M, plans to hold solo concert in japan (Including M new album news)

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Shinhwa Lee Min Woo (M) will be holding his solo concert in japan.

On the 6th Afternoon around 6:30pm in Super Arena, Saitama Japan, was holding the 2nd K-pop superlive concert, LeeMinWoo releases this very good news to the japanese fans.

It has a long time that LeeMinWoo had been on stage with other shinhwa members, he brought a perfect solo live performance on stage that day during his solo part with the song "Bump!!!", his performance lead people to think of the connection of a POP STAR Justin Randall Timberlake, and he success stolen the whole audience's heart and soul.

Lee Min Woo told his vision plans to the japanese fans, "In year 2007 i will be holding my solo concert in Tokyo and Japan (i dont un this, arent' tokyo in japan?), i will let everybody see how it feels and how it is like in my solo stage performance."

Apparently he is still planning on the first half year of 2007 to hold his solo concert, Lee Min Woo said "In the future we will also be presenting shinhwa best activities in japan, to show more of our good looking side, and towards the member's solo schedule, hope everybody will look forward and supporting us."

Lee Min Woo's management company GOOD EMG representative express "Although (M concert) date and venue is still under planning, but we are planning to hold concerts in Japan, China, and a few other country."

On that day, after Lee Min Woo and Jun Jin had done with their solo performance, Shinhwa sang their first japanese song "Suns in our heart" "Your man" "Once in a lifetime " a total of 3 songs in the K-pop superlive concert.

Lee Min Woo will be leaving Japan on the 7th back to Korea, his next working schedule will be prepareing his M new album which approximate will be releasing on March 2007.

This 2nd K-pop super live concert will be broadcast on tv by M.net Japan on February 11th.

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