Dong Bang Shin Ki, nervous in front of 500 male fans

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"We were nervous as it was our first time performing in front of so many men."

Group Dong Bang Shin Ki held a live concert prior to Valentine's day in front of 1,000 fans.

Japan's Sankei Sports reported, "Dong Bang Shin Ki held a live concert at Club Citta on the 10th to celebrate Valentine's Day."

500 couples were invited under the theme of 'Cheering on Lovers and Married Couples.' Dong Bang Shin Ki sang their recent single 'Step by Step,' which has been doing well on the Orion Chart, along with 5 other songs.

Sankei Sports continued, "The concert atmosphere was rather different as the attendees were couples. The Dong Bang Shin Ki members who are used to performing in front of female fans seemed very nervous."

The team's leader U Know Yunho commented, "Because we never performed in front of so many men even in Korea, it was the most nervous concert since our debut."

Source: broasia.com
credit: kpokingdom.com

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