Goong S (Prince Hours)

Cast: Se7en/Choi Dong Wook , Heo Yi Jae (Sunflower, 비열한 거리), Park Shin Hye (Heaven's Tree), Kang Doo (Hello Francesca), Myung se bin, Lee Gi young, Oh min hee, Yoon Ye Hee, Ha Jae Young, Cha Hyun Jung, Ye Soo Jung

No of episodes: 20, Airs every wednesday and thursday night Korean time 9:55pm, 1.10.2007-3.15.2007

Official Site: Group 8-
http://www.group8tv.com/ // MBC- http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/gungs/

The Queen (played by myung se bin) is in her early 30s but still unmarried. Because of this, in a condition where there cannot be a reduction in the number of successors to the throne, the present prince (the 1st successor) suddenly leaves the world and leaves a vacancy in the line of successors.

So they go out to find the secret prince and finally find Lee hoo (played by Se7en), who has been living outside the palace.

Lee hoo is the son of a prince and his mother who died early, had departed with his father and left the palace, hiding the fact that she was already pregnant. He does not know that he possesses royal blood and has lived, working as a delivery boy at a chinese restaurant.

Although usually, he has wang ja byung (prince disease), he had never dreamt of entering the palace and receiving royal lessons.

Lee hoo, the unbelievable no 1 successor to the throne and the perfect Lee Joon (played by kang doo) will bring tension to the drama as they fight over the position.

After Lee Hoo enters the palace, an important place will be the royal academy. It is a place for members of the royal family as well as descendents of wealthy families.

The drama will also be about the romance between the characters.

Characters profiles
(Credit Sandy @ purpletiger86 for translating)

Lee Hoo (Seven): His blood flows in a Royal family, but Lee Hoo doesn't know it. Not knowing that he's a prince, he works at a Chinese Restaurant as a delivery boy...delivering food in the palace. He looks at everything in a positive aspect and is an optimist by nature. Though he's in poverty (poor), he lives every day freely...but one day, something happens and it's the start of his life as a royal.

A More detailed character description for Lee Hoo (by cecilia)

A member of the royal family- with royal blood running through him.

But he himself does not know of this fact and works, delivering ja jang myun at a chinese restaurant in incheon. He is an affirmative and happy go lucky type of person. He is a delivery "jjang" of the chinese takeaway delivery world, and No matter how late he takes 7 minutes maximum for a delivery.
Even though he is not well educated, becuase he is so accommodating, he can get close, get on well easily with anyone. His problem is that he always confronts things with martial arts and kung fu.

In reality, he's not good at martial arts but because he can put out a good pose, there are ppl who get tricked thinking he is good. He's the type that starts off with words and fights with words. His comics are martial arts, movies also martial arts and although he doesnt read alot, the only books he reads are martial art novels. Suddenly ppl from the palace come looking for him.."I have royal blood running through me? What are you talking about?"

Hoo, who has been living as Kang Hoo has to change into Lee now now, and enter the palace and receive education....

Yang Soon-ee (Huh Lee-Jae): Everyone in the neighborhood knows Soon-Ae as an impracticable girl. She thinks preciously of her fraternal twin. But one day, she finds out that Lee Hoo is the boy that she grew up with as a child, and they start their life's together in the palace.

Lee Joon (Kang Doo): To become a prince, he recieved training as a mastery elite. He's a great candidate. Lee Hoo's appearance makes Lee Joon get farther away from becoming a prince. He's a perfectionist.

Shin Sae Ryung (Park Shin Hye): Honor and power, Sae-Ryung grew up in a wealthy family. She has never lost first place/spot at school (meaning she's very smart)...she has skills and the looks of becoming prince's wife. She always had the ambition of becoming a royal princess. However, the prince that she has always imagined of is completely different when she see's Lee Hoo's sudden appearance. A change comes to her way.

Supporting Roles
(credits to cecilia)

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