MayBee shouted, "Do not mistake me as IVY!

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MayBee and IVY are often mistaken as one because of their similar stage names.

During MayBee's radio program, she shouted while reciting the poem she made entitled "I am not IVY!". Aside from the poem, which is currently a hot Internet topic, the radio program video is also creating news.

It was in this poem where MayBee poured out the resentment that filled her heart.

"I am not IVY"

I am pure, you are sexy
I am simple, you are glamorous
I was born in the 70s, you were born in the 80s
I cannot dance and did not venture into dance music, you can dance and also good in ballad songs
I am MayBee, you are IVY
People call me IVY and they call you IVY too. Good for you.
Although I am not known as MayBee, I am MayBee!

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everyone seems to have mistaken her as IVY..the poem's great...hope everyone will get who's MayBee and who's Ivy now..=)

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