Eric,Men's fashion advertisement model "Highest Treatment Industry"

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Super Artist Eric makes the year end of 2006 a more gorgeous year.

Eric had signed a contract with Men's top fashion brand 'BASSO' as their advertisement model lately. Representative from BASSO said "Eric had been always evaluated as a fashionate artist during the normal days, no matter in casual or formal wear he's a very suitable model for it. We want to lower down our buyer audience's age, being as year 2007 model we would recomentedly of wanting a young with strong and cool attitute model, so we choose Eric. Hope he can bring a change of image to our brand."

According to the staff from GOODEMG "although the contract fee could not be announce to the public, but it's the most expensive contract in the industry."

Eric will be shooting the 'BASSO' advertisement starting on early January of year 2007.

Being signed as advertisement model, Eric will be appeard in end of year award ceremony to send his regards to everybody.

On the 24th Dec, Eric participated '2006 Golden Disc Award' as an artist. He will be appearing with his idendity as an actor in MBC & SBS YeonGiDaeSang on 30th & 31st Dec.

Eric "Thanks to all the fans, lots of good things had happened end of the year and made me feel good. Hope there's good news during the award ceremony. Soon i will chose my next production and send my regards to everybody."

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