JunJin and Jaejoong´s hurting family relationships

Singer JunJin (age 27, real name Bak ChumJae) has said to the press how he and his junior JaeJoong from Dong Bang Shin Ki talked about their hurting family stories.

JoyNews24 met recently with JunJin and he revealed: “I have some points in common with YoungWoong JaeJoong”.

Two years ago, while they both were having a meal together, they talked lots and by chance the topic of their families came up and they discussed it.

Recently, while YoungWoong JaeJoong was involved in the paternity case claim and his adoption as a child was revealed, JunJin also revealed that his parents divorced and he met his real mother 4 years ago.

"Jaejoong is not usually the type to speak of such issues easily, but that day we were able to talk sincerely/honestly. The truth is, at the time I had already conquered my pain to some degree so I felt a bit more comfortable talking about it."

The truth is that talking about your family situation is not easy. Even more so for singers because of the public attention.

JunJin says: “If you look outside, because we are entertainers our (human) worries are not known but we mature quickly because of experiences like this. Because my pain and JaeJoong´s were similar, we could understand each other.” He added: “We have this experience that hurt our hearts but we both tried harder and made stronger our determination to be good singers”.

JunJin is both a senior singer and older brother (hyung) to JaeJoong and has a wish to see to him and that his junior can talk about his worries.

This past November 15th, YoungWoong JaeJoong was in Mnet KM Music Video Festival receiving this year´s Best Artist Award and said after: “This is a big award so thank you very much, and during the last 3 years I´ve been impatiently waiting and now I can say it. To my birth mother: thank you so much”.`

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