BIG MAMA leaves YG, transfers to "Manwoldang"

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The contract of the 4-female group BIG MAMA with YG Entertainment and M-Boat expired in February. The group has now transferred to "Manwoldang" and plans to release a new song in May.

Yang Hyun Suk, director of YG Entertainment, conveyed this sad news at the YG homepage on March 2. Last year, Wheesung transferred to Orange Shock and this time, it was BIG MAMA's turn to leave the YG-M-Boat nest.

According to Yang, YG was in charge of album production while M-Boat took charge in producing the album but during the 4 years, changes occurred in the roles of parties - BIG MAMA directly produced the album and M-Boat went on with its own business [I think he also meant like a business similar to YG]. He admitted that various problems happened. BIG MAMA decided not to sign another contract with YG-M-Boat. Because of the fact that BIG MAMA has already left, the YG-M-Boat project has also ended.

"Because BIG MAMA has great talent in singing, I believe that wherever they go, they will be alright. YG Entertainment and M-Boat had created an impact in the industry. The memories and gratefulness we shared will never be forgotten", Yang ended his post, making clear that both parties will still have a good relationship with each other.

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