Park Jin Young, "I leave the decision to Rain if he will re-sign the contract

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Park Jin Young talked about Rain at the MBC variety program "Goldfish" on March 14.

"I consider him as a brother but when it comes on stage, he is my rival. With regard to Rain's re-signing of the contract, it has been rumored that he was offered 5,000,000,000 won. If he does choose to transfer to another agency, I would like to have the same relationship with him like what we have now. Rain should have his freedom to decide", said Park.

Park Jin Young also expressed that his responsibility as a manager is big but he would like to return as a singer.

When asked about his dream, he said that before dying, he would like to sing on stage.

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Boh Tea said...

Ooo.. Rain your concert did not take place. So sad... Why did you leave JYP enterprise and go to an unknown manager and caused your concert to collapse. You are so young and I feel you should be loyal to Park Jin Young who put you on the world stage. Who is your new manager..a traitor who left JYP enterprise and sold you away. He is someone so inexperience in the world stage stage. Would you be where you are if not for JYP? I wonder whether you could still be a superstar without a world class manager. If you are loyal to your mother I think you should be loyal to JYP who make a miracle out of you. I salute Park Jin Young for you would never have got this far without him. I admire you very much Rain and I hope you will go back to JYP enterprise. Boh Tea