The Hallyu Expo Highlight on KANGTA

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Singer and actor - He's one of the biggest and best stars across Asia AND he's finally back in Korea... KANGTA! He lit up the stage on the southern island of Jeju for MASSES of fans, (let's go meet him!)
Then he went into the "Kangta" exhibition room, which included things like his face sculpted in bronze
Ever since his days with H.O.T - Kangta could be considered one of the FIRST in the Korean Wave.

Today, he got a chance to sing for all his dedicated fans who had supported him through MANY years...
These days, even Japan has the hots for him! Kangta says that he's married to his music... And he shared a hit parade of his music with the audience. From touching ballads to powerful dance pieces!

Through all this time, we asked him if there were any EXTRA-memorable fans. Besides his own music, Kangta also sang a song by the group, Position... Their song, ‘I Love You’, was a remake of a J-pop hit.
There was a special reason that the singer chose to sing this song. Last year, Kangta joined Vanness Wu from the Asian group, F4. Together, they were the pop duo, Kangta&Vanness! This brought him onto Chinese stages and into their hearts. Recently, he was even cast in the Chinese film, ‘Love in the City 2’.

A long time away from Korea, but back into the arms of his fans like he'd NEVER been gone!
It's nice that he's adored so much overseas, but we want to see more of him HERE!! We'll be waiting, Kangta - so come back soon!

Source: Arirang TV
Credit: kpopkingdom.com

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