‘All About TVXQ’ Becomes Best-Selling DVD

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TVXQ has seen its DVD “All About TVXQ” become the best-selling DVD in 2006 with sales of 47,186 copies.

Since the five-man group previously recorded the most sales for its records and concert tickets as well as won the most awards at year-end music award shows, the new achievement only helps prove that it is the most popular group in Korea.

The results have particular significance because the music DVD left behind numerous film DVDs to top the chart. And its sales are likely to increase since foreign license sales have not been included yet.

“All About DVD” drew attention from the time shooting began because it was produced with 24-frame film typically used for shooting movies.

Meanwhile, SBSi and SM Entertainment, the co-producer of the TVXQ DVD, will release “All About TVXQ 2” (working title) containing performance video clips of the group, a showcase video, a drama the group appeared in, video clips of its activities in Japan, and previously unreleased video clips of its activities.

credits: KBS Global
yeah! they are releasing All About TVXQ 2!

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