Actor Labels Kim Tae-hee an 'Ostrich'

Jung Woo-sung, who made his return to the silver screen with “Joongchun” or “Midheaven”, recently sent tongues wagging when he offered a cryptic characterization of Kim Tae-hee. Asked to name any interesting episodes during a nation-wide promotion tour for the movie on Tuesday, Jung answered, “Kim Tae-hee is an ostrich.” He explains, “In danger, the ostrich thinks it is hidden and safe if it just buries its head in the sand. Like the ostrich, Kim slept with her head covered and seemed to think she was hidden, even though everybody knew she was sleeping.”

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Jung Woo-sung(left) and Kim Tae-hee

Kim Tae-hee says Jung is not the first. “Actually, I went to an art institute in my middle school days, and my teacher there called me ‘ostrich’ as well. The reason was that I was as naïve as Jung said.”

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A scene from 'Joongchun' or 'Midheaven'

In their movie, meanwhile, Jung plays an exorcist who can see ghosts. The character enters Joongchun or mid-heaven, where the spirits of the dead are held, and there meets a woman named Sohwa who resembles his dead lover.

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