Korean Actress Cast for Japanese Musical

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Singer-turned-actress Shoo, a former member of the female trio S.E.S., has been cast for a supporting role in the Japanese musical “High School Musical” produced by Fuji TV. According to her agency, Sedona Media, she attended a press conference held at a hotel in Tokyo on Monday to announce its production.

Based on the Disney’s TV animation with the same title, the musical deals with high school students who work at an audition for a musical.

Shoo is cast to play Deira, a friend of the female leading character Gabriel, to be played by Nami Damaki. Koyama Keiichiro, a member of the Japanese idol group NewS, will play the male leading role. It will be staged in Tokyo and Osaka from June 12.

“I will put everything I have into the musical to show a great performance,” Shoo said.

Shoo has been working as a musical actress in Japan since S.E.S was disbanded. She received a good review when she performed the leading character Shelley in the 2005 musical "Batboy" in Japan.

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