16/12 SE7EN Faints During Drama Filming

Se7en, enters hospital suffering from overwork and enteritis

Top star se7en has been overworked and even suffered enteritis (inflammation of the intestines), for which he has been admitted to hospital and is currently receiving treatment.

During the filming of Goong S on the 16th, he fainted and was admitted to hospital

Se7en's company YG entertainment stated "On the 16th after MBC's SHow music core, se7en could not win over enteritis and overwork and was admitted to seoul's sang do dong central university hospital. "

On the 15th, se7en complained of a stomachache and went to the hospital to get some treatment. Because of the need for him to go on Music core and film drama Goong S, he received simple treatment and left the hospital.

The hospital advised se7en to stay in hospital to receive treatment for 3-4 days but for the filming of drama Goong S which is going to be shown in january, he will be leaving the hospital on the morning of the 17th.

YG says "Recently, se7en has not been able to rest due to his 4th album activities and drama filming which caused his condition. Actually he should be staying in hospital on the 17th to receive treatment but se7en said "It is an important filming schedule for the drama and i must participate in the filming"


Se7en abandons staying in hospital for drama filming

Gasoo se7en has been exhausted with enteritis. At present he is receiving treatment at a seoul university hospital but because of drama filming on the 17th, he will be leaving the hospital and this shows his strong will to act.

Se7en complained that his deteriorating condition on the 15th and said that he didnt feel well inside. He went directly to the hospital and it was suspected he has enteritis. But because of show music core and drama filming, his physical state worsened and after show music core he was admitted to hospital.

Se7en stated that from yesterday that he didnt feel well inside. He thought it was indigestion and had his hand 'pricked' (koreans believe to relieve indigestion u prick ur finger to release the dark blood) but his conditoin worsened afterwards. So he went to the hospital and it was suspected that he had enteritis. Because of se7en's stubborness, he came out of the hospital for show music core and after that finished, e went back to the hospital to get treatment.

The filming of Goong S on the 17th will take place on an island and because the boat to the island will only leave once a week, se7en is forcing himself to do the filming. Although Goong S's team is showing concern, se7en's determination is too strong and it seems like that there is no other way but to film tomorrow.

The hospital advises se7en to receive 3-4 days treatment in hospital but se7en is being stubborn and insists on filming.

credits : cecilia@soompi kpopkingdom.com
Yes it's true that se7en fainted due to overworking. Hope he's alright.

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