Song Hye-Gyo's Hwang Jin-Yi Finally Makes Her 1st Debut

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“Hwang Jin-Yi” will finally debut this summer played by Song Hye Gyo who will give the character its elegant grace.

There will be two types of movie trailers released for “Hwang Jin-Yi” in which Song Hye Gyo plays a young female heroine who transforms herself into “Hwang Jin-Yi,” a talented gisaeng. The difference between the previous drama and this new version is that this one emphasizes on the heroine’s simple and elegant composure rather than focus on tribulations of Hwang Jin-Yi’s life by using rich, vibrant colors.

Especially, Song hye-gyo's photo that has tears in her eyes is created herself thinking of her character. It is said that this trailer well expresses the movie's climax.

This movie based on the novel of North Korean writer, Hong Seok-jung, will be about a romance between Hwang Jin-Yi, a Joseon gisaeng and Nomi, her servant. This is a sad love story trying to overcome social class divisions through love. The film is expected to be released this coming June.

credits: Tour2Korea

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