Fans Are Source of Energy for Park Geon-hyeong

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Actor Park Geon-hyeong said he has been gaining resolve to go on with his tight drama shooting schedule from the love of his Japanese fans. He is currently participating in the shooting of the new KBS drama to be aired on Jan. 15 of next year to return to the small screen after a three-year absence.

NamooActors, his agency, said that three Japanese women came to the company to see Park in person around Dec. 15. Told that the actor was not available at that moment, they spent about an hour viewing his pictures and posters before reluctantly leaving.

One of the women said that she became a fan of Park after watching the film “Dancing Princess. “I managed to find time to visit Park’s office despite my tight itinerary because I really wanted to see him in person,” she said. “I came to Korea on a short trip just to see film ‘Once in a Summer’ starring Lee Byung-heon.”

This is not the first time that Park’s Japanese fans have come to see him. Early this year, a dozen Japanese fans visited the set where he was shooting film “Mr. Wacky.” His agency has also witnessed Japanese fans making regular visits once or twice a month. In addition, hearing the news that Park is working on a new drama, quite a few Korean fans regularly visit his agency, bringing various foods for him.

Park is pleased to feel the love of his fans. “I am having a hard time shooting the drama from early in the morning until late at night, but the encouragement and love from my fans help me keep going,” he said.

credits : KBS Global

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