It's Lonely at the Top: BoA Turns 20

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BoA again tops Japan’s weekly Oricon music chart with her latest album “Made in Twenty” released on Jan. 17. Since debuting in 2002 with the album “Listen to My Heart,” BoA has headed the music chart six times, a record many Japanese singers can only dream of. Such is BoA’s popularity in the island country that her story will find its way into a high school English textbook in April. In an e-mail interview with the singer, who dislikes face-to-face interviews, the Chosun Ilbo spoke to her about her career.

“Will I release an album titled “Made in Thirty” when I turn 30? I hope I’ll be able to breathe deep, different emotions into ballads by then,” the singer said. “Many people are surprised to learn how old I am. Maybe that’s because I started early as a singer. They ask, ‘You're 20 already?’”

While BoA has never thought of deliberately dropping her teenage girl image, “I just want people to see me mature naturally.” Her latest album features a variety of music genres from electronica and dance to ballads and to R&B. “Being a trend setter is important, of course. But I put value on choosing songs that fit me because that’s the best way to appeal to fans and make listeners comfortable.”

The most difficult job is to overcome her loneliness.

“I’m really lonely in Japan. The best way to overcome loneliness is to visit my online fan communities. I want to know how my fans are doing as much as they want to know my situation. Whenever I feel lonely, I log onto the fan sites. Sometimes I desperately want to post messages for my fans. But I’m not allowed to post notes on these sites.”

“If there is one fan who likes me unconditionally, that’s what encourages a singer. I practice, practice and practice so as not to let my fans down.”

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Her hobby is watching Korean soaps. “I find out what Korean dramas are popular on the Internet. Japanese video shops have all the Korean drama tapes. Recently, I was absorbed by ‘Lovers.’”

BoA captivates fans with powerful performance on the stage. She has a tour of Japan scheduled in March and April. “I’ve had frequent leg pains since I tore a pelvic ligament at a Fukuoka concert in 2005, so I haven’t been able to dance properly for about six months.”

“I feel invigorated when I am on stage. It’s difficult to sing and dance at the same time, of course. So I practice singing while running on the treadmill as a way to boost my breathing capacity.”

The closest colleague is YoungWoong JaeJoong or Hero, a member of the all-boy group TVXQ (pronounced Tong Bang Shin Gi). BoA called him “Sense JaeJoong.” “He looks unsociable and quiet. But he is a really funny guy with a great sense of humor.”

What does preparing for her acting debut mean for her? “Singing is mainly a lonely work. But acting involves many people. It would be good to be part of something where many people do their part for one goal.”

The superstar has some tips for colleagues who want to make it abroad. “Learn the language of the country, that’s basic. And don’t be late for appointments.”

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