Fresh From the Army, Song Seung-hun Heads to Japan

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Korean Wave star Song Seung-hun, who was released from the military on Nov. 15, is scheduled to make his first visit as a free man to Japan this month. The website of the Sankei Sports reported recently that the actor will soon be treading Japanese ground, where many expect his popularity to top even that of “Yonsama” or Bae Yong-joon. As a guest at an annual event put on by Japanese broadcaster Fuji TV, the star will be in Japan on Dec. 12-14 and meet his fans. The paper introduces Song as a handsome 180 cm tall heartthrob with a well-muscled body and cites the explosive popularity of “Autumn in My Heart”, the soap he appears in, which gained him an official fan club that already has more than 10,000 members. According to the paper, Fuji TV is considering a special security detail for the star, and predicts that his presence could kick of a second round of K-Wave mania in the country.

credits : Tour2Korea
This is another piece of news on Song Seung-hun. It's kinda same with the other news i posted earlier but i thought you guys would like to see this one too. Enjoy!

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