Se7en, Kim hyun Jung, Andy & Lee Ji Hoon, the pretty male artist form of F4.

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Se7en, Kim hyun Jung, Andy & Lee Ji Hoon, the pretty male artist form of F4.

In MBC's programme show , Se7en, Kim hyun Jung, Andy & Lee Ji Hoon appeard in the latest episode filming.

Because of KangHoDong, ShinJungHwan, ImJaeMu and so on Golden Fishery members under those gloomy females' big interest and request/wanting them and production to form a pretty male F4.

Specially OkJuHyun phrase "Lately Golden Fishery's water is turning bad, if could invite such handsome boys to the programme is an honour, and our production is so happy about it too" he expression was also written with some over hang happiness. Her phrase too was being affected by the guest.

Will be broadcasting on next year's january, MBC's (every wednesday and thursday drama) Se7en will be appearing in Goldern Fishery as a Smile Man, and also to challenge his acting skills to a higher level. Smile Man Se7en's is acting as a murderer who still can smile no matter in what kind of situation, his acting skills surprised the crowd.

As Kim hyun Jung is acting as a stubborn worker, his silly acting receives the crowd's praising and applause.

This episod will be broadcasting on the 6th.

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