Song Hye Gyo Stands by on Plane for 40 Minutes Due to Large Welcoming Crowd

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Actress Song Hye Gyo had a happening of waiting forty minutes on the plane due to the great number of Chinese fans that gathered to greet her.Song Hye Gyo visited China this past 15th as part of the promotion for the KBS Drama 'Full House.'The airport was crowded with 600 or so fans as well as the media, causing Song Hye Gyo to wait on the plane until things were settled.Song Hye Gyo did not hold back on expressing surprise and joy to the attention being given to her. She also held a press conference with approximately 200 media personnel from 90 different organizations.She commented on her visit to China, "I am always thankful for the great love of the fans given to me ever since 'Autumn Fairy Tale,' and even seeing the posters written in awkward Korean lets me feel the purity of the hearts of the fans."Song Hye Gyo also held a fan meeting on the 16th following the press conference with fans gathered from all throughout China.Meanwhile, Song Hye Gyo will return to Korea on the 17th for the 'Hwangjiny' movie which is scheduled to be released in the spring.

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