The Making of Jun Jin's Music Video

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Full of sincerity and passion, singer Jun Jin teams up with an Asian pop star who's IMMENSELY popular in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Linda. They're together to portray a love story in a music video for The Name's new song, . Time to go meet the two ON-LOCATION!

Today's scene was being shot in the older neighborhood of Seoul, Samchung-dong . The cameras were gathered in front of a pretty, little flower shop. Linda's character is the pretty owner of this cute flower shop, and Jun Jin plays the man who is madly, blindly in love with her. The weather continually grew colder, and it was tough for Linda, who wasn't used to such temperatures. In between takes we could hear her yell, "It's freezing!"

Jun Jin and Linda couldn't communicate with each other fluently, but Jun Jin tried his best to speak to her in English... And when all else failed, the two resorted to the INTERNATIONAL language - body language! With the help of body language, the two managed to build a close camaraderie.

The Name and Jun Jin are good friends - it was actually their friendship that brought them to work together on this video. The next part that we got to watch was, Jun Jin riding a motorcycle with Linda on the back! They cruised off, but before we could wonder where they were going, Jun Jin was carried off in an ambulance!! What was going on??

Amidst the winter's cold, Jun Jin and Linda come to audiences with a heartaching love story that will warm them from the inside out. Not to mention we'll get to find out what the TWIST in the plot is! The soulful voice of The Name and a performance that'll bring tears to your eyes, watch for the music video of .

Source: arirang News
Credit: kpopkingdom.com

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