Is Acting for BoA?

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Asia's star BoA is currently in a dilemma. BoA isn't sure if she should make a comeback to the Korean market with an entrance to the acting industry or release BoA's 6th Korean album. BoA, who announced of her entrance to the acting industry since 2005, is having a hard time choosing which production to choose due to many singers failing in the acting industry, such as Hyori. Furthermore, BoA hasnt released the long awaited Korean album last year which kept her Korean fans waiting.

SM has refused many offers in the past such as a part in the Hallyu drama "Goong," a Hollywood staffed Hong Kong movie starring Yao Ming called "Jump," and many more. SM reported that BoA had a high possibility that she would debut to the acting industry through either a Korean or American film. However, if SM felt that BoA lacked skill and experience, she would comeback with her 6th album first.

SM stated that they would decide if BoA would act or not by late March or early April. If they do not decide till then, BoA will release her 6th Korean album in June this year. Let's just hope SM makes the best choice for BoA.

Source: Yahoo Korea
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