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Five unique looks, five different voices... five VERY charming guys who are known under ONE name, SS501! Only a year and a half has passed since their debut, but they've made it big with hit after hit after hit! Korea's newest superstars - SS501 is on today's STAR FOCUS! Since their debut, it's been hard to get a moment's rest because of their hectic schedule - but they can't complain! A testament to their fame is <4>, the second title track of their first full-length album. When it first came out, it ran on music charts as number one.

The latest song that they've been promoting these days is . Unlike previous music that's overly energetic, this one's a cute dance piece that focuses more on a natural, and relaxed, style of the group. (It's already receiving a great response! ) It took them five years to prepare for their debut, which happened in June 2005 with from their first single. (Even before their debut, SS501 caused quite a stir - ) Five good-looking guys who could dance, sing AND work the crowd! ... Not to mention a unique name.

When got an incredible response, the boys were ecstatic. SS501 was splashed across magazines and on TV! Their next big hit came in a couple months, . That was followed by the stronger beat of . It had begun, the era of SS501.

With such a fantastic start and a handful of hit singles, the boys were beginning to feel the pressures of releasing their first official full-length album. For about a year, fans saw less of SS501, as the members quietly began working on their upcoming album. And the determination paid off - they had another hit!

Sometimes, they're like the "older brother" type - considerate and understanding. Sometimes, they're like the "little kid" type - cute and mischievous. And at times, they're like the strong boyfriend type... This gets them fans of ALL ages!

With all that support and popularity amongst the general public, it's no WONDER, the marketers began to cast them in all SORTS of commercials! They've done school uniform advertisements, beverages, snacks - anything targeting the teen crowd. Like all the other multi-tainers of today, SS501's work doesn't end with concerts, recording, and commercials! Each member has pursued other jobs in the field, such as hosting a radio program, or TV show, or acting! Soon, we'll be seeing them in Japan, as well.

ON the stage, they exude charisma and sass - Off the stage, they're just a playful bunch who HAPPENED to become mega-stars in K-pop. From Korea, onto the rest of Asia, we wish only the best for the group SS501.

Source: Arirang TV
Credit: kpopkingdom.com

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