5 Shinhwa members to the military service?

One of the god member said that he will be joining the military service this year during the concert. This year's artist list for the military service had caught people's attention.

Eric, KimDongWan, Minwoo and shinhwa members will be joining the military service this year, but their personal schedule had made them so busy thus had occured many people's wonder of their service date.

Besides ShinHyeSung who need not have to join the military service, the other shinhwa members must join in to give their service to the country. It will be a difficult for their fans and it is sad that it may take few year later to get to see shinhwa on stage and having activities together again.

Eric because of his will to join the military service and had given up his american PR. And during last year's SBS drama award he was being award the 'top 10 star', his acting skills was being recognise and his next production had caught many people's attention and care.

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