BIG BANG, "Se7en & Song Baek Kyung's Acting Was Funny"

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Group BIG BANG confessed to be fans of "Palace S".

BIG BANG conveyed this on the morning of January 11 in an interview with Newsen. They were asked on what was their reaction with Se7en's acting in the MBC drama "Palace S". They revealed that the members of YG Family watched the show at the office.

"He was funny. Seeing him on TV as an actor was strange but I enjoyed how the script was written", said BIG BANG, showing their satisfaction for the drama.

Aside from Se7en, Song Baekkyung also appeared in the first episode of "Palace S".

BIG BANG also shared that Baekkyung sent a text message saying that he was also in the 2nd episode and that they be sure to see him there because it is going to be funny. The group also enjoyed watching "Palace" and said that with "Palace S", they will watch it together by all means.

Meanwhile, BIG BANG still has not made their comeback stage for their album's title track "Dirty Cash" because of G-Dragon's bronchitis and influenza. However, the group has been practicing hard for their comeback stage.

BIG BANG will have their first comeback performance at MBC "Show! Music Core" on January 13.

Credits: Newsen.com + Kpopper.com + noV@Kpop Kingdom

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