Wonder Girls' Kim HyunAh Admitted To Hospital

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It's been let known that Wonder Girls' member Hyun Ah has been admitted to the hospital for inflammation of the intestines.

The youngest member from Park Jin Young's five member group, Wonder Girls, fainted and was admitted to Seoul Yeongdong Saeblance Hospital on Feb. 27th after complaining about a stomach ache during their busy schedule. This gave the group an additional reason for stress on top of their busy schedule. Three days later, she left the hospital and was allowed to rest and get treatment at home.

The Wonder Girls had to go on stage to perform on Mnet Countdown without Hyun Ah. Hyun Ah's part in 'Irony' was divided amongst the four other members.

Debuting as Bi's trainees, JYP Entertainment's side of the situation was that, "Because Hyun Ah is so young, her sudden faint gives us reasoning that it was hard for her to follow the activties of the group. We did worry because she would often throw up, and ultimatley she fainted and was admitted to the hospital. Fourtunatley her condition is getting better and she will be joining the rest of the group with their activities by the 2nd."

The Wonder Girls is a five member group that had been debuted with confidence after preparing for five years. The fans love them as they showed their support/power by making them in the 11th spot of Mnet's countdown.

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