BoA - New model of KM

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BoA has been chosen to be the new model of Korean Music Channel, KM. KM, which has been the mainstream music channel for the last ten years, has chosen BoA to be their new model in order to transform their image into a more modern image. While changing their slogan to "Original Music Channel," BoA will act as the support in this new transformation to compete with other competing music channels. Look forward to seeing BoA frequently on Korean music TV.

Source: Sports Chosun
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Is Acting for BoA?

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Asia's star BoA is currently in a dilemma. BoA isn't sure if she should make a comeback to the Korean market with an entrance to the acting industry or release BoA's 6th Korean album. BoA, who announced of her entrance to the acting industry since 2005, is having a hard time choosing which production to choose due to many singers failing in the acting industry, such as Hyori. Furthermore, BoA hasnt released the long awaited Korean album last year which kept her Korean fans waiting.

SM has refused many offers in the past such as a part in the Hallyu drama "Goong," a Hollywood staffed Hong Kong movie starring Yao Ming called "Jump," and many more. SM reported that BoA had a high possibility that she would debut to the acting industry through either a Korean or American film. However, if SM felt that BoA lacked skill and experience, she would comeback with her 6th album first.

SM stated that they would decide if BoA would act or not by late March or early April. If they do not decide till then, BoA will release her 6th Korean album in June this year. Let's just hope SM makes the best choice for BoA.

Source: Yahoo Korea
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Top Star Se7en Changes Into A Rocker

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Se7en, who will be having a solo concert on April 7 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium, will change into rocker in the said event. His songs will be arranged from soft rock to rock versions.

He in also planned to have guitar and keyboard sessions in the concert, which will be Se7en's last stage in Korea for this year. During his concert last year, the Korean R&B singer showed off his skills in playing the drums.

Se7en did not rest for at least a day after the filming of “Palace S” and immediately rushed into practice and is already busy with the new versions of his songs.

He is currently arranging his songs into different genres like hip hop and trance and it is also planned that he will be performing dance remix versions of “Nan Arayo” and “La La La”.

“The things Se7en has not shown in the past will be showcased in this new concert. He also did not sleep just to practice playing the instruments and singing. A lot of work is really put into this concert since the choreography and arrangements of songs are new,” according to a YG personnel.

Se7en shared that after this concert, he will be busy with his activities in Japan and US.

BIG BANG is Se7en’s guest in the concert and planned to perform the song "La La La".

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Chae Yeon, Hot Kissing Scene With Japanese Model

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Chae Yeon had her first kissing scene in her the music video of her 4th album title track “My Love”.

Yuuki, a Japanese model who became the Korean singer's friend during her activities in Japan, plays the guy Chae Yeon kisses in the scene.

“Chae Yeon already lost 3 kgs. because of training and has become sexier”, Chae Yeon’s agency released.

“My Love” was written and composed by hitmaker Kim Chang Hwan.

Chae Yeon will have her comeback next week.

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Eugene, a cracked rib

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Eugene injured herself while practicing dance for the musical “Innocent Steps”.

The former S.E.S. member voiced out the pain she was feeling during practice and after a check-up, it was learned that there is a crack in her rib.

“The doctor said she has to rest for a week and she is now just practicing singing”, according to Eugene’s management.

On the 31st, Yang So Min, who was also casted in the role of Eugene, will open the first show.

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Super Junior T Thrills Young Trot Fans

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

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Boy band Super Junior T is making old-fashioned trot songs popular
once again with their hit “ Rokkuguh.” The group is composed of,
from left, Lee-teuk, Sung-min, Hee-chul, Shin-dong, Kang-in and Eun-hyuk.

Trot music, a unique Korean pop genre, is probably the last thing you would expect from a group of young, good-looking singers. Trot songs, after all, are most popular among the older generation.
These days, trot music is surprisingly trendy. First there was Chang Yun-jung, a female trot singer in her 20s. The baton has been passed now to the boy band Super Junior T. The group’s trot single ``Rokkuguh,” which zoomed to the top of the music sales charts, has both young and old singing along to its infectious beat.

Super Junior T is composed of Lee-teuk, Hee-chul, Eun-hyuk, Sung-min, Shin-dong and Kang-in. They are a sub-group from the 13-member Super Junior, one of the most popular K-pop groups today.

The Korea Times sat down for an interview with five of the six members of Super Junior T, before they were scheduled to perform at a music show on Friday.

Lee-teuk, considered the leader of Super Junior, admitted he was apprehensive when they were first told they were going to perform trot songs. Super Junior debuted in late 2005, but they already have a lot of young fans that love the group’s pop-dance songs.

``I was very nervous about it at first. I was really concerned that it may tarnish the image of Super Junior,’’ he told The Korea Times. ``We made it our motivation to be different from other pop idol groups. After discussing it, we decided to take the chance. Then we started recording the album and we enjoyed it a lot.”

As Super Junior T, the members had to adopt a different image by wearing colorful costumes more suited for comedians than heartthrobs. Sung-min, who recently changed his hair color from blonde to pink, admitted he was shocked at finding out they had to wear such colorful costumes. ``Now I think it’s fun to play around when we sing and perform,’’ he said.

Fans appeared to embrace the group’s new image, making ``Rokkoguh” one of the best-selling albums these days. This is quite unusual since trot music is not usually well liked by the young generation, who prefer pop and hip-hop music.

Even Super Junior T members themselves said they did not particularly like trot music in the past, although their parents and grandparents listened to a lot of trot music.

Now as trot performers themselves, Eun-hyuk thinks there should be no generation gap when it comes to music. ``I think its wrong to divide the generations by the songs they prefer. It is not only songs for the old generation, but also for the younger generation. Both can identify with the music,’’ he said.

Hee-chul said he feels good knowing Super Junior T’s music is helping bridge the gap between teenagers and their parents.

Whenever they perform on stage as Super Junior T, they try to put on a more energetic performance and dance moves different from their usual style. Lee-teuk said the group also gives live performances, in response to criticisms of lip-synching in the past.

The popularity of Super Junior T, and the main group Super Junior, cannot be denied but the members still feel they have a lot more to prove.

``Usually, a lot of idol groups take three years to achieve what we have achieved. But we’re concerned that we might have become too famous, too fast. I feel we still have a long way to go. Having these units with different identities, we can contribute to attracting more fans,’’ Lee-teuk said.

Shin-dong, known as the group’s funniest member, said he wants to work harder to establish the Super Junior name around Asia.

Lee-teuk added Super Junior wants to be known in China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and even Europe. ``I was looking at some UCC (user created content) and I saw one made by Spanish fans, wearing similar clothes and performing our song. It’s great that we have fans there. We really want to be world-class idols,” he said.

Source: cathy@koreatimes
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Beyonce and Lee Hyo-lee Compete over Sexy Charms

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Sexy American pop star Beyonce and sexy Korean pop star Lee Hyo-lee have become rivals.
Beyonce who has been enjoying huge popularity all around the world including Korea has been recently selected as an international model for a Korean mobile-phone brand.
However, since Lee Hyo-lee has been working as the domestic model of the same mobile-phone brand, the two super stars will inevitably have to compete with each other over their sexy charms.
In this regard, an official of the company said that Beyonce and Lee Hyo-lee have been chosen as the models of their brand because their outstanding fashion sense and versatile talents perfectly fit with the brand image.

Source: Arirang TV - Inside Scoop
Credit: kpopkingdom.com

Best Music Video 5

Early 2007 is bringing in a stirring of life in the world of K-pop! Big stars are making their comebacks.
Newcomers with talent are making their debuts. And singers are reaching for new challenges in different genres! One thing that these singers all have in common... eye-catching music videos that are enticing fans! Today's EXTRA PLUS tally up the scores on various music charts, and bring you the HOTTEST, top 5 music videos!
1 . ‘Seductive sonata’ – IVY
2 . ‘Roo-kkoo-kkau’ – Super Junior T
3 . ‘I want You’ – Seo In-Young
4 . ‘Girl in Flight’ - Magolpi
5 . ‘Irony’ - Wonder Girls

That was a look at the TOP five music videos that are circulating in Korea at the moment. These will probably reign supreme for a little while longer. Watch what we've got for you NEXT MONTH!

Source: Arirang TV - News Extra
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Rain and IVY, Plagiarized?

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Singer Rain and IVY were said to have plagiarized.

Rain's song in question is "Familiar Face", which is similar to Boyz II Men's "Relax Your Mind" and IVY's "Prayer" was said to be the same with Japanese singer Misia's "A Story That Does Not End".

A Netizen commented that a lot of foreign songs that are not that popular in Korea are often made into Korean songs.

Aside from the songs earlier mentioned, Park Jung Hyun's "In Dream" sounds similar to Celine Dion's "There are the Special Times", Lee Sang Eun's "I Will Love You" was comparable to Japanese Kuwata Band's "Just a Man in Love" and Jewelry's "Superstar" resembled Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lover".

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Song Hye-gyo Sheds Cute Image for Gisaeng Role

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The producers of “Hwang Jiny” on Monday released several still photos from director Chang Yoon-hyun's movie about a Chosun-era gisaeng (a female entertainer) starring Song Hye-gyo and Yoo Ji-tae.

The photos show Song as the character Hwang in various costumes, including that of noble lady, a beautiful and seductive gisaeng, and disguised as a man drinking in an inn. Another features Song in a white underskirt, her extended leg faintly showing through. The other photos include Yoo Ji-tae as Hwang's first lover Nomi and Ryu Seung-yong as a local governor who supports Hwang. "Song Hye-gyo's deep eyes and attractive figure show that she has transformed from a cute young girl into a true woman," the publicity materials gushed.

The film has gained considerable attention, fueled by last year’s TV drama with the same name starring another popular actress, Ha Ji-won, and the fact that it is Song’s first stab at a period film.

"Hwang Jiny" is in its final stages and is scheduled for release on June 6.

"Hwang Jiny" started shooting on a set in Paju in Gyeonggi Province last July. It took 194 days to make the film. Other locations for the lavish production included the Korean Folk Village in Youngin, Buan, Andong, Yangpyeong, Namsangol Traditional Village in Seoul, the Seonam Temple in Suncheon, and Mt. Kumgang in North Korea.

- Copyrights ⓒ 2007 The Chosun Ilbo& Digital Chosun Ilbo All rights reserved –

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Lee Jee-hoon to Release Album in Japan in July

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Singer/actor Lee Jee-hoon held two solo concerts, entitled “Lee Jee Hoon 2007 - The Live Act: Zero In Tokyo,” on March 25 at the Tokyo FM Hall in Japan.

At the two-hour concerts, each consisting of two parts, the singer sang 15 songs including his hit songs “Promise” and “The Doll,” and even hosted his own concerts personally in fluent Japanese to demonstrate his versatile entertaining talent.

Lee said the concerts marked his full-fledged activities in Japan, drawing a favorable response from his fans.

At a news conference following his concerts, Lee, who marks the 11th anniversary of his debut, said he chose the FM Hall as the venue of his concerts because he wanted to start afresh in Japan, where he is still a new artist. The singer also said he wants to release a new album around July but has yet to choose a record company.

credits: KBS Global

Lee Hyo-Ri, Sexiest Singer

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It is actually not a new news anymore because we already know that but a confirmation of the facts does not hurt. Singer Lee Hyo-ri was selected by the Netizens as Korea's sexiest singer.

The music portal site JukeOn held a survey that asked who among the female singers is the sexiest in the first half of the year. From approximately 3,700 participants, 43.6% voted for Lee Hyo-ri, which placed her in the top spot.

Lee Hyo-ri is currently doing well with her digital single "Tok Tok Tok".

IVY placed 2nd with 44.1% while Seo In Yeong ranked 3rd with 8.4%.

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BoA's Fashion on TV!!

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MTV Korea created a documentary on Asia's star BoA's leading fashion sense. Named "Girls on Top," MTV Interviews BoA as well as her stylists, BoA's style has become renown for it's chik fashion sense. BoA stated that she doesnt try to follow the fashion trend but rather wears what she likes. She also stated that she loved black and white clothes the most, or clothes without much color. BoA's stylists commented that BoA knows her style and what suits her best, and always picks out the perfect outfit for her in a few tries.

They talk about BoA's transformation from a young hiphoppy girl to a mature and fashionable young lady. In this continuing documentary, MTV will reveal BoA's favorite clothes brands as well as clothing stores she enjoys visiting next week. Tune in next week for more updates from BoA's House.

Source: MTV + BoA's House
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IVY, "I Knew That He Would Win The Gold Medal

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Last March 25, IVY sent a congratulatory message to the 17-year old Park Tae-hwan, who won the first gold medal in Korea's swimming history at the World Swimming Championships which was held in Melbourne, Australia.

Park Tae-hwan, who made a new Asian record in the 400m freestyle race, is actually IVY's younger brother.

"I knew that he would win the gold medal. My younger brother inspired me because of his perseverance and I am proud of him."

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Ko Ah-ra Cast as Lead for Japanese Movie

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Actress Ko Ah-ra, who has gained popularity in Japan recently, was cast to play a lead in the joint Japanese-Mongolian movie “The Blue Wolf” by beating competition odds of 39,157 to one.

The movie’s producer, Haruki Kadokawa, offered Ko the role at a March 25 event held in Tokyo that marked the release of Ko’s first photo album. Nicknamed “Midas Touch,” Kadokawa decided to produce the movie after a ten-year hiatus.

Ko’s photo album, entitled “Ara in Rome,” was produced by Kadokawa personally for the first time, attesting to the high interest in Ko as an actress. The album is based on the famous movie “Roman Holiday,” which stars Audrey Hepburn. The photo shoot was held in January in Rome, Italy by the famous Japanese celebrity photographer Kishin Shinoyama.

Ko says she has always been interested in Rome and learned a lot about the city during the photo shoot, adding that the album includes photos of her with both long and short hair.

“The Blue Wolf” is a large-scale movie costing 23 billion won and depicting the life of Genghis Khan. Ko plays the role of a woman-warrior named Kuran, the principal lover of Genghis Khan. The movie opened in Japan on March 3 and topped the Japanese box-office in its first week. It remained in the top-ten for three weeks in a row, taking the third spot in its second week and the eighth spot in its third week.

credits: KBS Global

Tony An & SeeYa member Nam Gyu Ri are a couple?

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"We were together for half a year but ended our relationship at the end of last year", Nam Gyu Ri revealed on the 22nd, emphasizing that they are not in a relationship anymore. On the other hand, Tony An denied that he had a relationship with Nam Gyu Ri.

"The two are still an item up to now. They are often caught dating with each other. I do not believe that they have already broken up", a media personnel expressed, clearly implying that Tony An and Nam Gyu Ri are not telling the truth.

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Rain's Coming Australia Ticket Info

Hey guys..As you know, Rain's having his tour to Australia on the 7th April 07..Many of you asked how to get the tickets so here's the link that might be able to give you some info and to book the tickets..Thanks to Sally for providing the link...=)

Click here

'Men of Goong' become Rivals in a New Drama Series

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The two rivals who fought for the king’s throne and the love of Yoon Eun-hye in last year’s popular MBC drama ‘Goong (Princess Hour)’ which ended this March, have been cast in two new upcoming drama series, but are now competing for air time to attract more TV viewers because the dramas is on at the same time.

In the drama ‘Goong,’ Joo Ji Hun and Kim Jeong Hoon portrayed different kinds of roles, attracting many female fans in their teens to their thirties. The two actors will be competing to win the hearts of more female viewers in their individual dramas.

Joo Ji Hun comes back to the TV screen on Wednesday and Thursday’s drama ‘Mawang (Devil)’ (director Park Chan Hong, writer Kim Ji Woo), which airs on KBS 2 while Kim Jeong Hoon’s return can be seen on Wednesday and Thursday’s drama ‘Manyeo Yuhui’ (director Jeon Ki Sang, writer Kim Won Jin) which airs on SBS. Both dramas began on March 21st.

Joo Ji Hun plays a lawyer in ‘Mawang’ who is a rival of Eom Taewoong, trying to win the affections of Shin Minah. This casted role will allow Ju Ji Hun’s charisma to shine, which is already anticipated by many of his female fans. Ju Ji Hun will have a new image in this drama that will enhance himself as an actor.

Kim Jeong Hoon, on the other hand, plays the ambitious doctor in ‘Manyeo Yuhui,’ and like Joo Ji Hun in ‘Mawang’ Kim Jeong Hoon’s character will be struggling to win Han Ga-in’s love against Jae Hee and Denise Oh. Once a medical school student himself, Kim Jeong Hoon’s upcoming role as a doctor has already become the hot topic of conversation.

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Sweet Impact Official Cover Out!

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Avex has finally released the cover for BoA's latest upcoming single, Sweet Impact. It seems as if princess BoA will impact us with her sweetness wand. The first cover is the CD version and the second the CD+DVD version of the single. To be released on April 25th, BoA makes us anticipate the upcoming single with an attractive cover. Now all we have left is to wait! Here is the official tracklist for the single.

01. Sweet Impact
02. Bad Drive
03. SO REAL (ArmySlick's scratch build vocal)
04. Sweet Impact (TV MIX)
05. Bad Drive (TV MIX)

Sweet Impact Music Video

Source: Avex Japan
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Go A-ra Stars in Japanese-Mongolian Joint Film

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Young actress Go A-ra is set to captivate Hong Kong with her latest movie “Blue Wolf,” a Japanese-Mongolian joint production.

Go drew great attention from the Hong Kong media at a preview of the film held at AMC Pacific Place on Wednesday. Distributed by EDKO Film, “Blue Wolf” will be released there in May.

Some 300 reporters from 110 media companies from 17 nations attended a press conference held ahead of the preview.

Meanwhile, the film topped the Japanese box office for the first week of its release, ranked third for the second week, and dropped to eighth place for the third week.

credits: KBS Global

Eru Offered Big-screen Role in Japan

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Singer Eru has received an offer to appear in the Japanese movie “Three Tattoos” by director Sukimori Hitomi. It is unprecedented for a new Korean singer with no acting experience whatsoever to receive an offer from a Japanese filmmaker.

Eru’s agency said the offer is quite tempting as the movie will be produced by a talented composer/director and will likely be exported overseas. It added that the singer is deliberating the offer as he has yet to establish himself as an artist in Korea.

With his songs “Black Glasses” and “White Eyes” from his second album becoming big hits, Eru has emerged as a promising ballad singer.

On March 21, he and his father, trot singer Tae Jin-ah, filmed a TV commercial for the liquor brand “Chamyiseul Fresh.”

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Shinhwa Japan Concert DVD release

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Japanese Version DVD content (HMV Japan)
Disc 1
1 Opening
2 Hey.come On
3 Perfect Man
4 Hero
5 Midnight Girl
6 You`re My Everything
7 I Pray 4 U
8 Vtr-six Members Six Colors
9 Vtr-eric
10 Girls Exclusive
11 Tears
12 Cry Sour Grape
13 Same Thoughts
14 Time Machine
15 Sun Flower-happy Birthday
16 How Do I Say
17 Only One
18 Wild Eyes
19 Love Wont Come
20 King Of Dance
21 Battle (Jump! Jump!)
22 Let Me Love You
23 Bump!!!

Disc 2
1 Vtr-shinhwa In Japan
2 Suns in Our Heart
3 Once In A Lifetime
4 Your Man
5 Brand New
6 Oh!+yo!
7 Ending

Disc 3 (Only Include in Korea Version)
1 Shinhwa Story 2006: : Winter Story 2006-2007 Making
2 2006 Shinhwa Asia Tour `state Of The Art`
3 Shinhwa In Korea
4 Shinhwa In Japan

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Shinhwa, receive "Best Asia Artist" award in Japan Golden Disc

On march 13th evening 6pm in Tokyo Japan hold "The 21st Japan Golden Disc Award Ceremony". Shinhwa receives 'The Best Asia Artist' Award.

Japan Golden Disc & Korea Golden Disc award ceremony are the same, the winner are through web votings and their daily album sales in the market, SHinhwa last year had released their first japanese single and their official album , the sales was near to a 10million copies, thus they manage to receive 'The Best Asia Artist' award in the ceremony.

Shinhwa express" Last year in Japan we had received losts of love and support, being able to receive such award is our honour" "In the future, we will bring more attractive performance, hope everybody will keep liking us."

Credits to:
Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachin
Eng Trans:amane@mySHINHWA & kpopkingdom
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New Group 'Battle' to Release Single Album in Thailand

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The new six-man group "Battle" will release its first single album entitled “Crash” in Thailand on Friday under license.

Good EMG, its agency, said Wednesday that the release has been arranged at the request of GMM Grammy, the country’s largest record company.

The group’s songs will be aired throughout the Asian country on the radio station “Seed FM” and cable TV “Channel V Thailand” from Friday.

Earlier on Feb. 24, staff from GMM Grammy, Channel V Thailand and MTV Thailand came to Korea to interview the Korean group and cover its activities.

According to Good EMG, staff from GMM Grammy told them that Battle had gained so much popularity in Thailand that a fan club had already been formed. It also said that the group will visit Thailand to hold a mini concert on April 30 and give interviews with major music channels.



Joo Ji-hoon Holds Fan Meeting in Japan

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Model-turned-actor Joo Ji-hoon, who rose to stardom with his debut drama “Princess Hours” last year, has held a fan meeting in Japan. He has seen growing popularity in the island country after the drama was aired there.

Joo met with his fans in Tokyo on Tuesday and will travel to Osaka for another fan meeting on Wednesday.

Participating in the shooting of new KBS drama “The Devil,” the new Korean actor is seeing a promising future ahead as he was chosen as the “New Asia Star” representing Korea at the 1st ASTA TV Drama Awards.

Rain's World Tour, added a concert in Australia

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

On April 7, Rain will be holding a concert in Sydney, Australia.

"There were a lot of invitations for me to perform in Australia but transporting 28 tons of equipment is hard so we just had to deal with that problem first before finally pushing through with the concert”, Rain's agency commented on the 19th.

After Rain’s concert in Taiwan on March 31, he will be going to Australia. Th he will hold his next concert in China.

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Chae Yeon To Release Official 4th Album

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Singer Chae Yeon is scheduled to make a comeback among sexy female stars with a fourth album this week. The new work is her first in one year and four months. Having completed her "Third Love" project last year, she began working on her new album. The title song will be a dance track created by composer Kim Chang-won, who already collaborated with her on her hit "The Two in Love." We're seeing many female Korean artists returning these days, with Lee Hyo-lee, Seo In-young, Ivy and Chae Yeon. They're livening up the music world, for sure!

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Se7en, "Palace S" Pain, To Recover With Japan & US Activities

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Se7en (23), who experienced heartache because of the low ratings of "Palace S", prepares for his American and Japanese activities.

Se7en will be having a concert on April 7 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium. YG Entertainment explains that this will Se7en's last stage this year for his domestic fans. Then on the 2nd week of April, the YG singer will be leaving for the US to prepare for the release of his 1st US single. Se7en plans to simultaneously keep himself busy with his American activities and Japanese promotions.

"American producer Rich Harrison has made 2 tracks for Se7en's 1st single album, which will be released around June. In July, he will be releasing a 2nd Japanese album. He will also have a 5-city tour in Japan including Osaka for the promotions. After which, he will again come back to America to concentrate on the promotion of his 1st US single", YG Entertainment revealed.

Se7en's activities in the US and Japan will spark a new vitality in his career. He will carry on a more determined outlook especially in America to regain from the failure he experienced as an actor in "Palace S".

Credits ~ Sports Seoul + Se7enth_Heaven + Kpopper.com

Jinu & Kim Jun-hee Scheduled To Have Baby In September

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Jinusean's Jinu and Kim Jun-hee, who got married last May, are due to have a baby in the fall in what is the year of the pig. The couple is thrilled that they tied the knot in a year considered lucky for marriages and that they will have a baby in the year of the golden pig. The three-month-pregnant Kim Jun-hee is currently showing her business savvy running a clothing brand. Jinu, active as a singer/producer, discovers, trains and nurtures talented newcomers.

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Korea's Top Body

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From irresistable lips to carismatic eyes, Korea's top models are advertising everything from drinks to cosmetics. An S line is a must, and now, Korea's female models are competing for the No.1 position. Korean netizens have chosen Korea's top four models including BoA, Byun Jung Min, Han Ye Seul, and Jun Ji Hyun. Who is Korea's top model with the perfect S and V line which they all emphasize alot in their ads?

Jun Ji Hyun with her 17Tea Ad revolutionized the Korean tea industry. Han Ye Seul, who currently advertises for Venus, an undergarments company, has gained much popularity among Koreans. And BoA, with her Corn Beard Tea commercial has made tea sales skyrocket and also gain much attention to the Korean internet community. People were surprised by BoA's growth from a child popstar to a representing model of Korea. Who is Korea's top model? It's your decision.

Source: Newsis
Credits: BoA's House + KpopKingdom

Park Jin Young, "I leave the decision to Rain if he will re-sign the contract

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Park Jin Young talked about Rain at the MBC variety program "Goldfish" on March 14.

"I consider him as a brother but when it comes on stage, he is my rival. With regard to Rain's re-signing of the contract, it has been rumored that he was offered 5,000,000,000 won. If he does choose to transfer to another agency, I would like to have the same relationship with him like what we have now. Rain should have his freedom to decide", said Park.

Park Jin Young also expressed that his responsibility as a manager is big but he would like to return as a singer.

When asked about his dream, he said that before dying, he would like to sing on stage.

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SS501 To Hold Large Fan Meet-and-Greet

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Popular boy band SS501 will hold their first large-scale fan meet-and-greet in Japan as they advance into the Japanese market. The event will be held at the AX Hall in Shibuya for members of their Japanese fan club, Triple S Japan.

SS501 is currently on a short break after finishing the taping of a special program on the 13th but will fly back to Japan for the fan meeting.

The band will meet with fans, perform 5 songs and each member will display their individual musical talents through special performances.

An official of the band’s label said that though there are 2000 seats at the Shibuya AX Hall, the number of those who registered to attend the special fan event far exceeds that.

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Jeon Ji-hyun in Stripping Contest for Mobile Phone

Superstar Jeon Ji-hyun has set tongues wagging by competing with a male model in taking off her clothes in the commercial for the new Samsung phone. Users of the color jacket phone in the Anycall series can, as the name suggests, change the phone’s jacket to go with the outfit they are wearing, the firm said. The producers of the commercial plumbed for a stripping contest to highlight the feature. In it, Jeon takes turns stripping with the male model in front of a cheering audience, treating each item as if it was the last only to reveal another layer underneath.

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Jeon had apparently found it a challenge to peel off several layers of clothing like an onion within the short 15 second spot. Though only seven types of clothing appear of the commercial, Jeon actually wore 20. Producers took pains to select the clothes, searching through Seoul’s markets every night to find clothing that would suit both Jeon’s slinky form and the phone she is selling. The clothes also had to be easy to take off in a short time. Eventually, a mixture of polyester and nylon and a special material called supplex used in the movies were chosen.

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Ivy To Act in Drama

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Singer Ivy will star in a 4-part drama, entitled "Tokyo Sun Shower". The sexy singer, whose current single, "Seduction Sonata", is enjoying popularity in the music world, will transform into an actress and star in the Phantom Entertainment Group-produced 4-part drama late this month. She has starred in her own music videos and made guest appearances on sitcoms, but this will be her first role in a drama.

"Tokyo Sun Shower" will be shot late this month and continue throughout April in Tokyo. The drama also stars Kim Sarang, Kim Tae-woo and Japanese actress Okuda Erika. Ivy plays the role of a Korean-Japanese character who works at a sushi restaurant but dreams of being a singer. Ivy will sing for her role, but the drama is not a glorified music video. Ivy will fly back and forth from Korea to Japan starting this month and the drama is set to air sometime after May.

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Top Star Ju Ji-Hun's Transformation into a Hunk

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Ju Ji-Hun reappeared in public last March 12 at Seoul Gangnam Imperial Palace Hotel to attend a press interview for his new upcoming KBS 2TV drama 'Mawang (Prince of Darkness)' (writer Kim Ji Woo, director Park Chan-Hong) scheduled to air on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. This was his first official outing in one year, and his physical transformation from his past appearance in the drama 'Gung' is attracting much attention from both the media and netizens.

Ju Ji-Hun made his debut as a model, and with his tall height and lean body he quickly rose to stardom through his acting debut appearance in 'Gung'.
The added muscles to his already-acknowledged figure have made him the possessor of a perfect body.

Ju Ji-Hun's solid muscular figure is a result of 3 hours of daily weight training. He also watched his diet, eating only healthy food such as chicken breasts.

Ju Ji-Hun's agency revealed “Ju Ji-Hun built his body to play the role in his upcoming drama, and although he has lost about 5kg in the process, it is actually the workout which makes him look good.”
The opening scene of the drama 'Mawang' scheduled to begin coming March 21, will feature Ju Ji-Hun at a swimming pool, showing off his perfectly lean muscular body.

'Mawang' is about two men destined to be rivals, played by Eom Tae Woong and Ju Ji-Hun, and their relationship with Shin Min Ah who possesses supernatural powers. ‘Mawang’ is the second 'revenge drama' following the KBS 2TV drama 'Buhwal (Resurrection)' which aired in 2005. Ju Ji-Hun plays the role of a Jekyll and Hyde-like lawyer.

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Korean Actress Cast for Japanese Musical

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Singer-turned-actress Shoo, a former member of the female trio S.E.S., has been cast for a supporting role in the Japanese musical “High School Musical” produced by Fuji TV. According to her agency, Sedona Media, she attended a press conference held at a hotel in Tokyo on Monday to announce its production.

Based on the Disney’s TV animation with the same title, the musical deals with high school students who work at an audition for a musical.

Shoo is cast to play Deira, a friend of the female leading character Gabriel, to be played by Nami Damaki. Koyama Keiichiro, a member of the Japanese idol group NewS, will play the male leading role. It will be staged in Tokyo and Osaka from June 12.

“I will put everything I have into the musical to show a great performance,” Shoo said.

Shoo has been working as a musical actress in Japan since S.E.S was disbanded. She received a good review when she performed the leading character Shelley in the 2005 musical "Batboy" in Japan.

Younha, First Kiss

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Last March 12, Younha shot a kissing scene for her 1st album's title track "Password 486" music video. She had NGs while filming it.

"This is my first kiss. Since I debuted, chances of me having a boyfriend is getting slimmer. It was good that before turning 20, I had my first kiss", Younha said, surprising the staff and her partner in the kissing scene, Yoon Ji Hoo.

Her 1st album entitled "A Perfect day for Love Declaration" is set for release on March 15.

"Password 486" is a combination of rock and piano sound. It was written by Wheesung.

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Song Seung-hun to Hold Fan Meeting in Japan

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Actor Song Seung-hun will visit Japan on Friday to hold a large fan meeting on Saturday at Saitama Super Arena, where some 15,000 fans are expected to attend. Interest in the event was so great that all tickets were already sold out a month ago.

The Korean actor will also hold an autograph session for his photo book “The Sun” released on February 28 at a department store in Tokyo’s entertainment district, Ginza. His photo exhibition, which displays some 150 photos of the actor and his apparel, is also being held at the department store. It opened on Feb. 14 and will end on March 27.

Song has already proved his popularity in Japan when he was greeted by some 6,000 fans at the National International Airport on his first visit to the island country in December after his discharge from military service.

Meanwhile, Song will move to China on Sunday for an official visit as a model for Lotte Department Store, which is opening its first branch in China. He will also attend other official events including a press conference.

Baby VOX R.e.v Donates Educational Equipment & Facilities

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Baby VOX R.e.v, the female group that recently debuted as the 2nd generation of already disbanded 5-member group Baby VOX, donated 100% of the money they earned from their performances in Korea to provide educational equipment and facilities to an orphanage in Cambodia.

The five members of the group visited Friend International, a global beneficiary insitution that care for street children.

Baby VOX R.e.v has conquered the hearts of Cambodians with their generous action and has promised to continue their charitable works during their performances outside Korea.

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Women Bring Sexy Back to K-Pop

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Justin Timberlake may be singing ``I'm bringing sexy back,'' but in the K-pop scene, it seems the ``sexy'' concept is still alive and kicking. Sultry pop stars led by Lee Hyo-lee and Ivy, as well as newcomers like Seo In-young have released new albums and music videos, designed to send the pulses of the male population racing.
While this sexy image helps attract attention, it also distracts people from determining if these singers are popular because of their good looks or real talent.

Recently, the stars' skimpy costumes and racy music videos may have proven too much for some audiences, creating a backlash against sexy singers.

Lee is widely credited with starting the sexy trend and is still undeniably one of the most popular stars for commercials. She has recently generated publicity with a racy photo spread appearing on W magazine and the Calvin Klein ad campaign, but it seems this has only distracted from her music.

Lee's new digital album received mixed reviews from fans, although her single ``Toc Toc Toc'' is racing up the charts. Lee may be trying to soften her image, but it seems fans still want her to stay sexy.

Another pop singer who became known for her sizzling dance moves is Ivy, who scored a hit with the single ``A-ha'' last year. Ivy seems to be distancing herself from the sexy image during promotions for her second album, ``A Sweet Moment.''

At a recent music show, Ivy performed ``Temptation Sonata" wearing a conservative but feminine suit, in sharp contrast to the hot pants she wore when she performed ``A-ha" last year.

With the image shift, Ivy seems to be focusing more on the music, rather than using her sex appeal to gain fans.

However, it is newcomer Seo who is generating the most controversy for her barely-there costumes and hot dance performances. A former member of the girl group Jewelry, Seo has just released her first solo album ``Elly Is So Hot.''

Her skimpy costumes have prompted three Korean broadcasting stations KBS, MBC and SBS to ask her to tone down her costumes for TV shows. Her costumes are one-piece outfits featuring cut outs that expose parts of her stomach and pelvis.

If this wasn't enough, Seo has also released a series of racy photos available for mobile phone downloads.

Other female singers are still expected to push through with the ``sexy'' concept by releasing dance tracks which allow them to show off their seductive dancing.

Chae Yeon is also planning to release her fourth album later this month. Her management agency Medialine said the title track of the album is a dance track, similar to her earlier song ``Two of Us,'' and will have a Latin dance version and electronic house version.

Mina, who is best known as the 2002 World Cup girl, will also come out with her fourth album in April. She has worked with Uptown member Jung Yun-joon on writing the title track, which is said to be similar to Lee's hit ``10 Minutes.''

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BoA's Two Albums To Be Released!

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Two of BoA's albums entitled "BoA The Live" and "BoA Complete Clips 2004-2006" will be release on March 16 in Korea. Featuring live performances held in Japan's 6 cities last year.

The Album "BoA The Live 2006" contains a total of 20 songs, including her hits songs showcased on these tours, various OST music and more. "BoA Complete Clips 2004-2006" also sketches her activities and career growth in Japan.

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BoA to be Featured in Wheesung's New Album

Finally, some news for BoA fans in Korea! SportsHankook reports that BoA is scheduled to participate in Wheesung's new album due out this May. Wheesung, a prominent male R&B artist known for his unique voice, is said to have personally invited BoA to sing a duet with him. BoA happily agreed, as they have known each other for several years. According to the article, famous hit-maker, Park Geun-Tae, who is also the producer of Wheesung's new album, is trying to come up with a duet song that will showcase the two singers' distinctive voices.

This is the first time BoA is to be featured in another Korean artist's album since her brief appearance in DBSK's 'Tri-Angle.'

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The Hallyu Expo Highlight on KANGTA

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Singer and actor - He's one of the biggest and best stars across Asia AND he's finally back in Korea... KANGTA! He lit up the stage on the southern island of Jeju for MASSES of fans, (let's go meet him!)
Then he went into the "Kangta" exhibition room, which included things like his face sculpted in bronze
Ever since his days with H.O.T - Kangta could be considered one of the FIRST in the Korean Wave.

Today, he got a chance to sing for all his dedicated fans who had supported him through MANY years...
These days, even Japan has the hots for him! Kangta says that he's married to his music... And he shared a hit parade of his music with the audience. From touching ballads to powerful dance pieces!

Through all this time, we asked him if there were any EXTRA-memorable fans. Besides his own music, Kangta also sang a song by the group, Position... Their song, ‘I Love You’, was a remake of a J-pop hit.
There was a special reason that the singer chose to sing this song. Last year, Kangta joined Vanness Wu from the Asian group, F4. Together, they were the pop duo, Kangta&Vanness! This brought him onto Chinese stages and into their hearts. Recently, he was even cast in the Chinese film, ‘Love in the City 2’.

A long time away from Korea, but back into the arms of his fans like he'd NEVER been gone!
It's nice that he's adored so much overseas, but we want to see more of him HERE!! We'll be waiting, Kangta - so come back soon!

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Ju Ji-hoon Selected New Asian Star of 2007

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Actor Ju Ji-hoon has been selected a New Asian Star of 2007 at the 1st Astar TV Drama Awards that will be held March 30 at the COEX in Seoul. New Asian Stars have been chosen from six Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Astar TV said the six were chosen for their high recognition in their respective countries, their celebrity status and potential to emerge as top Asian stars.

Ju gained popularity throughout the entire Asian region for his role in the TV show "Princess Hours" and received acclaim for his role in the new TV drama "Devil."

Singer/actor Kamenashi Kazuya was chosen among Japanese stars, while Fan Bing Bing represented China. Actor Wilson Chan was chosen among Taiwanese stars, actor Daniel Wu among Hong Kong stars and model/actress Patcharapa Chaichua among Thai stars.

MayBee shouted, "Do not mistake me as IVY!

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MayBee and IVY are often mistaken as one because of their similar stage names.

During MayBee's radio program, she shouted while reciting the poem she made entitled "I am not IVY!". Aside from the poem, which is currently a hot Internet topic, the radio program video is also creating news.

It was in this poem where MayBee poured out the resentment that filled her heart.

"I am not IVY"

I am pure, you are sexy
I am simple, you are glamorous
I was born in the 70s, you were born in the 80s
I cannot dance and did not venture into dance music, you can dance and also good in ballad songs
I am MayBee, you are IVY
People call me IVY and they call you IVY too. Good for you.
Although I am not known as MayBee, I am MayBee!

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everyone seems to have mistaken her as IVY..the poem's great...hope everyone will get who's MayBee and who's Ivy now..=)

Jang Dong-gun Visits Nagoya

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Actor Jang Dong-gun, who held his first fan meeting in Japan in Tokyo on March 8, visited Nagoya the following day, where he participated in a cosmetics advertising event.

Five hundred lucky Japanese fans of the top hallyu star who were chosen from some 22,000 applicants attended the event, which advertised the products of the Korean cosmetics brand Missa.

The Junichi Sports reported March 10 that Jang currently advertises Missa’s products and that the event marked the opening of Missa’s first store in Nagoya.

Visiting Nagoya for the first time, Jang said the city impressed him with its spacious and clean streets.

Of the 500 fans who participated in the event, 15 were chosen to take commemorative photos with the actor while another 50 received his autograph. Sources say that those who were not lucky enough to be chosen screamed and sighed out of jealousy looking at their lucky peers, who were given a rare chance to pose for cameras arm in arm with Jang or looking into his eyes.

One lucky participant from Osaka said she was so nervous when taking photos with Jang that she trembled and that she felt rewarded for having visited Missa’s store every day to apply for the event. Some of the actor’s Japanese fans stood in line from dawn to apply for the event.

Jang flew to Japan on March 7 along with actor Hyun Bin, who is managed by the same agency as Jang. He held a fan meeting in Budokan on March 8 and returned to Korea after participating in another cosmetics event in Tokyo on March 10.


Park Bom to make musical debut with single in May

Newcomer Park Bom, who was widely noticed for playing the fake Lee Hyo-lee in her 'Anystar' music video, plans to officially debut in May with a single album. Her management company, having taken off full speed with Park Bom's single album, says it plans to launch several new female musicians in the first half of the year. The onslaught of new talents includes Kim Ji-eun, May Dany and Gong Min-ji. Park Bom, who is in Korea having taken a leave of absence from the Berklee College of Music in the U.S., has already showcased her vocal skills through singing with Big Bang in 'We Belong Together' and 'Forever With You'.

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Epik High to expand into Japan with sample CD

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Hip-hop group Epik High's song 'Flow', from their fourth album, will be included in a sampling CD to be released in Japan. The track features vocalist Emi Hinouchi, who is well known in Japan as a vocalist for the M-flo family. M-flo has praised Epik High's fresh style, citing plans to engage in continuous musical exchanges with the group and sparing no compliments. Also, offers to remake 'Fly', the title song of Epik High's 3rd album, as well as 'Paris' and other songs in Japan have come in. Whether that would be successful or not is currently under consideration.

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Sun-min's 2nd Japanese Single Reaches

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Sun Min, the singer who has been receiving attention for the theme song of the movie, “The Foundering of Japan,” has released her second single in Japan.

Last year, Sun Min sang the theme song for “The Foundering of Japan” called “Keep Holding You,” with famous Japanese singer/song-writer Kubota Toshinobu. She sang the Korean version of the duet with Shinhwa member Shin Hye-sung.

Sun Min released her first Japanese single, “Koinokiseki” on December 6 last year.

She released her 2nd Japanese single, “Love You,” on the 28th and will begin full-scale promotions.

“Love You” is a heart-felt ballad. Before the release of the single, it gained popularity in Japan as the opening song of Fuji TV’s show “Friday Prestige,” which airs all over Japan.

Apart from “Love You,” Sun Min has also gained popularity with “The Rose,” the theme song from another Fuji TV show. “The Rose” is a remake of the Bette Midler classic and is also included as a bonus track on Sun-min’s new single.

“The Rose” gained massive popularity and placed 2nd on the Japanese Cable Foreign Song Chart during the 4th week of February and reached the top spot in the last week of February.

Sun Min is thankful for the support she’s received and promised to work hard for her fans.

Source: KBS World Radio
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Ju Ji-Hun Plays a Cold-hearted Character in a New Drama

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Ju Ji-Hun will play a cold-hearted character behind his angel-like appearance in a new drama called “Devil (Mawang)”, which is scheduled to broadcast on March 21st on KBS. The drama staff highly believed that Ju Ji-Hyun would be the perfect actor to play the devilish character.

“Though Seungha, played by Ju Ji-Hun seems to be a warm-hearted person, he hides a very cold-hearted nature inside”, said Park Chan Hong, the PD who cast Ju Ji-Hun for the role. Ju Ji-Hun also likes his new role because of this relatively rare drama subject matter and fine-spun story.
Ju Ji-Hun who has become famous since starring in the MBC drama “Princess Hours (Gung)” in which he humbly said that this drama also has the potential to be a big hit since it has a great scenario.

He is preparing for his role as a cold-hearted lawyer (Seungha) in “Devil (Mawang)”. Seungha gets the bitter taste of the world at an early age when he experiences his brother’s death. Seungha pleads cases for the poor and the alienated for 12 years while concealing his real name, ‘Jeong Tae-seong’ who commits murder by his own erroneous judgment. How well will Ju Ji-Hun play this new role?

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Ahh..a cold-hearted character..can't wait! i heard that kim jeong hoon is playing a bad character too in his new drama..can't wait to see both of them in their roles..

TVXQ's 10th Single Album Enters Oricon Top 10

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The tenth single album from the boy band TVXQ released in Japan and entitled "Choosey Lover" took the fourth spot on the Oricon single chart on the day of its release on March 7.

The album is TVXQ's tenth straight album to enter the top-10 Oricon chart since the band released its first single, entitled "Somebody to Love," in July 2005.

The title song "Choosey Lover" is a dance song featuring a funky rhythm and exquisite sound. Its lyrics convey the feelings of love. The song's title is the Japanese version of the phrase "picky lover." The song is featured as the opening song of the Japanese TV show "Xenos," which airs in Japan every Friday night.

The album will go on sale in Korea March 14.

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Rain in Vietnam for World Tour

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Singer Rain has visited Vietnam to give a performance in the country’s economic center of Ho Chi Minh as part of his world tour. The top Korean singer will hold concerts at the city’s QK Stadium with 25,000 seats on March 10 and 11. Earlier on Thursday, he held a press conference where some 100 newspapers and broadcasters attended.

Arriving at the Ho Chi Minh International Airport by private jet and dressed casually, Rain gave a brief interview with local broadcasting company HTV, where he said, “My condition is very good and I am really looking forward to giving a performance here.”

He also waved and smiled at his fans waiting for him there. Some 1,000 fans shouted “Rain,” holding pickets in the shape of the letter “R,” and took pictures of him. A high school girl said, “I first became his fan because of his good-looking appearance. But I also got to like his sweet voice and powerful dancing. Many of my friends are also his fans and even my mom is his fan, so she let me come here.”

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