Andy Lau to meet Korean Fans

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Hong Kong actor Andy Lau will hold a Korean fan meeting at a hotel in Seoul on Dec. 30 while he visits Korea to promote his new film "A Battle of Wits," produced jointly by Korea, China and Japan.

Boram Film Company, the Korean producer of the movie, said that Andy Lau is planning to devote all his time to the fan meeting on the last day of his three-day visit, despite a tight promotion schedule.

The Hong Kong actor is known to have special affection for Korean fans. He expressed his gratitude for Korean fans on his website after he visited Korea to attend the 10th Pusan International Film Festival. "It is you, my Korean fans, who made me feel as if I returned home," he said. "I held my first concert in Korea, not in Hong Kong, but since then I had not visited Korea for a long time, so I thought that nobody would remember me any longer. But my Korean fans not only warmly welcomed me at the airport but also cheered and shouted my name wherever I went. I was really touched."

"A Battle of Wits," based on the Japanese manga with the same title, is a joint 16-billion won (approx. 16 million US dollars) blockbuster starring Korean actors Ahn Sung-ki and Choi Si-won. Released in China in November, the movie is receiving a good response in Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as China. It will be released in Korea on Jan. 11

Source: KBS Global + tnplace.com + tsinoy.com

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