A Mess at the Hong Kong Airport When TVfXQ Arrived

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Popular Korean 5-member group, Dong Bang Shin Ki, arrived at Hong Kong yesterday, causing the scene to become chaotic. More than one hundred fans screamed, rushed forward, and closed in on TVfXQ when they arrived. Although they had 16 staffs of them, they also had ten guards to keep everything under control. But to be in close contact with their idols, the fans rushed forward, causing a mess. Ten fans fell at the same time and some even lost their shoes and bags.

TVfXQ members, U-Know, Max, Hero, Micky, and Xiah, arrived at Hong Kong at 11 in the morning. When they arrived, they diligently stood still to let the media take pictures and waved to the fans. At this time, the fans started to loose control. Most likely due to nervousness, a fan accidentally hit Xiah on the face when she rushed forward to give him a present. They had a hard time making their way to the car with all the fans surrounding them. The five of them rested at the hotel and attended a press conference in the afternoon.

TVfXQ is here this time to promote their newest album. They hope to have a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum one day. Yunho was earlier poisoned by a fan and was sent to the hospital. Yunho said, "Thank you to the media and the fans for caring. I have fully recovered now." Regarding issues about Hero's father, he said, "The past is the past. I will be a good son for two families."

source : mingpaonews.com

translations : xbunnylicious @ asianfanatics.net

from : tnplace.com/forums

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