Ju Ji-Hun Plays a Cold-hearted Character in a New Drama

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Ju Ji-Hun will play a cold-hearted character behind his angel-like appearance in a new drama called “Devil (Mawang)”, which is scheduled to broadcast on March 21st on KBS. The drama staff highly believed that Ju Ji-Hyun would be the perfect actor to play the devilish character.

“Though Seungha, played by Ju Ji-Hun seems to be a warm-hearted person, he hides a very cold-hearted nature inside”, said Park Chan Hong, the PD who cast Ju Ji-Hun for the role. Ju Ji-Hun also likes his new role because of this relatively rare drama subject matter and fine-spun story.
Ju Ji-Hun who has become famous since starring in the MBC drama “Princess Hours (Gung)” in which he humbly said that this drama also has the potential to be a big hit since it has a great scenario.

He is preparing for his role as a cold-hearted lawyer (Seungha) in “Devil (Mawang)”. Seungha gets the bitter taste of the world at an early age when he experiences his brother’s death. Seungha pleads cases for the poor and the alienated for 12 years while concealing his real name, ‘Jeong Tae-seong’ who commits murder by his own erroneous judgment. How well will Ju Ji-Hun play this new role?

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Ahh..a cold-hearted character..can't wait! i heard that kim jeong hoon is playing a bad character too in his new drama..can't wait to see both of them in their roles..


maylee said...

i just finished watching devil/mawang and so far, ju ji hun did a good job..he's really a good actor..he portrayed the role very well....hope he'll have more projects now that he's proven himself...

Pattric and Sons said...

Yup. I finished the whole show and though both actors were dead at the end of the show but it's so touching to see both had performed so well.. esp JJH cried for Uhm Tae Woong.. very sad... very touching... should not miss this episode