TAKE Signs Contract with Chinese Company

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The new four-man group Take has signed a two-year contract with Chinese entertainment company Kona Media & Entertainment for 1 billion won, or some 1 million US dollars, according to the group's agency Sedona Media on Monday.Having released its single album “Take It All” simultaneously in Korea and China on Dec. 1, the group will begin activities in earnest in China under the new contract. The members will also appear on TV and advertisements to expand their activities to other Chinese-speaking nations.The Chinese company said it decided to sign the contract because they saw potential in the Korea group. “The group is like a blue chip. It has gained quite a bit of popularity in China although it has not been long since it began its activities here. We believe that it will become the most popular group in China in the future,” it added.Meanwhile, Lee Seung-hyeon, a member of the group, has been cast for a leading role in the Chinese Shandong satellite TV drama “An Angel Will Love You Instead of Me.”

credits : KBS Global

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