First Female Group In JYP's 10-Year History

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Revealed on December 18, JYP Entertainment, which has produced albums of popular singers like g.o.d. and Rain and female singers like Park Ji Yoon, Jinju, Star, IVY and Lim Jeong Hee, is preparing to release a female group in 2007. This will be JYP Entertainment's first female group in its 10-year history.

A JYP official stays positive despite certain discriminations for female groups. "The female group is composed of 5 members but one member is still not yet decided. The remaining member will be selected through TV, portal (Internet) and auditions", said a JYP official.

The group is scheduled to debut on TV on December 22 in MTV's reality program entitled "MTV Wonder Girls". The show will broadcast the daily and training lives of the four members and the selection process for the last member.

The group's name is in already in the final phase. They are planned to debut in February 2007.

"The members' dancing, singing and foreign language ability levels are all at their best", said an official.

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