Year of the Pig, A Promising Year for Stars in '82 Year of the Dog

There are some stars who will never forget 2006, the Year of the Dog. Ju Ji-hun, Hyun Bin, Han Ye-seul, Kim A-jung, and Lee Jun-ki are some of these stars. They are all born in 1982, the Year of the Dog, and they all became top stars in 2006, a lucky year for them.

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Ju Ji Hun immediately attracted fans through his debut in MBC drama's ‘Goong,’ which began airing in January of 2006, in his role as the ice-prince. At the MBC 2006 Drama Awards, Ju Ji Hun took home an amateur’s trophy promising a bright acting career in 2007.

Hyun Bin, who rose to stardom after his role in ‘My Lovely Sam Soon’ has become a Hallyu star after the drama aired in Japan, and is currently playing in the KBS drama ‘Snow Queen’. Lee Jun Ki who quickly became a top star after his role in ‘The King and the Clown’ has remained in the spotlight ever since. Singer Rain has been selected as one of Time Magazine’s top 100 gaining a reputation of being a world star. He is currently holding concerts in various parts of Southeast Asia.

Son Ye-jin returned to television in the SBS drama ‘Yeonae’, and received favorable reviews. She succeeded in finally winning female fans along with all kind of fans, and her success has led her to landing a modeling contract with a cosmetics company.

The character ‘Sang-sil’ in the MBC drama ‘Fantastic Couple’ was played by Han Ye-seul, who began her career as a supermodel in 2001 left modeling to pursue acting. From this drama she has pacified many doubts regarding her ability to act. Kim A-jung, who first became known from the KBS drama ‘Haeshin’, won the Popularity Award at the Baek Sang Arts Awards in March, and became even more of a popular starlet in the year’s-end movie ‘S-line’. She also sang for the soundtrack of this movie, which proved that she also has some singing talent.

The stars born in the Year of the Dog had a great year in 2006, and their continued stardom is expected in the New Year of 2007.

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