Money All Used Up; Singapore Fans See Rain Off In Tears Last Night

Rain hid in his room and watch DVD yesterday

Korean pop idol Rain loves seafood, doesn't talk much, but often ask after the staff working with him.

We asked the Singapore concert organiser, Xu Shan Jun, about the things that Rain likes, she said, "Rain loves seafood like octopus, squids, sotong. He also loves pandan cake."

After his concert last Sunday, Xu Shan Jun said Rain asked her to buy him a cake. He then went with his crew for dinner at a Korean restaurant, followed by a one-hour celebration at St James Powerhouse. It was 2am when he reached his hotel, so he aborted the idea of going for a swim and went back to rest in his room instead.

Rain is here in Singapore for the first time since his debut as a singer. Other than going to Jewel box at Mt Faber for his press conference and cable car ride, rehearsing at the Indoor Stadium, going to the celebration party at St James and having meals at the Korean restaurant, he almost did not go anywhere else for sightseeing. Xu Shan Jun said, "This is because it's really troublesome for him to go out. He has to have 10 bodyguards accompanying him; It's very tough for him to go out on walking on his own. That's why he was in his room most the yesterday, probably watching DVD."

Talking about her impression of Rain, Xu said," I feel he's a very hardworking artiste. He doesn't talk much, and doesn't put on superstar airs. Every time he rehearses, he says 'Thank You' and 'Goodbye' to the crew members. Although his arm was injured, he did the full works during the concert and didn't make any special requests."

Korean artistes are particular about their privacy. The media wanted to interview his manager to understand his schedule, but his manager rejected the interview.

Teary fans bid goodbye to Rain

On the fans' side, local fanclub moderator Lu Fang Mei said, "His performance was fantastic in Singapore, and he was very happy. Perhaps Rain saw how passionate his fans are. Taiwan fans said that the atmosphere at the Singapore concert was better than the Hong Kong concert. From Rain's performance, you could tell he was very happy. For examply, he threw his bouquet and towels to fans off the stage. He also interacted with smiles and looks. The only drawback was that the concert was too short!"

Lu Fang Mei said, Rain even shook hands with his fans before leaving the venue in his car.

After the concert, Rain fans were busy trying to get the concert merchandise. Lu said "I spent S$150 on a t-shirt, two calendars and a keychain accessory. I heard some fans spent more than S$200, and all the merchandise were sold out."

Fans were waiting at the airport at 7pm yesterday, getting ready to see their idol off. Lu said she didn't prepare any special parting gifts, "Because we have given whatever present we can give, and spent whatever money we can spare. So all we could do was see him off in tears."

23 Jan 07, Lianhe Zaobao
Credit: Kevral@Rainsingapore + kpopkingdom.com
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

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