It's Raining In Coloseum Of Caesar's Palace In Las Vegas!

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Thousands of people gathered in front of Coliseum of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas on 8 P.M. of December 23rd 2006.

Some 3,800 people came to see the World Tour Concert of famous Korean Wave celebrity, Rain (Bi)'s 'Rain's Coming 06/07 World Tour in Las Vegas'

The Coliseum was filled not only with Asian fans but, in fact, from all over the World including fans followed him from Australia.

The concert was lead by Rain himself for 2 hours in English.

Fans screamed, yelled and chanted when Rain exposed his well built torso, when he said the word 'Baby' to audiences, when he enacted kissing sequence with one of his lady dancers and when he was standing alone in pouring rain from the top of the stage.

Rain showed various types of new dance moves including fighter-like dance while Asian images showing on huge LED screens that were everywhere in the Coliseum.

Some of the fans in their 30's and 40's who came from Japan showed up with the same outfit as what Rain wore in 'Rain's coming' and sang along with Rain for the entire duration of the concert, not to mention chanting 'I love you, Jung Ji-Hoon (Rain's Korean name).

Although Rain has his concerts planned for China and Hong Kong along with other Asian countries, fans flew over to see his concert in Las Vegas simply because they could not wait.

After singing 21 songs from his records, Rain said "I'm standing here and exist because of you. My dream finally has came true, thank you"

Ticket was sold out a week later the ticket sales started.

Rain's Coming World Tour Conert 06/07 will continue to Hong Kong (Jan 12~13), Singapore (Jan 21), Malaysia (Jan 27), Thailand (Feb 3), Vietnam (Mar 10~11) and also in Taiwan, China, Japan, Los Angeles, New York, Canada.

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