BoA Planning to Enter Drama Arena

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Korean pop singer BoA, who has captured the hearts of fans across the world with her dance and music is planning to reveal yet a new side of BoA to her fans. SM Entertainment announced that BoA is planning on entering the Korean drama arena this year and are trying to decide which drama will best suit BoA and be a good starting role in the acting business. Although SM has not made any official decisions or future planning for this, they are very determined to put BoA in the Korean drama market, but also being careful not to make a mistake and take an unsuitable role, as many other Korean artists have done in the past. We hope to see BoA on TV every week sometime this year.

Source: Review Star
Credits: BoA's House + akimototsubaki@kpopkingdom

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Anonymous said...

That would be so cool!
good for BoA!!!
I know she always wanted to act, poor thing never had a time! now with her foot injury this would boost up her spirit and give her some break from her intense dance practices!
So happy for her! :)