Millitary service in year 2008

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Goodemg denies towards shinhwa member eric's military service date.Goodemg representative reponse through the phone with Newsen "Until now, the military service plannin is still unsure/unfix. Becuase eric currently is studying in DongGuk University, if he would to join the service it will be after he graduate."Addition, "Although eric had given up his US citizen in year 2003 and was being picked to join the military serive, but being as a student at the same time, his early half year of 2007 will only be focus on his acting activities."Management company"Towards a student who have not graduated, his service date will be delay."

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Being as an artist & an actor, Eric express that he will only join the military service in year 2008.
Eric's firm Top class entertainment Mr Choi express on the phone with mydaily through on the phone "Eric will be joining the service in year 2008". "After finishing his scedule of year 2007, will join the service nest year".

Mr choi said, "Although eric ID appears in the military service web that he will be joining on december 3rd, but til now we have not receive any notice", "Schedules on shinhwa 9jib which will be releasing on september, dramas and movie schedules had already been fixes, currently he still havent graduate in his studies, his military joining date will be delay. Although his age had come to the extend, in year 2008 is a must for him to join the service."

Eric had given up his US citizen in 2003, and from 2004 he was a student of DongGuk University til now. And on Feb 2nd 2007, he will start his new MBC drama "What will be, will be" shooting.

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