Singer Sun Min Sings for Japanese TV Programs

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Singer Sun Min will sing the title song of a Japanese drama to be aired next January.

Good EMG, her agency, said Wednesday that the Korean singer will sing the title song “The Rose” from Fuji TV's drama “No Right to Be a Mom” to be aired from Jan. 4 of next year. The song is a remake of Bette Midler’s song with the same title.

In addition, her single album “The Miracle of Love,” which was released on Dec. 6, is being used as the ending theme of the Fuji TV show “Miracle Experience - Unbelievable.”

It is unprecedented for such a young Korean singer to have his or her songs used for programs of major Japanese broadcasting companies.

Meanwhile, Sun Min won the FM Fuji Award at an internet music award ceremony held on Monday in Japan. She was also invited to the “Hot Fantasy Odaiba 2006-2007” on Sunday, where she performed the song “Keep Holding You,” the title song of the film “Sinking of Japan.”

credits : KBS Global

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