Korean Pop Singer U-Nee Commits Suicide

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South Korean actress and pop singer U-Nee was found dead from hanging in her home in Seo-gu Incheon, Sunday afternoon.

U-Nee’s grandmother found the body of the 26-year-old singer hanging from a door frame after she returned from a church service.

Police investigating the death have announced the case was an apparent suicide, though the singer left no note or will. U-Nee’s mother has testified that U-Nee had been suffering from depression.

U-Nee’s third album “Honey” is due for release on February 1. People have speculated U-Nee was suffering from the huge pressure associated with the release of the new album and was upset by online criticisms and attacks.

U-Nee came to the public’s attention under the name “Lee Hye-ryeon” with her 1996 debut in the KBS TV drama “Grown-ups Just Don’t Understand”. She appeared in the movie “Seventeen” in 1998, then in the TV dramas “Theme Game” and “Tears of the Dragon”.

Her debut album “Go” was released in 2003 and she gained even greater popularity with the 2005 release of her second album “Call Call Call.” Her sexy dance moves and revealing fashions made her the favorite of teenagers across Asia.

Source: DailyDumpling.com, CriEnglish.com.
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Omg...the last news i read was "U;Nee back after 20 months." and now she commited suicide...Poor girl..She must be suffering from depression..Rest in peace U;nee

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