Se7en "A dream come true"

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"A dream come true."

Se7en's US performance will be broadcasted through MTV Korea.

Music Cable channel MTV Network in Korea will be broadcasting YG Family's Live mini concert performance at the MTV TRL New York Times Square studio entitled "MTV K Presents: Se7en and the YG Family" on December 19 at 11pm.

MTV Asia's "2006 Korean Singer" Se7en with hip hop duo Jinusean, new group BIG BANG and Gummy were all present in the special show. MTV US VJ Park Suchin and a lot of fans were there to see them live.

A Black American fan sang along with Se7en while he was singing "I Know", which surprised the Korean staffs.

"It was really a dream come true. I'm very happy. Fans are no different. Music makes people one despite the differences in language and skin color", Se7en said.

Se7en is eagerly producing his English album and studying English.

Jinu praised the singer saying that Se7en is a clever friend so mastering his English is not a worry.

Credits : Newsen.com + Kpopper.com + noV@Kpop Kingdom

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