Top Star Ju Ji-Hun's Transformation into a Hunk

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Ju Ji-Hun reappeared in public last March 12 at Seoul Gangnam Imperial Palace Hotel to attend a press interview for his new upcoming KBS 2TV drama 'Mawang (Prince of Darkness)' (writer Kim Ji Woo, director Park Chan-Hong) scheduled to air on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. This was his first official outing in one year, and his physical transformation from his past appearance in the drama 'Gung' is attracting much attention from both the media and netizens.

Ju Ji-Hun made his debut as a model, and with his tall height and lean body he quickly rose to stardom through his acting debut appearance in 'Gung'.
The added muscles to his already-acknowledged figure have made him the possessor of a perfect body.

Ju Ji-Hun's solid muscular figure is a result of 3 hours of daily weight training. He also watched his diet, eating only healthy food such as chicken breasts.

Ju Ji-Hun's agency revealed “Ju Ji-Hun built his body to play the role in his upcoming drama, and although he has lost about 5kg in the process, it is actually the workout which makes him look good.”
The opening scene of the drama 'Mawang' scheduled to begin coming March 21, will feature Ju Ji-Hun at a swimming pool, showing off his perfectly lean muscular body.

'Mawang' is about two men destined to be rivals, played by Eom Tae Woong and Ju Ji-Hun, and their relationship with Shin Min Ah who possesses supernatural powers. ‘Mawang’ is the second 'revenge drama' following the KBS 2TV drama 'Buhwal (Resurrection)' which aired in 2005. Ju Ji-Hun plays the role of a Jekyll and Hyde-like lawyer.

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