BoA to Appear On CNN's Talk Asia

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The figure of BoA which appeared on the talk program "talk Asia" of the U.S. news special channel CNN was exhibited. The affiliation office SM entertainment of BoA exhibited the commemorative photo taken together with a chairman's ANJARI RAO, when BoA appeared on "talk Asia" on the 29th. This program invites the guest of fields various every week, and it is the signboard talk program of CNN which interviews, and the activity as a singer of the representative of Asia whose BoA is collecting high popularity throughout Asia including South Korea will be accepted, and it will appear. BoA carried out various talks, such as a plan of as opposed to [ think and ] a usual life and the future for the growth process as a singer until it becomes a star from a debut, activity in Japan, the influence that it had on South Korean 流, and performance, together with a chairman's ANJARI RAO at the interview held in Tokyo on October 24.

credits : www.BoA-Kwon.net

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