Junjin "I cried loudly when I heard I was first on Inkigayo"

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Junjin cried when he heard he was voted as first on Inkigayo while recovering in the hospital

On the 30th Dec, Junjin accepted a interview in a coffehouse and express his thoughts on his winning " When i saw i had won while watching Inkigayo during my stay in the hospita, i felt thankful and regret and my tears just fall and i realy felt pity"

JunJin was admitted to the hospital on 15th Dec after being diagnosed with acute pneumonia and he stayed there for a week and was discharged on 22nd Dec from Seoul Kangnam hospital.

“During my first jib, i was in the hospital, i dreamt of being first and when it actually happened, i wasnt present. If i could accpet the award personally, i get to see my fans and my heart feel the loss as i keep thinking about it. Especially getting the award from MC Andy perosnally and i wanted to give him a hug..it is too hurting so i cried"

During that time, Junjin keep hearing some comment that he felt regret "such an important timing, how could this happened?" "This is the time to show your appriciation to your fans" and etc

junjin won the award on the 17th Dec with his title song " love wont come" but due to health reason, he wasnt present

“When i feel unwell, i think of the members first and after the result was announced, Andy came down from the stage and said "congrats", this sentence make me want to cried more" he added on " but after falling sick, it make me realise how important one health is and i have learnt lots of things. I iwll do my best to keep myself healthy and wont make everyone feel regret again"

Besides this, on the 30th dec, Junjin and taiwanese singer Linda will be fliming the name "like love" mv in seoul.

Credit: Daum , Dreamhyesung@shinhwasarang, mySHINHWA, kpopkingdom

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