the image emanating from his most successful films. In real life, he is closer to this film, very child-like and creative.

Q: In “Cyborg” you play the part of a loony who’s kept in an asylum. Did you hesitate in accepting a part so distant from your habitually cool and glamorous persona?

A: I really liked the project of the film; I liked it because it is a moving love story, with a touching finale. Playing the loony, somebody you never know what’s passing through his mind, really intrigued me, also because this would offer me the opportunity to get rid of my usual image, and thus become a real actor.

Q: How was director Park on the set? Did he allow you freedom or was he strict?

A: Director Park respects actors a lot, and always puts them first. He always cares about the actor’s feelings during the shooting, and he is able to dig up and find hidden talents in you. Things that you don’t even know about yourself, so that you can deliver a performance that’s 120-150 percent of what you thought you could deliver.

Q: What was it that he made you find about yourself?

A: For the first time, I found that I have this sort of psychotic side to me.

Q: What was your impression in watching your performance once the film completed?

A: Seeing myself on the big screen, I felt quite bowled over. It’s difficult to describe, but I thought of the things I could improve, of the direction I should take in my acting career. Here in Berlin, at this big international festival, it feels even more impressive and overwhelming.

Q: So you think you will pursue a movie career parallel to the one in the music industry?

A: I love film and want to continue my experience as actor. It was a great honor to play in director Park’s film. He gave me a lot of support and help, so I can only thank him for all that I learned. I’d love to have more opportunities as actor, and if I’m offered something interesting, I would accept.

Q: Here in Germany, the yodeling skills you display in the film made quite an impression. Did you learn yodeling expressly for the film?

A: The character I play in the film believes he can steal other people’s skills. We see him stealing someone of his skills at playing table tennis and a girl of her skills at yodeling. Actually, I had no experience in table tennis, and it took me three months to learn. So now I’m a pretty good table tennis player. Yodeling was also difficult and totally new for me. I may not be modest, but I think I did a good job yodeling in the film.

source: korea times
credit: kpopkingdom.com

Singer Lee Hyo-lee, 28, in the March issue of fashion mag Bazaar

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Singer Lee Hyo-lee, 28, shows off her sex appeal in the March issue of fashion magazine Bazaar. Lee has been chosen as Calvin Klein Jeans' "Pure Muse" model for 2007./Newsis

Source: Digital chosunilbo
Credit: kpopkingdom.com

Ayumi Signs Contract With SM Entertainment

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Translated by motoway065
February 15, 2007
Basically, the article states that Ayumi had made a contract with SM Entertainment, a company known for producing top artists such as Kangta, BoA, DBSG, and Super Junior. Ayumi's previous company allowed this to happen due to Ayumi's stage activities. I think SM is going to try to help advance Ayumi to Japan since she had past experience there with SUGAR.

Credits: Sports Chosun + Sugar Fan Cafe + cyworld + hypergrl09@ahyoomeeting forums + kpopkingdom


Natalie Portman "I wanted to meet Rain"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

American Hollywood star Natalie Portman has a new-found interest in Korean superstar Rain, whose film debut, “I’m A Cyborg, But It’s Ok,” is currently being shown at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival.

After viewing the movie at the festival, it has been reported that Portman became interested in its Korean stars. Portman and Rain even talked about meeting but could not, due to tight schedules.

Rain expressed his regret at not being able to meet the Harvard graduate Natalie Portman, who made her film debut in 1994’s “Leon” and has enjoyed success in the “Star Wars Episode” series, as well as other movies like “Everyone I Says I Love You “and “V is for Vendetta.”

Rain will return home on the 14th and then leave the next day for China to promote his hit drama, “Full House,” with his co-star Song Hye-kyo.

Source: KBS World Radio
Credit: kpopkingdom.com

Lee Hyori's Comeback

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Top female singer Lee Hyori will make her official comeback by appearing on a local TV channel’s music show on February 25. She will also release digital versions of 3 new songs.
The first digital single, “Toc Toc Toc,” is a dance song written by Kim Do-hoon, who has also written hits for Hwee-sung and Gummi.

Another song, “Don’t Love Her,” is a mid-tempo song written by star songwriter Jo Young-soo. And the third song “Nagging” is a ballad.

These days Lee Hyori is busy preparing for the release of her digital singles in addition to filming the one-act drama “If in love…like them.” The drama also stars Lee Dong-gun and Jung Joon-ho.

Source: KBS World Radio
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Rain, Song Hye-kyo Promote Drama in China

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Actress Song Hye-kyo and singer/actor Rain will visit China to promote their drama "Full House," which aired on KBS 2TV a few years ago in Korea.

They will leave Seoul Thursday for a 3-day visit to Hunan, China, where a news conference and a fan meeting are scheduled ahead of the drama's local airing.

Song's manager Na Byung-jun of Sidus HQ says inquiries by Chinese fans about their visit are pouring in.

The hit drama was exported to 14 countries including Thailand, the Philippines and Taiwan.

Actress Song has recently finished filming her latest movie, a film about the famous Korean courtesan Hwang Jini, while Rain is on his global concert tour.

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Rain Raising AIDS Awareness with World Tour

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Singer Rain, currently on a global concert tour, is raising AIDS awareness among his Asian fans as a goodwill ambassador for the international relief agency World Vision.

Wearing an AIDS charity bracelet in concerts in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, the singer said that 6,000 children are losing their parents to the deadly disease every day, with a total 14 million victims a year.

A screen set up on the concert stages showed a message urging fans to remember the bereaved orphans and keep prejudice against AIDS at bay.

Rain's film "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK" is competing in the Berlin International Film Festival.

His next tour is in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on March 10, 11.

credits: KBS Global

Se7en, met with "Fight Club" director David Fincher

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Top star Se7en is filming a world-wide known Coca-Cola beverage brand product commercial under a famous Hollywood film director.

Se7en left for Bangkok, Thailand, where he will stay for 4 days and 3 nights, last February 11 to shoot the commercial with Hollywood movie director David Fincher, who directed "Alien 3" and Brad Pitt's "Fight Club".

David Fincher was awarded the "Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials" award in 2003 at the "56th Directors Guild of America Awards".

Recently, Se7en tied a 1 year contract extension with Coca-Cola to be its model, together with new generation stars Ho Jie and JJ Lin.

The singer-actor will return to Korea on the 14th to shoot his drama "Palace S".

Source: starnews
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Eric uses nasal force to blow out birthday candles.

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At the fan meeting for boy group Shinhwa at Chamsil stadium on the 10th, the high profile singer Eric, celebrated his birthday (February 16th) early with fans by blowing out candles with nasal power. If someone uses the extra pressure to create enough force to extinguish candles from only one nostril, then that is a piece of cake that I definitely do not want to eat! I wonder if the fans enjoyed the extra “nasal” flavor? Btw, look at Lee Minwoo (at the right) trying to help out with some proper wind power.

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Dong Bang Shin Ki, nervous in front of 500 male fans

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"We were nervous as it was our first time performing in front of so many men."

Group Dong Bang Shin Ki held a live concert prior to Valentine's day in front of 1,000 fans.

Japan's Sankei Sports reported, "Dong Bang Shin Ki held a live concert at Club Citta on the 10th to celebrate Valentine's Day."

500 couples were invited under the theme of 'Cheering on Lovers and Married Couples.' Dong Bang Shin Ki sang their recent single 'Step by Step,' which has been doing well on the Orion Chart, along with 5 other songs.

Sankei Sports continued, "The concert atmosphere was rather different as the attendees were couples. The Dong Bang Shin Ki members who are used to performing in front of female fans seemed very nervous."

The team's leader U Know Yunho commented, "Because we never performed in front of so many men even in Korea, it was the most nervous concert since our debut."

Source: broasia.com
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TV Actress Jung Da-bin Found Dead

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TV actress Jung Da-bin was found dead last Saturday morning in the bathroom of her boyfriend’s apartment.

Jung’s boyfriend said that they were out drinking the night before and came back quite drunk. He testified that he woke up to discover that Jung had hung herself with a towel in the bathroom.

Although there was no suicide note, the police ruled that Jung committed suicide out of extreme stress, based on the boyfriend’s account and the absence of any signs of struggle.

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Oh no...another suicide case..Rest In Peace..


Lee HyoRi saved by Lee DongGun & Staff, hanging 20M high!!

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Slibe.com - Free Image Picture Photo Hosting Service - Click to enlarge

Lee Hyori fell when she was filming, and held on to broken glass, hanging off 20m high. LDG saw it coming, but couldn't get to her quickly enough to catch her before she fell. But he reached for her from the top & brought her back up with other staffs. She survived safely, but the side of her stomach was bleeding uncontrollably.

"I almost had a heart attack and I thought I would end my life just like that," Lee Hyori said. "If it wasn't for him, she definitely would have gotten a lot of injuries," says the director.

She has been criticized by others saying that acting is not her career. But she still hangs on to her dreams and will be going back to her singing career again on the 14th. Her drama will be released somewhere in March.

Credits : XSE7ENSL0VE + asianfanatic + soompi + kpopkingdom
ahh..thank god nothing happened to her...phew!



Awesome song and video...i like the melody of how the song goes...happy song..enjoy the video..

동반신기 [TVXQ] in Hong Kong

Guys..dong bang lovers! you must watch this if you havent..this video is when TVXQ were in Hong Kong promoting their 3rd album 'O'..There's english translation bout what dong bang are talking bout..give your comments after watching it..you will be able to see their cuteness..lol..but there's one thing..you guys need to bare the pausing in between to watch this..but it's worth watching! enjoy!


Top Singers to Perform at Jeju Hallyu Expo

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Top Korean singers including BoA, TVXQ and Kangta will perform at the Hallyu Expo in Asia underway on Jeju Island.

BoA will start with her "Made in BoA, 2007" concert on February 24th at the Jeju International Convention Center in Seogwipo.

Kangta's "Hit the World" performance is scheduled for the next day and the five-man boy band TVXQ will perform on March 8th at the same venue.

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Kim Yun-jin Appears on US TV Talk Show

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Actress Kim Yun-jin appeared Tuesday on US broadcaster ABC’s talk show “The View” hosted by Barbara Walters. Kim rose to stardom in the US after she acted in the hit drama “Lost.”

The actress’s appearance was made to coincide with the premiere of the drama’s season 3 on Wednesday.

Kim will participate in the shooting of photos for the monthly women's magazine “Glamorous.”

credits: KBS Global
yes! she's so pretty...the hair suits her..

Rain, Im Soo-jeong to Attend Berlin Film Festival

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The two main leads of the film "I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK"--Jeong Ji-hoon, better known as singer Rain, and actress Im Soo-jeong--will attend the Berlin International Film Festival.

Im will hold a news conference and attend a red carpet event and a movie premiere on Friday. More interviews with the foreign media are scheduled for the weekend in the German capital.

Im has previously attended the Berlin festival for her 2003 film "A Tale of Two Sisters" (director Kim Ji-woon), and this is her second visit as "Cyborg" was officially invited to compete in the festival.

In "Cyborg," the 28-year-old actress plays a clueless girl who believes herself to be a cyborg, opposite singer Rain, who made his big screen debut in the film.

credits: KBS Global

Lee Jeong-jae and Choi Ji-woo to Be Face of Incheon Airport

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Actor Lee Jung-jae and actress Choi Ji-woo have been named the face of Korea’s Incheon International Airport. Incheon International Airport’s President Lee Jae-hee appointed the two stars as honorary ambassadors at an appointing ceremony held at its headquarters on Monday.

The airport said it appointed the two stars because it believes they can contribute to raising the brand value of not only the airport but also the country itself as they have been cast to play leading roles for the country’s first airport drama, “Air City.”

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Actor Kwon Sang-woo Found to Be Threatened by Gang

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An entertainment manager linked with an organized crime ring has been arrested for threatening actor Kwon Sang-woo in order to hold exclusive management rights to the actor. Kim Tae-chon, the former leader of the crime organization Seobang, was also charged with forcing Kwon to participate in a fan meeting.

Prosecutors also found that the former management of Kwon’s agency did not pay 2.5 billion won or some 2.5 million US dollars it owes to Kwon and another star belonging to the company, and instead extorted 800 million won from them by threatening to expose their scandals.

credits: KBS Global
yikes..those ppl are scary..poor sang woo...


Looking Rather Familiar?

Below are two pictures of Death Note 2, just that the person in both pics arent really the death note cast..lol..take a look(click to enlarge image)...familiar huh? They look pretty good to me..amazing ps skills..enjoy..

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Slibe.com - Free Image Picture Photo Hosting Service - Click to enlarge

BoA Planning to Enter Drama Arena

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Korean pop singer BoA, who has captured the hearts of fans across the world with her dance and music is planning to reveal yet a new side of BoA to her fans. SM Entertainment announced that BoA is planning on entering the Korean drama arena this year and are trying to decide which drama will best suit BoA and be a good starting role in the acting business. Although SM has not made any official decisions or future planning for this, they are very determined to put BoA in the Korean drama market, but also being careful not to make a mistake and take an unsuitable role, as many other Korean artists have done in the past. We hope to see BoA on TV every week sometime this year.

Source: Review Star
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BoA's New Tastebuds: Start with Beer and End with Soju

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BoA, who has recently reached the minimum age to legally drink in Korea and Japan has stated that she drinks on the Japanese show "Nanai-Size" in response to the question "Now that your twenty, do you drink alcohol?" She stated that she drank moderately and enjoys starting with beer and ending with the most loved alchohol drink in Korea: Soju, specifically "Cham Ee Sul" or "참이슬". BoA also stated that her ideal boyfriend would be of tall stature because she is somewhat short. Let's just hope BoA doesnt enjoy soju too much.

Source: Sports Seoul
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To everyone out there who are fans of our TVfXQ's U-Know YunHo, you are welcome to post your birthday shoutout to him here! Please do so! Thank youu..


It's Gonna Be U-know's Birthday!

Hey Everyone! I'm just so excited that it's gonna be Yunho oppa's Bday tomorrow! it's 9.15 pm now...another 2 hours 45 minutes to reach his bday...soon...I'll be back to post more!

Singer Ivy to Represent Reebok in Korea

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Singer Ivy has been chosen to be the Korean face of global sports brand Reebok, joining other world stars representing the company including Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson, French soccer player Thierry Henry, NBA player Allen Iverson, and first Chinese NBA player Yao Ming.

Reebok said that it chose the singer as its model because it not only thought highly of her confident and stylish image but also thought that her sincerity and challenging spirit match its brand value.

Having worked as models for seven companies such as MP3 player company Iriver and LG Household and Health Care since she made her debut in 2005, Ivy will begin representing the sports company in Korea in March.

credits: KBS Global

Dramas Sweep the Top 10 Ratings List

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According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, a TV ratings research company, dramas swept the top 10 list of highest rated TV programs.

The highest rating in 2006 was recorded by MBC's "Jumong," which posted 38.4% in average household ratings.

It was followed by "Famous Princess" of KBS2 with ratings of 30.2%, the daily soap operas "The Bizarre Bunch" and "Pure in Heart" of KBS1 with 29.8% and 28.5%, respectively, and the SBS weekend drama "Dear Heaven" with 28.3%.

Among entertainment shows, "Imagination Plus" of KBS2 ranked the highest at 14th place overall with 19% in ratings, followed by "Gag Concert" on KBS2 at 16th with 17% and "What an Amazing World" on SBS with 16.9%.

"News 9" of KBS1 was the highest ranking news program at 19th place with 16.9% in ratings.

Meanwhile, the average TV viewing time of Korean households in 2006 stood at 7 hours and 7 minutes, unchanged from 2005.

By channel, people watched KBS1 the most, followed by SBS, MBC, and KBS2.

credits: KBS Global

Osaka concert features Korean Wave stars

Korea Herald correspondent
OSAKA, Japan - It took about 50 minutes for the first performer to appear on stage at this charity concert titled "Hallyu Festival in Osaka," but Japanese fans of Korean pop culture never got bored while waiting.

More than 20,000 devoted fans of Korean pop and film stars packed the Osaka Dome, home to the Orix Buffaloes baseball team, on Tuesday night to see the fund-raising concert hosted by the International Vaccine Institute to help children suffering from infectious diseases. The institute is a Seoul-based organization dedicated to improving human health through research on preventive medicine.

The concert, which was preceded by a program to promote the institute and its activities, turned out to be a huge success thanks to the amazing popularity of the all-star lineup of Hallyu stars.

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Song Seung-hun (left) and Jun Jin appear on stage
during the Hallyu Festival in Osaka on Tuesday night

Jun Jin, a member of the popular six-man group Shinhwa, broke the ice with songs from his first solo album released in November, including "Love Never Comes Easy (Sarangi Ojianayo)." "It's so pleasant to come back to Osaka a year after my last visit," Jun said.

Almost every time the Shinhwa man said something on the stage, he ended it by whispering "aishiteru ("I love you" in Japanese)," which made his already loyal Japanese fans love him more.

After Jun's performance, Kangta, a former member of the now-defunct boyband, H.O.T., was onstage to present his trademark voice through a rendition of Richard Marx's "Now and Forever" as well as his past hits. He was followed by the showcase of Meilin, a young Korean female singer who dreams of being the "next BoA" in Japan, with her debut album, "Save My Soul" scheduled to come out next month.

Top R&B Trio SG Wanna Be stole the show with their loud-yet-sensitive vocal delivery, while Lee Min-woo (also known as M), another Shinhwa member, fascinated the audience with his energetic dance movements and charismatic stage presence. The biggest star of the concert, however, was not a singer.

By simply waving his right hand and smiling on the stage, actor Song Seung-hun made his Japanese fans go wild. It seemed like the whole concert was his, although he did nothing but stand still and say a few very formal, polite remarks for his fans and the IVI, the host of the event.

"Every time I think about my fans in Japan, I feel grateful for the steadfast love you have showed me even when I served my military duty for more than two years," said the star best known for his nice guy roles in such hit soap operas as "Summer Scent" and "Law Firm."

What the concert confirmed was the continuing popularity of the Korean entertainers in Japan. It proved again that fielding "Hallyu stars" is the surest way to guarantee success of charity and other promotional events in Asia.

But perhaps a more efficient way of conducting "Hallyu star promotion" is that the stars do what they can do best and are not asked to play too much of promotional role during such events.

"I thought I could see more of Song Seung-hun," said Yoshida Yukari, a 35-year-old Japanese woman. Her Korean friend, who wanted to remain anonymous, said it would have been better to hear something more personal from Song.

Source: By Lee Yong-sung @koreaherald
Credit: kpopkingdom.com


Joo Ji Hoon and Shin Min Ah costar with Uhm Tae Woong in KBS2 drama "The Devil (마왕, 魔王)"

Joo Ji Hoon (주지훈, 25) and Shin Min Ah (신민아) will costar with Uhm Tae Woong (33) in the Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Devil (마왕, 魔王)” scheduled to be aired by KBS2 on 3/21. Both will play difficult and rarely seen characters.

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JJH plays the serial killer Seung Ho (승호) disguised as a lawyer. Seung Ho lost his family and grew up in sad and unfortunate environment. He studied hard and became a lawyer. However, he turns into a serial killer in order to take revenge on some people. SMA plays a person of “Psychometry (사이코메트리)” which is the ability of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it. SMA’s previous drama was “A Love to Kill”, and JJH’s latest drama was “Palace”.

credits: sports.hankooki + mydaily + soompi.com

Kim Jung-Hoon Cast as a Bad Guy in the New Drama

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Kim Jung-Hoon, who decided to stop his studies at Seoul National University Dental School to become an entertainer, is putting on the white gown after all. The new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama ‘Manyeo Yuhui’, will be broadcasted, starring Kim Jung-Hoon as a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon.

Kim Jung-Hoon entered Seoul National University Dental School in 1998, but withdrew from the university in 2003 after finishing 4 semesters to pursue a career as a singer/actor full-time. He declared several leave of absences as a registered student while he was a member of the popular music group UN with Choi Jung-Won.

After his singing career with UN, Kim Jung-Hoon transferred to Chung-ang University College of Arts as a third-year student of the Department of Theater, during which he was suddenly cast for a part in the drama 'Goong (Princess Hours)' which is based on a comic book he had enjoyed reading. Therefore it was not a hard decision to make; Kim Jung Hoon soon agreed to participate in the drama, which became his first serious role as an actor. Kim Jung-Hoon previously appeared in the movies 'DMZ', 'Kkabulgima', etc. However, as he recalled his acting experience prior to the drama 'Goong' he revealed, “Back then I didn’t feel like I was acting, but rather that I was faithfully fulfilling my daily schedule. It was the drama ‘Gung’ which made me realize that gave me more of a desire to become an actor. I knew then that I must follow my heart.”

In the upcoming drama 'Manyeo Yuhui', Kim Jung-Hoon plays a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon who is rivals with Jae-Hee. They both try and in the heart of Han Ga-In. His character Yu Jun-Ha, is the female character Ma Yu-Hui’s (played by Han Ga-In) first love. Yu Jun-Ha is a cold-hearted character who is capable of betraying his most precious love for success.

Though Yu Jun-Ha is an ambitious two-faced character, he is a bad guy in the sense that his weakness stems from his strong desire for success. In order to play this character role, he is working out to tone down his soft gentle image 2 hours everyday to build a more muscular physique. He is also dieting to make his face look slimmer for a sharper, masculine image. Kim Jung-Hoon is trying in everyway possible to get ready for this new transformation of playing a 'bad boy' character, and with all his efforts his fans are looking forward to seeing not only his acting, but this new fresh image.

credits: Tour2Korea
Jung-Hoon's casting as bad boy this time. Can't wait to see his acting as a bad boy.


Lee Dong Gun, Lee HyoRi, Jung Joon Ho to lead drama “Perhaps Love (사랑한다면 이들처럼)”

Lee Dong Gun and Jung Joon Ho will costar with Lee Hyo Ri in the 2-episode drama “Perhaps Love (사랑한다면 이들처럼)” scheduled to be aired by cable channel "TV Mnet" around the end of February.

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LDG plays the role Jung Tae (정태) who manages activities for a rookie singer played by Lee Hyo Ri. The roles played by LDG and JJH fall in love with the heroine.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The production cost of this drama is around 5 billion Won. Other actors including Lee Bum Soo, Ha Suk Jin, Jung Eun Taek and Jung Chul (이범수, 하석진, 정운택, 정철) will also act in this drama. The filming is scheduled to start on 2/3 near Seoul and would last for 20 days. The PD is Cha Eun Taek (차은택) who has collaborated with LHR in CFs such as “Any Motion” and “Any Club”. LDG’s previous drama was “Smile Again (2006)”, and LHR’s was “Three Leaf Clover (2005)”.

credits: spn.chosun + sports.hankooki + mydaily + soompi.com

TVXQ, Super Junior Recognized at Thai Music Awards

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The five-man band TVXQ has received the Best Asian Singer Award at the 2nd Seed Awards held at Bec Tero Hall in Bangkok, Thailand on Wednesday. Another Korean band, Super Junior, received the Best New Asian Singer Award.

TVXQ failed to attend the award ceremony due to previously planned activities in Japan, but Super Junior did attend, receiving a warm welcome from local fans. The band performed its hit songs--including “Miracle” and “Tic! Toc!”--at the event.

credits: KBS Global
Congrats to Dong Bang and Super Junior!!