LeeMinWoo, Kangta, Junjin & etc, Japan Pirated Victimes

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BaeYongJun, LeeByeongHun, ChiJiWoo, MunKeunYeong, RyuSiWon take actions to the court towards the japan food. Japan had pirated Korean Artist's portrait's right, with no recognization, products was on sale piratedly.

LeeMinWoo, JunJin, Kangta, JeongJunHo, SongSeungHoon, SG Wannabe participated IVI charity concert in OSAKA Japan on the 23rd afternoon 7pm. They saw their own potrairt/pictures was being printed on 200 different goods and it was on sale.

From Pictures, KeyChain to Image packing items, these sales item was being release from SJ entertainment who is the main sponsor of the charity concert. SJ entertainment & the korean entertainment production in japan cooperate and put these pirated item to sale.

Representative of SJ entertainment express that Lee Min Woo & JunJIn management company in japan openworld entertainment said "Concert tics was not selling out much, to be able to cover the loss is to sell the items."

openworld entertainment representative JangSeokWoo express" On the contract there was not stated about selling the item. By lookin at the quantity of items which was on sale, i think they had prepared for it a month ago. Towards the benefits problem, the biggest problem is selling those item without being permit. To be able to stop these matter, we will take legal actions towards it."

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Addition,SJ entertainment had meet the openworld entertainment representative on the 25th 6pm. Futhur up detailing diccussion will be follow up.

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