Se7en, "Rain and I are not rivals"

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"To tell you the truth, since the beginning, there has not been a rivalry issue between me and Rain", Se7en said when asked about him being compared with also singer Rain. Se7en also continued that the media have falsely reported about the issue but it seems that it is just natural for things like this to come out.

"Palace S" cast had a press conference on January 4 at the Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel.

"Aside from both of us performing abroad as Korean singers, there are no other large points in which we are similar. It seems that we are now being compared because of our acting careers but I hope people will see us with different personalities. ", Se7en said.

The singer-actor also expressed his sadness for cutting short his activities as a singer. After the drama, Se7en will immediately prepare for his concert.

"I did 100% of the action, motorcycle, fighting scenes in the drama. Aside from the skateboard scene, I did all the stunts which are not dangerous. I also learned Taekwondo and tire replacement", Se7en shared.

"Palace S" starts airing on January 10.

Source: Innolife + Digital YTN + Joynews24 + Inews24
Credits: http://z12.invisionfree.com/Se7enth_Heaven/ + kpopkingdom.com

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