BoA Begins Tour of 4 Japanese Cities

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BoA’s latest tour began March 31 and will last through April 22, taking place in four Japanese cities: Yokohama, Fukuoka, Osaka and Nagoya. The repertoire includes songs from her fifth full-length album, which was released in Japan in January, as well as from her fourth album.

BoA will perform 21 songs from various genres including dance, ballads and punk rock.

Entitled “Arena Tour,” which refers to concerts that draw more than 10,000 people per concert, BoA’s tour is serving as further proof of the singer’s stable popularity in Japan since her debut in the country in 2001.

The Yokohama concert that opened April 1 drew about 10,000 people, mostly teenagers to 30-somethings, all looking forward to seeing BoA's coming-of-age.

After the tour, BoA will return to Korea next month to present songs that she has personally written to her Korean fans. "I want to try my hand at house music as well as at acting, if I am offered a good role,” said the singer.

credit: KBS Global

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