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Kwon Sang-Woo
Birthdate : August 5th ,1976
Birthplace : Dae Jeon
Blood Type : O
Religion : Christian
Hobbies : Swimming, Health club, Basketball, boxing
Height : 183 cm (6')
Weight : 70kg (154 Lbs)
Family : Mother, Elder Brother , Sister in Law, Niece
Education : Dae Jeon elementary./ Dong Myung mid./ Chung Nam high./ Art Education Department of HanNam University

Wild beast (coming soon 2005)
Love, So Divine (2004)
Spirit of Jeet Keun Do a.k.a. Once Upon a Time in Highschool(2004)
My Tutor Friend (2003)
Make it Big (2002)
Volcano High (2001)

Dramas:Drama :
Delicious Proposal (2000)
Legend (2001)
We are Dating Now(2002)
Into the Sun (2003)
Stairway to Heaven (2003)
Sad Love Story (2005)

Kookmin Passcard
Hang ten
Ice cafe
Ibros Model
Biltmore Model
Hite Beer
KTF Fimm
Han Nam University
KTF Anycall
Samsung Anycall
Amino Up
The Face Shop Spokesperson
Haitai Beverage

Music Videos:
Ji Young Sun - First Love
Jo Sung Mo - Ace of Sorrow
Papaya - Smile Smile
Project X

Award History :
Daejong Film Festival : Most Popular Actor, 2004
Baeksang Art Awards : Best New Actor, 2003
Daejong Film Festival : Best New Actor, 2003
Blue Dragon Film Awards : Most Popular Star, 2004

Getting to know him:

Favorite looks : Gym suits, Jeans
Goals : Painting Artist
Close Celebrity friends : Song Seung Hun, Park Jung Chul, Kim Young Jung, Lee Yi Jin
Favorite Foods : all Korean food, DdukBuhKee, Sashimi, Fruit
Actor/Actresses he likes : Jung Woo Sung, Song Kang Ho, Sul Kyung Gue
Favourite Movies : 'Just Run' of course! and 'Going Home'
Favourite Season : Spring
Favourite Cologne :" I don't really have a favourite scent, but i like anything that my fans send me ^^ "
Favourite Song to Sing at Noraebang : Kim Jang Hoon's " babo "
Favourite Words : Hope, Dream
Dream girl : Good personality and has nice skin
Sport that makes him happy : Weightlifting and Basketball
The movie that made You the happiest : Cinema Heaven
The time in his life that he will always remember : Middle school because his school was really small
The place he travels to most often : California ( a gymnasium..^^ )
His Happiest moment : When he gets to personally meet his fans
His Saddest moment : " Hmm...i don't really know. Lately, because of my fans, I've been really happy "
His Fashion style : Anything comfortable
The time he falls asleep : 2-3 in the morning
Something he values : his Aprilia custa scooter
His handphone decoration : Mashimaro Bunny ^^
People he values : His Mom and Brother
Words for his fans : "I'm always thankful for you guys...I want to see and talk with you guys often "


credits : soompi.com + sangwoo.istar.co.kr+ hancinema.net

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